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Lilian Ehrlich

WSA to Organize Cafeteria Boycott To Back Workers

First Published: Columbia Daily Spectator, Volume CXIV, Number 28, 31 October 1969.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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A general assembly of the Worker Student Alliance last night voted to organize a one-day boycott of John Jay Cafeteria next Thursday to support demands by dining hall employees for improved working conditions.

At the cafeteria boycott, WSA members also plan to demand that the university pay $10,000 in compensation to the widow of a janitor who was killed last May in an accident at Hartley Hall.

According to Audrey Bomse, grad facs, a spokesman for the WSA, the organization will issue the two demands as part of an “attack on racism by Columbia toward its workers.”

Miss Bomse stated yesterday that workers at the cafeteria have asked that the university establish fixed days off and fixed work assignments for employees.

Under current conditions, she said, cafeteria workers have no regular schedule of days off.

Miss Bomse noted that the cafeteria employees do not plan to walk off their jobs Thursday because their contract bars participation in non-union demonstrations.


WSA is also pressing demands in support of the widow of Charles Johnson, a janitor who was killed last spring in a freak accident.

The university has been sending Mrs. Johnson $87 a week–the deceased worker’s weekly salary. The Workman’s Compensation Board of New York State is scheduled to hear the case to determine if Mrs. Johnson should receive further compensation.