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Brief reply to the three Regina members

Newspaper Director and Correspondents Editor

First Published: In Struggle! No. 285, April 21, 1982
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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1) We have never refused to publish an article dealing with the Saskatoon Solidarity Committee’s brochure Partners in Imperialism; for the truth is we never received it. More concretely, we established an agreement, about two months ago, with a leading member of the British Columbia region whereby he would produce an article on this brochure. We are still waiting for it and would be happy to publish the article if it arrives between now and the congress.

2) We have never censored letters coming from Regina on the question of social democracy. The responsibility in dealing with letters sent to the newspaper is assumed by a PB member who publishes them in the column for the 4th Congress or the Liaison Bulletin. This PB member is also a member of the Collective of 30.

This having been said, we maintain that our attitude toward the newspaper has been one of respect for the different positions which exist within the Organization. Just to give an example, we have encouraged, on many occasions over the last months, people with differing points of view to participate in writing articles for the paper. Editorials have also been written by comrades who don’t share the same point of view (for March 8 for the CLC demonstration, on the developments in El Salvador, on the PQ convention, etc.) We have asked members of the Collective of 30 and those working closely with them for articles on the question of imperialism and the State.

We hope that this clarification will put an end to the accusations of censorship or “manipulation” which have been propagated particularly in the West. In any case, we want it to be clear that we will not play the role of scapegoats for a slew of unfounded charges.

Newspaper Director and Correspondents Editor