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We stand united against imperialist wars

A Statement by the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), August 16, 1966

First Published: Progressive Labor Vol. 5, No. 5, October-November 1966
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Opposition in our country to the Johnson Administration’s war of genocide in Vietnam is enormous and still growing. In Vietnam, the people heroically continue their fight for self-determination and revolution.

In the face of militant opposition at home and revolutionary action in Vietnam, Johnson resorts to escalation. In Vietnam his method is “kill all-burn all.” In our country it is increased political repression. The Johnson Administration has called on the discredited racist House un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to launch the first official attack on the anti-Vietnam war movement.

HUAC, in a blaze of red-baiting, will attempt to divide and silence militants and revolutionaries. HUAC and Johnson hope this “witch hunt” will frighten the massive anti-war movement into passivity or convert it into a “loyal opposition.” This inquisition will also be used to try to ram through Congress the Pool (crush the anti-war movement) Bill, H.R. 12047, and to amend the Internal Security Act, Title 4 Sections 401-3. The essence of this legislation is to stop anti-Vietnam war activity.

Millions of Americans are learning that the U.S. war of aggression in Vietnam is opposed to their interests. Because of the war and the war budget, wages and working conditions are declining. Prices of food, rent, clothes and homes are rising. Local taxes are rising because present taxes are used for war. Federal taxes will be increased to meet the 21 billion dollars per year that the war costs in Vietnam. Ghetto conditions are worsening. The only “jobs” for black youth are in the army. Black youth and young white workers are being used as cannon fodder to kill and be killed in Vietnam.

Students and intellectuals recognize the university system is a market place to buy and sell minds, and that the universities are merely a training ground for big business or big business’ government in Washington. Students and intellectuals are not used creatively, but are used to apologize for ruthless, degenerate imperialism or to produce for it.

Our people also see huge profits made from this war. Many realize that the U.S. is not in Vietnam to free the people, but that it is there to prevent the revolution from triumphing. They see that the U.S. needs Vietnam for its natural resources, and as a political and military base to dominate Southeast Asia and to attack China. The U.S. has billions invested in Asia. It makes billions in profits from these investments. If the people of Southeast Asia win their freedom–the U.S. will lose its ability to exploit them. The future of U.S. political aspirations for world domination depends on controlling Asia.

The U.S. is not in Vietnam because of any accident. It is there to secure its profit and power position. Because of these key goals of U.S. imperialism, “the end justifies the means.” The U.S. ruling class and the Johnson group do not care about how many die in pursuing their profit drive. It will murder and plunder, as much as it can, to hold and enlarge its base in Asia.

It is the Johnson gang that is disloyal and subversive to the American people. They are the enemy of the people of the world. They must be defeated. They will be stopped.

Because of deteriorating conditions as a result of the war Americans are fighting back. Strikes increase: They defy the bosses, government, and union bosses. Rebellion increases in ghettoes. Black people organize for political power–black power. They know the fight is here and now. Black people and Vietnamese people have the same enemy; U.S. rulers. The anti-Vietnam war movement snowballs in the U.S. as young Vietnamese and Americans die while profits soar.

PLP members have been dragged to Washington because, like others, they fight against the war. They believe that counter-revolutionary wars are a product of imperialism, and will end only with the defeat of imperialism. The U.S. government today is following in the path of Hitler. To follow this path, or not to resist, is unpatriotic. We identify with the real America, the America which has always fought for social progress at home and abroad. We believe it is necessary to have socialism in our country to achieve the flowering of the real America, to end war, oppression, and insecurity.

We are communists. We are proud of it. We act in accordance with the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of our people. We believe that working people, aided by students, intellectuals, and others, must hold political power. We seek this goal.

HUAC, Johnson and their ilk are opposed to the interests of most Americans, Their attack on PLP and the anti-war movement will unite the forces of progress more than ever. Those called to these hearings will fight back. PLP has nothing to hide. We will use this forum to expose the reactionary nature of the Administration. We will point out their ruthlessness because of their basic stake in Vietnam. We will show that they are prepared to fight long and hard in a desperate effort to win. We too must be prepared for a long and hard effort if we want to win.

Despite this attack the anti-war movement will grow. Our people can defeat the war machine. We hail the efforts of the Vietnamese people. They are winning. We welcome their triumph. WE SAY TO U.S. RULERS–GET OUT OF VIETNAM NOW!