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Sinister Activities Here of Brezhnev Clique Begin to Surface More


Published: The Vanguard, Vol. 13, No. 18, May 20, 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The ever growing imperialist activities of the Soviet social-imperialists in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and Australia are more and more seeing the light of day.

Frequent reports of the activity of the Moscow Narodny Bank make one realise just how far this particular arm of Soviet social-imperialism reaches out.

The Moscow Narodny Bank is deeply involved in a “development” in Queensland; it sued a Western Australian woman for $5,000,000; its vigorous activities in Singapore, are frequently reported and commented upon.

What has this to do with socialism? Nothing whatever. It is imperialism pure and simple.

The crude activities of the Soviet social-imperialists in Australia are well portrayed in the position of Clancy’s Socialist (without socialism) Party of Australia. These people barge in to seize control of building workers and openly brag about their activities in their paper “the (never forget the small trendy “t”) Socialist”. They crudely manipulate the machinery of the Building Workers’ Industrial Union for this purpose. They openly engage in scabbery and skullduggery of every kind. They throw plenty of roubles around.

Soviet Ambassador Basov has been very active and very crude in pursuing Soviet social-imperialist aims to get a hold in Australia and Oceania generally. His crudeness has earned the displeasure of his masters in the Kremlin. All this means that the Soviet social-imperialists go ahead with their imperialist plans for Australia and the Indian and Pacific Oceans but more cunningly.

It is very good indeed that building workers have stood up and struggled against these scoundrels. Their posters, leaflets, organisation against Soviet social-imperialism are a very good example to others. Students too have done wonderful work in the same direction. Wider and wider sections of Australian people are awakening to the menace of Soviet social-imperialism.