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The question of lesbianism and homosexuality

First Published: In Struggle! No. 288, June 22, 1982
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The resolution presented by the Gay and Lesbian Caucus of IN STRUGGLE! was adopted by a 95% majority (see the resolution on this page). The speakers for the resolution insisted on a call to support in practice the gay’s struggle, to integrate homosexuality as a normal sexual choice when bringing up children, to fight against heterosexual stereotypes which act as barriers against gays and lesbians. etc. Other speakers criticized IN STRUGGLE!’s silence on this question and some forms of repression (such as the dissolution of a gay caucus in 1977 under the pretext that the political line did not permit the existence of fractions).

The only reservations some delegates raised were that they prefered that their children be heterosexual because they would then suffer less repression than gays or lesbians. Rather than booing such speakers their points of view were well accepted by gays and lesbians who want to continue discussion and exchange on the homosexual question in a sincere, rather than a false, liberal attitude. In the debate, several gays and lesbians said they intended to continue raising the question of homosexuality among all of the Quebec left.

Resolution on the struggle against the oppression of gays and lesbians

A. Our past

– From silence to repression to tolerance; in a nutshell, the three phases of our oppression in the history of IN STRUGGLE!

– It was only with the revolt of the women in the Organization and the creation of our own caucus that our struggle began to be seen in its strategic context, namely the challenge to the patriarchal family.

B. For militant support

1. The right to breathe freely
– We say that homosexuality and lesbianism is a part of human sexuality, just as heterosexuality is.
– We must struggle for the social recognition of homosexuality and lesbianism and combat the heterosexism that promotes discrimination, contempt and ignorance about gays and lesbians.
– The individuals present here should become committed to a militant support of the struggle of gays and lesbians against the attacks from the right.

2. The right to organize
The struggles of gay and lesbian mass organizations should be backed. They should be allowed to form caucuses in mixed or non-mixed organizations and they should have access to the press and other publications of the organizations with complete editorial control over the contents of the articles they submit.

3. After the congress
The Gay/Lesbian caucus met to see what they would do after the congress. Our plan is to set up an autonomous research collective to advance our analysis of our oppression and struggle. Whatever the future of IN STRUGGLE! is, we think that if the congress passes this proposal it means that resources from the organization can be allocated to the future collective so that it can publish its viewpoints and analyses.

Adopted by more than 95% of voters.