Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Milt Rosen, President, Progressive Labor Party

Imperialist and Revisionist Allies

First Published: Challenge, Vol. II, No. 17, February 15, 1966
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The phony “peace offensive” is over. The attempt by the Johnson gang to blackmail the Vietnamese people into abandoning their fight for freedom has collapsed.

Johnson’s pathetic try to show the world that the U.S. was “genuinely working for peace” went over like a lead balloon.

Johnson’s maneuvers to hoodwink the American people failed. More forces are involved in the effort to get the U.S. out of Vietnam now!

The Vietnamese people have given the world a good lesson in firmness, revolutionary courage, and unity in the face of the phony “peace campaign.” Each day the press reported various stories that the north Vietnamese were divided from the south Vietnamese, and that the only reason that they couldn’t go to the bargaining table was because of pressure from the Chinese government. The latest statement from Premier Ho Chi Minh, once again clearly points out the terms for ending the war of genocide in Vietnam. They are essentially the points which have been continuously put forward by the Vietnamese people; basically: recognize the Liberation Front (NLF) as the government of the vast majority of the south Vietnamese people; instant withdrawal of all foreign troops from Vietnam; the immediate end to the bombing of north Vietnam.

These have always been the only and just conditions for ending the U.S. war of extermination in Vietnam. There need not be any more trips to Vietnam by various U.S. citizens (even by those who are well-intentioned), to “clarify” what has always been the clear, sole and valid basis for ending the U.S. bloodbath in Vietnam.

During the period of the Johnson caper, the press was full of fond hopes that somehow or other the Soviet Union would be able to inveigle the Vietnamese to bargain with the Johnson gang. No matter how bellicose the Soviet statements were in “support” of the Vietnamese conditions, the press always understood them for what they were: tricks designed to cover-up the ’fundamental Soviet role of playing broker for U. S. imperialism. (This was first’ time in the history of modern civilizations when a supposed enemy–the Soviet Union–spoke of defeating the U.S. and the U.S. leaders and press rejoiced!)

U.S. rulers didn’t leave all the skullduggery to their revisionist partners. The British government, the Pope, the U. N. General Secretary and a cast thousands were trotted to sanctify the peace caper. If any of these forces were sincere they would have insisted on the only condition for peace in Vietnam – U.S. get out!

The resumption of the bombing of north Vietnam only underlines the deceit of the Johnson gang. It shows again that they are going to try and stay in Vietnam at all costs. Any attempt to do “business” with this gang of mass killers is reminiscent of attempts “to do business” with Hitler. During those difficult days people learned and taught that you cannot do business with a vicious ruling class aspiring to world domination. The only “business” is to defeat it.

Recently various forces within the ruling class have begun to quarrel among themselves about what to do in Vietnam. This expresses itself in statements of senators like Mansfield and Fulbright; the New York Times and Walter Lippman; Gens. Gavin and Ridgeway and many others. Within this group various positions arise. (Most recently they have called for U.N. “peacemaking”–like in the Congo?–which would sneak the U.S. into Vietnam “legally” –through the back door.) However, their basic estimate is that the U.S. can’t win the war, and if the U.S. pursues the war vigorously, the result will be tremendous losses politically and militarily.

Their fears arise not out of any concern for the Vietnamese or U.S. peoples, but out of their concern for preserving U.S. imperialism. If the Johnson war of aggression went forward without serious opposition, these people would be as quiet as church mice. These splits among the bigwigs arise because the people in Vietnam fight with courage and vigor– because they are winning–and because opposition to the Johnson gang grows by leaps and bounds at home.

In order to widen these divisions and exploit them in the interests of our people and the Vietnamese people, we must expand militant activity around the line of get out of Vietnam now!

It would be a crucial mistake if we were to rely on these spokesmen for imperialism. Nor should peace forces succumb to their halfway measures which, in fact, mean securing U.S. imperialism’s foothold in Vietnam.

All these forces are putting forward the same propositions: hold onto the coastal bases in Vietnam, and enter into endless negotiation.

In the face of these tactical differences, Johnson has started bombing north Vietnam again, while prattling about U.N. “peace making.” He wants to confront the incoming Congress with a fiat accomplis. He is even afraid to allow an innocuous debate.” More important, he is afraid of growing opposition of our people who consider this war a hated one. Like the Third Reich, the Johnson crowd wants to whip the country into line behind a total war situation. Anyone who opposes it is a “traitor.”

On Feb. 12 there will be South-wide demonstrations against the U.S. war of genocide “Withdraw Now–Freedom Now,” will be the slogans. This links the freedom struggle at home to opposing the war abroad. This is a serious step forward. All over the North supporting actions will be held. Immediate actions are being held now against the resumption of the bombings. Large-scale nation-wide demonstrations and actions will be held in March.

The Johnson gang can be stopped; it can be defeated!