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Collective Discipline Trial Set For 5 WSA Members

First Published: Columbia Daily Spectator, Volume CXIV, Number 39, 25 November 1969.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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A collective disciplinary hearing has been set for five members of the Worker-Student Alliance faction of SDS charged with participating in an illegal protest three weeks ago.

According to a spokesman for the five students, the WSA members plan to present a “political defense” before the College tribunal at their hearing Dec. 11.

In a related disciplinary development, at least two members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement faction of SDS have been charged with disciplinary infractions for their part in a protest in Kent Hall two weeks ago. The date for the hearing has not yet been set.

A spokesman for WSA stated yesterday that the group plans to use the December hearing as an open forum to charge the university with “racism” and “exploitation” of campus workers.

The WSA members face discipline for a scuffle between security guards and WSA members at the university personel office Dodge Nov. 12.

The protesters entered the building to demand that University Business Manager Joseph Nye insure better working conditions for cafeteria workers and rehire two cafeteria workers who had been fired that week.

The RYM members face discipline for their participation in a demonstration held two weeks ago to protest the School of International Affairs’ “complicity in American imperialism.” After the students marched on the SIA offices, they proceeded to the offices of the East Asian Institute in Kent Hall where they released a pig and someone in the crowd smashed a window.

In a related development, Howard McP. Davis, chairman of the Joint Committee on Disciplinary Affairs, stated yesterday that the JCDA is considering an appeal by members of Students’ Afro-American Society, who have asked the panel to constitute a new tribunal to hear the cases of nine black students charged with participating in a sit-in at the College admissions office last year.

One member of the tribunal hearing the cases resigned over the summer, leaving four members to hear the remaining testimony. SAS has asked that a new tribunal be formed and that the proceedings be started again.