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Canadian Party of Labour

China News Agency praises Trudeau, Sharp

First Published: Canadian Worker, Vol 3, No 9, December 1971
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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The revisionist takeover of the Communist Party of China, and Chou En-lai’s maneuvering on the “diplomatic front”, has been repeatedly attacked in publications of the Canadian Party of Labour. But often the Chinese Party’s schemes for “peaceful coexistence” and support for nationalist bourgeois forces seem remote from our experience here in Canada.

Fortunately the New China News Agency (official government bureau) has published an article about Canadian response to Nixon’s “new economic policy”. (Oct. 30, 1971, pp. 15-16) The grossly opportunist analysis, and particularly their placement of Mitchell Sharp, Pierre Trudeau, and the Toronto Daily Star as representatives of Canadian outrage against US imperialism gives some obvious evidence of China’s reactionary theories.

The following gems of revisionist political analysis appeared in their report:

“The self-seeking policy of the U.S., which disregards the detrimental effects on others, have aroused dissatisfaction among people of varied interests in Canada. Forty eight hours after the announcement of the U.S. “new economic policy”, Canadian secretary of state for external affairs Mitchell Sharp openly declared that even according to President Nixon’s own reasoning, the measures the United States had imposed on Canada were unjustifiable. Many newspapers also pointed out that the price of increased employment in the U.S. is increased unemployment in other countries.” (a blatant lie – unemployment in the US is just as high as it is here in Canada!)

“The Canadian government has adopted a number of measures in an attempt to counteract the blow delivered by the U.S. “new economic policy”. 4,600 workers at a subsidary plant of the Douglas Aircraft Corporation run by US capital in Canada, recently held a strike in protest against the implementation of US laws on Canadian territory by US monopoly capital.” (see Douglas Aircraft story elsewhere in this issue for the true story.)

“Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau went on to say that if the United States only wanted Canada to sell its natural resources and purchase US commodities, “we will have to reasses fundamentally our relation with them, trading, political and otherwise.” “Toronto Daily Star published on October 8 a reader’s letter which voiced the opinion of many Canadians. It said the US “new economic policy” is a challenge for us, let us be mature and accept it, and let us go forward.”

Because of this crap, the Chinese and their rotten line have no influence whatsoever among workers in Canada.