Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

E.F. Hill

Communism and Australia
Reflections and Reminiscences


First Published: 1989.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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Preface: E.F. (Ted) Hill, 1915-1988


Part One: Autobiographical Notes

Chapter One: The Great Depression

Chapter Two: University experiences

Chapter Three: Contact with Communists

Chapter Four: Communist Party life

Chapter Five: The struggle against war and fascism

Chapter Six: Some random questions and experiences

Part Two: Reflections on Communism in Australia


Chapter One: Origins of Communism in Australia

Chapter Two: Formation of the Australian Communist Party

Chapter Three: Australian Communism in the 1920s

Chapter Four: The “line” of the Comintern and Australia

Chapter Five: The Depression, fascism and war

Chapter Six: World War, Cold War

Chapter Seven: Crisis in Australian Communist ranks

Chapter Eight: Australian development after the Cold War

Chapter Nine: Applying Marxism to Australian conditions

Chapter Ten: Intensification of search for Australia’s road to socialism

Chapter Eleven: The trade unions and the Labor Party

Chapter Twelve: Relationship between ultimate goals and immediate objectives

Chapter Fourteen: The ideological basis of Australian Communist errors

Chapter Fifteen: What type of Communist Party for Australia?

Part Three: Latter Articles

Labor in Office? – A Matter of Working Class Tactics

Break the Shackles of Imperialism – Fight for Independence

All Progressive Forces Must Take United Action