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“Mao Tsetung Thought” is anti-Marxist-Leninist

Communique of the Third Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) November 26, 1978

First Published: People’s Canada Daily News, Vol 8, No. 276, December 5, 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The Third Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), in its deliberations on November 25-26, 1978, discussed “Mao Tsetung Thought” and, in the midst of a resolute revolutionary atmosphere, unanimously concluded that “Mao Tsetung Thought” is neither Marxist nor Leninist but is the most reactionary, pragmatist and counter-revolutionary ideology and political line of the Chinese revisionists. It is in the service of the Chinese revisionists’ chauvinist global ambitions of becoming an imperialist superpower, in the service of inter-imperialist rivalry and contention and warmongering, in the service of their collaboration with one superpower, U.S. imperialism, and other imperialists and reactionaries, in its contention with the other superpower, Soviet social-imperialism and the reactionaries. It is in the service of capitulation and the liquidation of the world proletarian revolution and the national liberation movement, and of the maintenance of the status quo. It is pitted against Marxism-Leninism and the land of socialism, the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, and against all the genuinely Marxist-Leninist parties and revolutionary forces fighting for genuine liberation and socialism.

The Third Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) resolutely took the decision to further deepen and broaden the struggle against “Mao Tsetung Thought” and against the counter-revolutionary and imperialist ambitions of the Chinese revisionists and their warmongering, along with and as part and parcel of the struggle against the two imperialist superpowers and the other imperialists and all reactionaries and as an integral part of the struggle against the modern revisionism of Khrushchov and Brezhnev, and the modern revisionism of Tito, of the “Eurocommunists” and of the “three worldists” and to vigorously defend the purity of Marxism-Leninism and the revolution and socialism.