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Down with bourgeois plots and mystifications!

First Published: People’s Canada Daily News Release, May 22, 1972
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Toronto (PCDN) May 18 – PCDN has received an article from L. Richardson, a supporter of the CPC (M-L). The full text of the article, preceded by the introductory letter, follow:

* * *

On May 9, 1972, I was invited, quite by accident, to a meeting held amongst various lumpen groups for the purpose of forming a “united front”.

The CPC (M-L) was excluded from it by plan and when I stated that I was a supporter of CPC (M-L) and pointed out the existence of CPUF and CPF – I was answered only by groans.

Their lack of seriousness and the counter productive nature of meetings such as these prompted me to share this experience with my comrades.
(signed) L, Richardson

* * *

I strongly suggest that anyone wishing to learn the meaning of “unity” through negative example, attend one of the farcical meetings, such as the one which took place on the 9th of May, held by lumpen groups such as Red Morning, SDS, Militant Co-op, etc. to form a “coalition”, a “united front” against US imperialism.

I suggest that these groups are not serious and if they continue in their erroneous paths, even after having had their errors pointed out, they will certainly come to no good end.

What effort at a United Front could possibly be serious when the bitterest enemy of US imperialism, the working class and its only party the CPC (M-L) is excluded.

When it was pointed out to these groups that a serious united front had already been formed, the CPUF, and it was suggested that they at least investigate it. They replied that the CPC (M-L) was “too hard to work with”. Yes, if you are not serious, the CPC (M-L) is indeed hard to work with, for it is the party of the working class and the working class is not fooled by bourgeois mystifications as you are.

I suggest that there is a contradiction in your thought if you say that you want a united front yet you refuse to unite yourselves with serious elements.

The groups claimed to be “tired of the leadership of Viet Mob and the Trots” since “they make deals with the pigs”. I hardly congratulate them on their brilliant discovery of what has been common knowledge for quite some time.

I suggest that they are looking in the wrong places for leadership, and, if they were serious, they would look to the people, the working class and its party, the CPC (M-L) instead of looking amongst the opportunists, who are agents of the monopoly capitalist class, who called the meeting.

I realize that you are troubled by many bourgeois hang-ups. You are so anxious to see unity that you seek an unprincipled unity, a false unity that exists only on paper while ignoring the true united front offered by the CPUF. This suits the purpose of the monopoly capitalists just fine, for isn’t their policy “divide and conquer”?

You are so eager to categorize, label, and assign each person his own special chore while ignoring the real job to be done – the proletarian revolution. The bourgeoisie is overjoyed your efforts – they love to mystify the issue and then watch you waste our time setting up your petty bureaucracies. How well you serve the bourgeoisie.

You become disappointed, you tire easily and look only to yourselves showing no faith in the people. We suggest that you take example and learn from the “long march” of the persevering Chinese people.

A representative of the counter-revolutionary SDS stated that “we (the coalition) must first have a name” and that the questions of unity could be settled later – they weren’t important. How the monopoly capitalists have you fooled! What wonderful servants you are to them! So its all in a name is it?

A representative of the CPL refused to support the slogan VICTORY TO THE INDOCHINESE PEOPLE! because the word “people” included the monopoly capitalists. We suggest that this is not true and the CPL has accidently let slip an indication of who their true masters are.

I strongly suggest that you take serious steps to mend your ways and stop serving the purposes of the monopoly capitalists in your counter-revolutionary efforts. We suggest that you become serious, for when you do, you will realize that only through a union with the working class and its party the CPC (M-L) only through the application of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tzetung Thought, only through the glorious approaching revolution of the proletariat will you solve your problems.

I suggest that if you do not cease to serve the monopoly capitalists before the revolution, you will certainly do so afterwards.