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An encore for chauvinist PLP

First Published: The Worker, Vol 10, No 21, September 28, 1978
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Desafio, PLP’s Spanish language paper, has at last printed one of our editorials on the national question. But it is more evident than ever that PL leaders suffer from a chauvinist attitude towards the Spanish readers. They would have us believe that the error was just a happenstance. They take issue with us for doubting them and explain how we are mistaken to suspect chauvinism. In an act of righteousness they refer to our claim that they show little respect for the Spanish speaking comrades and declare: “To every honest worker and Communist we say that this is a lie.” Excuse us comrades, but you forget yourselves. You meant to say: “To every English speaking honest worker and Communist we say that this is a lie.” Challenge didn’t bother to convey our opinions on the matter nor even to summarize the discussion of the point in Desafio. Chauvinism is habit forming. Desafio’s readers are kept in a second class status.

Rather than sincere self-criticism, Challenge makes an awkward stab at revenge, for our having mentioned it. They complain the CPL has not reprinted their entire response to a CPL editorial. Good they raise the matter. We’ve reprinted PL’s first editorial plus a Challenge piece described as the “PLP response” (to The Worker) and the opening portion of a piece labelled a “Comment ... ”. We indicated we’d complete the “comment” soon. Our French readers have three complete PL pieces, and our English readers complete the three with this issue. But meanwhile Challenge/Desafio readers have only been given the one CPL editorial to chew on.