Unity Conference Held N.Y.C., Achieves Goals

First Published: New Worker, Vol. I, No. 2, July 1969
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Communiqué: Minutes of the Unity Conference of June 21, 1969

New York City UNITY CONFERENCE of the Communist Party USA (M-L) and the Proletarian Revolutionary Party:

Two empowered delegations representative of both organizations seeking principled ideological and political unification were:

for the CPUSA (M-L):
M. J. Laski
Nommo Thabiti

for the PRP:
Catherine Henry
Jonathan Leake
John Stroman

At a later point in the conference, convened in the afternoon at 2:45, several members and a close friend of the PRP were also in attendance as observers not taking part in discussion.

The conference proceeded with the adoption of agenda and the designation of Comrade Laski as Chairman and Comrade Henry as Secretary.

Initial discussion was taken up with the presentation of the following documents:

a. The Struggle between the Two lines in the Proletarian Revolutionary Party, read by Comrade Jonathan Leake;

b. Organizational Statement of the Red Women’s Detachment of the PRP, read by Comrade C. Henry;

c. Founding Declaration of the Communist Party, USA (M-L) read by Comrade M. Laski from Vol. 1, No. 6-7, People’s Voice;

d. Report of the First National Congress of the CPUSA (M-L) from People’s Voice, Vol. 2, No. 15-16, with a basic restatement of principles put forward in the founding declaration with inclusion of the General Program was read by Comrade Laski.

Political and ideological basis of unity was established in a discussion following the presentation of documents on the questions of trade union work, students, with a class analysis of American society, with particular emphasis placed upon the important question of the national colonial struggles.

The Constitution of the Communist Party USA (M-L) adopted at the First National Congress was read in full by Comrade Laski. A general discussion followed concerning implementation of the constitution upon unification and the necessity for regional perspective with the establishment of: 1) a regional secretary; 2) a branch secretary.

The combined duties of regional-branch secretary are to be taken up by Comrade Jonathan Leake, by designation of the conference.

Decision was reached to include upon the editorial board of the NEW WORKER, a national publication of the CPUSA (M-L), Comrade J. Leake, with further inclusion of another comrade from this region pending recommendation by the branch secretary[1]. A general section of the paper is to be collectively produced by the New York branch to carry news articles interpreting events of national importance, of party activity, with regular columns.

The work of building a United Front Against Imperialism is to be taken up under the leadership of the CPUSA (ML) by the Committee for a United Front Against Imperialism, with the perspective of building a mass organization of party and non-party working class membership.

The Red Women’s Detachment will take part as an organization within the United Front, carrying forward the revolutionary struggles of proletarian women against U.S. imperialism.

The Second National Congress of the Communist Party USA (M-L) will take place Labor Day Weekend, 1969. An interim standing committee charged with the successful convening and general coordinating of the Party Congress is composed of the following three comrades: M. Laski, N. Thabiti, J. Leake.

Comrade J. Leake, by decision of General Secretary M. I. Laski, is now representative on the Secretariat, with the Los Angeles body still determinant in questions of policy and position relating to national and international decisions.

Thereupon was concluded the formal unification of the Proletarian Revolutionary Party with the Communist Party USA (M-L) in a principled manner with the dissolution of the former organization (PRP) into the Party which truly represents Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought in America, the only Party able to lead the revolutionary struggles of the American working class forward to inevitable victory. By unanimous vote taken by both attending delegations, the unification was completed. With proletarian enthusiasm and conviction, these vanguard forces were consolidated. Long live the Communist Party of the United States of America (Marxist-Leninist)!


[1]C. Henry has been included on the editorial board.