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Progressive Workers Movement

For An Independent and Socialist Canada: A Marxist-Leninist View

Editor’s Note

This is the first issue of Progressive Worker in almost six months. During that time we have been working on “the national question”, and one result of our work is this paper. We have also been discussing our practical work – how to relate our present activities to the central question at this time (the fight against U. S. domination) and how to move forward, together with other people, to undertake activities that can involve large numbers of ordinary Canadians in a struggle for national independence, and, ultimately, socialism.

Our own organization, P. W. M., is very small, but we believe that the ideas presented in the following paper represent the interests of the vast majority of Canadians. Furthermore, this publication comes out at a time when significant numbers of Canadians are coming to realize that the things that are wrong with Canadian life will get worse, not better, unless ordinary people organize to struggle for some basic changes.

In Vancouver we will be holding small discussion groups based on the “national question” and practical activity to flow from it. Those interested should get in touch with us personally or by writing to PWM at 35 East Hastings.

This is the first issue of PW as a quarterly theoretical paper [MIA Note: In fact, no subsequent issues of Progressive Worker appeared]. The next issue will be out in approximately three months. It will contain articles on various topics, unlike this issue which concentrates on a single topic. (One item on the “development of Marxist Thought on the national Question”, has been held over from this issue because of space considerations.)

We have tried to keep the paper as free from jargon as possible. Nevertheless, there are many Marxist terms that are useful and have a precision that other more widely understood words do not have. We have therefore used some words that may be unfamiliar, but have included a glossary at the end where definitions of terms such as “comprador bourgeoisie” can be found.

Comments and contributions from our readers on the ’national question’ will be appreciated and printed as far as that is possible within the space available.

* * *

“It is the position of the Progressive Workers Movement that the development and success of a national independence movement in Canada is absolutely vital in our struggle for socialism, that no advances towards the goal of socialism can be made without such a movement developing, and that socialists must take an active and leading role in the building of this independence movement. That is our position, and it is based on our analysis of the historical developments that have brought Canada to her present state. ”