Medical Aid to Vietnamese
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Medical Aid to Vietnamese

First Published: Berkeley Barb, November 5, 1965.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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“The response to the Medical Aid Committee for Vietnam rally Tuesday noon at Stanford is encouraging us to organize committees on other campuses in Northern California,” Steve Cherkoss, spokesman for the May 2nd Movement, told BARB Wednesday.

Already the Berkeley Medical Aid Committee for Vietnam is being formed as an ad hoc group, according to Cherkoss. M2M is also planning to set up similar committees at Sacramento State as well as San Francisco State.

“It’s medical aid to the victims of US aggression in both North and South Vietnam,” he explained, “in the form of medical supplies, funds, and if feasible, plasma or whole blood. These are sent to the International Red Cross in Geneva.”

“I’ve been in constant touch with Geneva by phone and letter, he continued,” and they’ve confirmed that they’d give the medical supplies to anyone we designate.

“Money handed over to the IRC will be used for the purchase of relief goods or medical supplies according to the wishes of the donors.”

The National Liberation Front is now being supplied with these items by the IRC through its representatives in the socialist countries. In Hanoi, the IRC operates the Vietnamese Red Cross, a member group.

Persons interested in donating, participating or who want information, may write to the Medical Aid Committee for Viet Nam, care of Steve Cherkoss, Box 73. Station A, Berkeley.