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Canadian Party of Labour

Workers welcome Italian language communist newspaper

First Published: Canadian Worker, Vol 3, No 8, November 1971
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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This month marks the publication of the first issue of the Canadian Party of Labor’s Italian newspaper, Il Lavoratore. The Italian edition of Canadian Worker/L’Ouvrier, it carries many of the stories and letters that you read in this newspaper.

In many cities in Canada, Italian speaking workers make up almost one quarter of the population. Now revolutionary communism is reaching in a mass way this group of workers.

The popularity of communism among Italian speaking workers was obvious the first Saturday that we took the Il Lavoratore onto the streets. Papers sold like hotcakes, and many volunteered to help put out a bigger and better edition number 2.

We hope Il Lavoratore will be one of several papers in languages other than English and French, enabling the Canadian Party of Labor to reach the huge numbers of immigrants in this country.