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In Struggle! No Longer Exists

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[MIA Note: This is the text of a resolution passed at In Struggle!’s Fourth Congress. The above title appeared above the resolution when it was reprinted in the last issue of the In Struggle! newspaper.]

First Published: In Struggle! Vol. 9, No. 27, June 22, 1982
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Given that IN STRUGGLE! in fact no longer exists,
Given that various tendencies will come out of the Fourth Congress,
Given that the majority of the membership rejects even the basis of the Programme and the Constitution on which IN STRUGGLE! was founded


1) The Marxist-Leninist Organization of Canada IN STRUGGLE! be dissolved,
2) No part, group or tendency coming out of IN STRUGGLE! can claim the name of IN STRUGGLE!

For: 187
Against: 25
Abstentions: 12