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Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Clean the reactionaries and police agents out of the ranks of the people!

First Published: People’s Canada Daily News, Vol. 1, No. 49, January 28, 1971
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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On January 25, 1971, at the Toronto Dominion Centre during the “Poor People’s Protest”, in an attempt to block the dissemination of revolutionary ideas and anti-imperialist literature, an organised premeditated attack against the members and supporters of the Communist Party of Canada(Marxist-Leninist) was started by the fascist “parade marshals”. Our comrades stood up to these hench-men out to do lackey Trudeau’s dirty work and they resolutely defended their right to put up the revolutionary banner, “GET ORGANISED FOR NATIONAL WAR AGAINST U.S. IMPERIALISM!”. This banner and the revolutionary literature that our comrades were distributing was in fundamental contradiction with the reactionary organisers of this demonstration who wanted people to be misled into 1) making appeals to U. S. imperialism and its puppet, Trudeau, 2) making appeals to various monopoly capitalists that they should “give more” and “be more charitable” and, 3) trying to win the people’s support for such pro-imperialist spokesmen like Zionist Rabbi Feinberg who called on people to follow the “peaceful revolutionary path” of President Kennedy, that murderer of the Vietnamese and the world’s people.

Our comrades and friends fought these police agents operating under the guise of marshals. When it became clear that they would not be able to prevent our comrades from making their just position known, these agents called on their allies, the Metro Toronto Police, U.S. imperialism’s terrorist arm in this city and the greatest enemy of the Toronto working class and people. This class collaboration tremendously incensed the masses present and they resolutely joined in the fight against the police, beating them with placards and fists and raising the cry of “Let them go! Let them go!”. Refusing to heed the will of the people, the police seized two of our comrades and another person, took them to Station 52 and charged them with “causing a disturbance” and “obstructing police”.

This is another crime organised by the holy alliance of the “left” against the anti-imperialist revolution of the Canadian people. In their organisational statement, the Committee for the National Day of Protest in “Instructions to Demonstration marshals” state that “Co-operation with cops is essential... ”. That is, co-operate with the police to attack the communists. “Watch for Maoists...who may bring bricks for the bank windows. Try very hard to isolate them as far from the main body as possible.” “Maoists” did not have“bricks” but an anti-U.S. imperialist banner and copies of Mass Line – Dec. 9th Statement – it was this that drove these reactionary dogs into such a frenzy. Their instructions go on on how to manipulate the people and support the police: “If for any reason, violence erupts, and the cops go into action, get the people sitting down ... If a sit in develops in the Bank, a marshal will have to be present to calm any spread of fear when the cops go in... People are to be informed that they should not resist, .. ”. The people should not resist the fascist police while the marshals collaborate with the police against the communists. Furthermore, in an anti-democratic attempt to oppose anything progressive, the marshals are instructed that “No group is to carry identifying placards”. No group? No, if a crew of local nazis show up to gain publicity by attacking the people, the marshals are instructed: “If they have signs, don’t ask them to take them down. They will probably start a flare-up and the cops will go into action.” The National Day of Protest is clear: to oppose U.S. imperialism and the lackey Canadian comprador bourgeoisie is not permitted. Collaborating with the bourgeoisie, the fascists and Metro Toronto Police is permitted. Is this strange? Not at all, since this whole reformist campaign is organised from Ottawa by the regime of national betrayal and Health Minister John Munro and a $70,000 grant stolen from the people’s taxes as the leader. Its aim is to divert the people on to the path of reformism and capitulationism. On January 25, 1971, through the valiant revolutionary resistance of our friends and supporters and through the tremendous anti-fascist response of the people, these nefarious schemes came to no good end.

The counter-revolutionary role of the holy alliance of the “left” in Toronto since 1968 and their utter defeat in 1971

For a long time the holy alliance of the “left”, the pacifists, trotskyites, social-democrats, revisionists and neo-trotskyites have been U. S. imperialism’s vanguard in the ranks of the people. In Montreal on July 27, 1968, at a public meeting at McGill University, these counter-revolutionaries got their first sniff of the mass democratic method, of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. The trotskyites were thoroughly exposed as wreckers and saboteurs of the revolutionary struggle and the social-fascist neo-trotskyites were exposed as malicious slanderers against the interest of the people. The former group was thrown out of the meeting by the broad masses. The latter group did public self-criticism after it admitted it had engaged in slander and they promised they would never do so again. Both groups, however, had seen the writing on the wall and in vain efforts to avoid extinction began slandering and rumour-mongering against the revolutionary people, the latter group of neo-trotskyites on orders from their U.S. imported boss here in Toronto.

In the Spring of 1968 the first unit of the Internationalists(Marxist-Leninist Youth and Student Movement) was established in Toronto with the aim of guiding the founding and growth of anti-imperialist politics in the form of the Canadian Student Movement. Terrified at this development, the new left went on a rampage of “student power” and anti-communism and concocted all kinds of theories as to why Mao Tsetung Thought is a “Chinese peculiarity” and how we should follow some “Canadian revolutionary ideology”. These people were racist to the core and promoted “Canadian revolutionaries” like Castro, Trotsky and Marcuse – the essence of their theories being that the working class has sold out to U. S. imperialism, there is no need to build a revolutionary party, anarchism and degeneracy is “much better” and there is no need to struggle against the decadent imperialist cultural influences in the society. One by one the Canadian Student Movement combatted these ideas, put forward the principled line of struggle against the bourgeois decadent educational system, fighting for the dissemination of Mao Tsetung Thought in the universities and integrating with the working and oppressed people in the society. Capable only of degeneration and decay, the fate of their class the petty-bourgeoisie under imperialism, the new left enagaged in such “revolutionary activities” as “free abortion”, “free drugs”, “free pop festivals”, that is, “free” sinking into the abyss of political extinction and of suicide.

1968 also marked the rapid disintegration of the counter-revolutionary trotskyites who had been busy for many years slandering communism and Chairman Mao while pushing forward the N.D.P. with one hand and collaborating with the police with the other. Slandering the people as “stupid” and “ignorant”, throughout the 1960’s they opposed the correct calls of “Victory to the National Liberation Front”, “Escalate People’s War” and “Down with U.S. imperialism”. They put forward the slander of “Canadian complicity” and organised petition campaigns to some imperialist stooge or another “demanding” the withdrawal of U.S. aggressor troops from Vietnam or the cessation of Canadian arms shipment to U.S. imperialism. The experience of the broad masses of the Toronto progressive people has been that these counter-revolutionaries have continuously tried to mislead the people away from attacking the principal enemy of the Canadian people. On numerous occassions they have attempted to divert demonstrations in support of the Vietnamese people away from the U.S. consulate to “sunshine teach-ins” and “peace rock festivals” at Queen’s Park or City Hall. When these tactics failed, they openly collaborated with the police to turn over militant demonstrators for arrest. This underlines the correctness of Comrade Ho Chi Minh who said that “The trotskyites are agents of the fascist and we must annihilate them politically.”

Due to the correct propaganda of Mass Line and the political work done by the Canadian Communist Movement(ML), the Canadian Revolutionary Youth and the Canadian Student Movement throughout 1969, these counter-revolutionaries were completely exposed and the broad masses took up the correct line of “no unity with counter-revolutionaries”. On May 9th, at the demonstration against U.S. aggression in Cambodia in 1970, these trotskyites refused to participate in the demonstration at the consulate, attempting to divert people to City Hall. They stood isolated from the people. At a meeting in Rochdale later they were there to subvert a meeting to fight against political repression in Toronto and they were justly condemned by the broad masses who held up copies of Mass Line and shouted “Down with Trotskyism!” for all to hear.

The new-type trotskyites, the Neo-Trotskyite Party of Labour, took over the mantel of the trotskyites. The new left, trotskyites and revisionists opposed Mao Tsetung Thought openly having come into contact with it first in the mass democracy in Montreal in 1968. These new-type degenerates also opposed Mao Tsetung Thought, but they waved the red book to oppose the red book. They knew Mao Tsetung Thought was invincible and that they could not cope with it therefore they decided they had to stop the dissemination of Mao Tsetung Thought in Toronto through the use of slander, lies, concoctions and physical violence. On November 1st, 1968, they came in “full force” to a Canadian Student Movement meeting and attempted to physically wreck it. Their method was characteristic of the social-fascists (socialist in words and fascists in deeds): 1) barrage of questions, 2) physical attacks. They returned again on January,10-11, 1969, where they denounced President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the Vietnamese people, as a “revisionist”. They repeated their performance in August 1969 and having failed in their attempt to stop the dissemination of Mao Tsetung Thought, began attacking members and supporters of our Party doing mass work and participating in various anti-imperialist activites. They attacked two women comrades selling Mass Line on the streets, they harassed comrades and friends selling at Bloor and Bathurst Streets and, on May 9th, along with the fascist police participated in a cowardly attack on two comrades who were participating in the demonstration against U.S. imperialist agression in Cambodia.

These neo-trotskyites are political degenerates led by imports from the U.S. They support reactionary U.S. nationalism by attacking the anti-U.S. imperialist struggle of the Canadian people and the Quebec people under the hoax that “all nationalism is reactionary”. They oppose the national liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people and call President Ho Chi Minh a “revisionist”. They oppose the national liberation war of the Cambodian people and denounce its leader, Prince Sihanouk, as a “French imperialist agent.”. They oppose the just struggle of the Korean people for the re-unification of their fatherland and the expulsion of the U. S. imperialist aggressors and they denounce Kim Il Sung as a “counter-revolutionary”. They oppose Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Arab people’s struggle against U.S. imperialism and Zionism as a “bourgeois reactionary”.

They denounce Sekou Toure, President of Guinea whose people have just dealt severe blows to the invasion schemes of the U.S. imperialists and the Portuguese fascists as an “agent of the U. S. ”. ON ALL VITAL QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD ANTI-IMPERIALIST REVOLUTION THEY DENOUNCE THE FIGHTING REVOLUTIONARY FORCES AND THEY SUPPORT U. S. IMPERIALISM, ZIONISM AND ALL REACTIONARIES. THUS THEY HAVE COME OUT TO OPPOSE CHAIRMAN MAO AND THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA UNDER THE HOAX THAT “CHINA MAKES MISTAKES”. They follow the line of the bosses in the United States neo-trotskyite organisation which is : Denounce all those who are in practice organising revolution against U. S. imperialism and do not organise anything but counter-revolution yourself.

These people are economist to the core, and along with the revisionist Party, the N.D.P., the trotskyites and the nazis, they give the slogan “fight for jobs”, trying to make sure that proletarian ideology, which is above narrow economist demands, will never reach the working class. Each fascist assault against the communists has been applauded by these worms. After May 9th they, together with the trotskyites tried to subvert a meeting against political repression held at Rochdale with the hoax of “not protesting about repression but supporting the Lapalme workers at the Post Office”. In 1969 they said it was “wrong to denounce Trudeau because the people do not undrstand”. In August 1970 at a mass democracy at Bickford Park held to support the fighting spirit of five revolutionary comrades arrested by the lackey police they opposed political discussion by slandering, “These people are only a bunch of Italians, what do they understand”. They are racist and anti-communist to the core and will also be politically annihilated in the development of the Canadian people’s anti-imperialist struggle against U. S. imperialism.

On October 16th, 1970, at the declaration of the War Measures Act all the holy alliance of the “left” stood in antagonistic contradiction with the people. They stood united with the lackey Trudeau regime in condemning the national liberation struggle of the Quebec people. Their whole historical development crystallized before the eyes of the masses and the whole rotten alliance marched ever more firmly into the camp of reaction and counter-revolution.

Get organised for national war against U.S. imperialism!

Today the time is ripe to begin getting organised for national war against U. S. imperialism. The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) has called on December 9th on all the anti-imperialist Canadian people to unite and hit at the enemy. This way we can make sure that the Canadian compradors, their U.S. imperialist masters and all the reactionary agents will be un-able to launch a counter-revolutionary civil war against the Quebec people and will be unable to unleash fascism onto the Canadian people. Implementing this call, the CPC(ML), Toronto Unit, has begun a campaign to 1)divide the forces to arouse the masses throughout the city, and 2) building revolutionary people’s area committees in order to further the three revolutionary movements, the struggle against fascist ideology and fascist culture, the struggle against fascist rules and regulations in the communities, schools and places of work and the struggle to build solidarity with Quebec, People’s China, Albania and all other anti-imperialist forces in the world. In this manner the people are being mobilised against our principal enemy and the reactionary holy alliance of the “left” among the people is being thrown into confusion and disarray. Their attempts to stop the dissemination of Mao Tsetung Thought in 1968-1969 failed. In 1970 the lackey state machine took over and over 47 members and supporters of the CPC(ML) were arrested in Toronto alone. They spat in the faces of the bourgeois police and courts and proved that the Canadian anti-imperialist revolution will not be cowed by threats and blustering attacks of the fascists.

Unite to wipe out all agents of U. S. imperialism ideologically, politically and organisationally by GETTING ORGANISED FOR NATIONAL WAR AGAINST U.S. IMPERIALISM! Unite to e4calate the battle against U. S. imperialist plunder of our nation! Build the people’s revolutionary area committees and the three revolutionary movements throughout Toronto! Long live the anti-imperialist revolution of the Canadian working class and people! Long live the Communist Party of Canada(Marxist-Leninist)! Long Live Chairman Mao!