Canadian Communist League (Marxist-Leninist)

Fascist Bains gang tries to buy off worker

First Published: The Forge April 14-28 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Two members of the counter-revolutionary Bains gang, the so-called “CPCML”, offered $5000 – yes, $5000! – to a worker contact of the League in a big American-owned factory in Montreal, to get him to join their ranks. Of course the worker refused to be bought by this scum. But better still, these two sewer rats, who had just been hired a few months before, guaranteed they could fix up all his problems with the company.

Do we need any more proof that this gang of provocateurs works DIRECTLY for the bourgeoisie and the superpowers? They could guarantee that all the worker’s problems with the company would be straightened out because they work hand in glove with the big bosses. What’s more, one of them recently shoved a foreman, but guess what penalty he was given – nothing but a warning. Yet, this factory is well-known for the ruthless repression it uses to stifle the workers’ militancy.

Actions like these have exposed this gang of fascists. There can be no doubt about their real nature as provocateurs.

Many workers in the factory know these provocateurs all too well, and they hate them its much as they hate the company. The worker-comrade the “CPCML” tried to buy off and the League members and sympathizers in the factory are doing widespread agitation with the workers in the plant to denounce this disgusting action and all the other provocations they’ve plotted in the place.

In the past, one member of this duo did his dirty work in the Seven Islands region of Quebec, before hitting Montreal. He created divisions in the union movement and community groups there. In typical fashion, this gang of hoodlums discredited Marxism-Leninism and developed anti-communism through its manipulations and provocations.

Right now in the factory the two most important struggles concern the negotiation of the new contract and the rehiring of fired workers. But what are these two agents doing? To sabotage these two most important struggles, they are trying to instigate completely unrelated struggles. They are pushing the workers into adventurist actions so as to bring down repression on them.

What’s more, they spread the lie that nothing can be done with the union, that it’s impossible to work within it to transform it. And they do this with the sole aim of demobilizing the workers.

In March one of them went so far as to openly sign a News Bulletin – the only one to date – something the company’s workers found a little strange. Signing leaflets just isn’t done in this factory because anyone who does it is out on his ear in no time flat. But the bosses didn’t do a thing to stand in their way. Recently, for a whole week, they wandered around the plant doing their dirty work without am reprisals.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

$5000 is a lot of money. But unlike the working class, Bains, head of the “CPCML”, doesn’t seem to have money troubles, he’s swimming in it. The March 11, 1978 issue of their rag, the People’s Canada Daily News announced they had just sent $10,000 to a third world organization.

This fake party publishes a daily paper – which it gives away and that costs money; it owns a big publishing house; it holds meetings all over the country, sometimes in luxury hotels like the Bonaventure in Montreal.

But where does all this dough come from? Certainly not from the masses, who can’t stand them. Certainly not from the masses – these rats are totally cut off from them. For example, in their, home base of Montreal, there are hardly ever more than 120 people in their contingents and, according to their own figures, never more than 300-400 people at their meetings. When they get more than this number it’s because they’ve flown in their “militants” at great cost from all over the; country and even the world. In the rest of Canada they have four or five fanatics in the major cities, making trouble.

The answer is pretty clear: the Bains gang is rolling in money because it’s financed by the CIA, the KGB, or the RCMP.

The “CPCML” isn’t a danger only in Canada. Their leader Bains has started other fascist gangs like the “CPML” of Ireland, the “Hindustani Ghadar Party” of India, and the “Central Organization of United States Marxist-Leninists” in the US.

Dirty Attacks On China

These rats, whose only activity consists or organizing systematic provocations, discrediting Marxism-Leninism, and sabotaging the revolution, constantly attack China.

Claiming that capitalism has been restored in China, they spread their poison about Mao Tsetung Thought, spitting on the theory of the three worlds.

As the bourgeois press continues its frenzied anti-China campaign, these counter-revolutionaires are echoing back that “Chinese rightists have plotted a coup d’etat against Chairman Mao’s state and party.” (People’s Canada Daily News, March 30, 1978)

In the same issue of their rag, they slander the Chinese embassy in Canada and try to smear the theory of three worlds.

Recently in Winnipeg they were back to their favourite sport of organizing systematic provocations, spitting on China and making trouble. Their April 7, 1977 edition tells how a few of their fascists tried to break up one of James Endicott’s meetings at the University of Manitoba.

They lash out at this old friend of China who was a personal friend of Chou En-lai. They spit on the China Canada Friendship Society and spread their usual slanders about great Red China. We will spare you the details for we have already given enough space to their junk.

This Clique Won’T Last Much Longer

This fascist clique won’t last too much longer. Lately they have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to gain recognition. And they’ll stoop to physical attacks, intimidation, lies and police provocations to gain it. They’re really stepping up these activities and their paper does nothing but boast about it.

These gangsters are isolated. They have no support whatsoever among the masses and never will.

We must denounce them, wipe them out once and for all and prevent them’ from creeping up somewhere else. These arrogant cops are weak and they won’t last for much longer.

Expel the Bains clique from everywhere!

Get rid of the “CPCML” counter-revolutionaries!

Long live great socialist China!

Long live Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought!