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Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

“Down with bourgeois hang-ups” study group

First Published: People’s Canada Daily News Release December 10, 1971
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Toronto (PCDN) December 9 – Following the call of the Party to PROLETARIANISE THE PARTY IN THE LIGHT OF MAO TSETUNG THOUGHT, a group of four Canadian Revolutionary Youth immediately formed a group to put the call of the Party into practice. They considered the call of the Party to be timely and correct and pledged themselves to do everything in their power to assist the proletarianization of the Party in the light of Mao Tsetung Thought.

Soon after they formed the group, they got together to discuss what to study and where to begin. They vigorously exchanged views on the question and boldly participated in dealing with the problem. One said: TO PROLETARIANISE MEANS TO DESTROY WHAT IS IN THE WAY OF PROLETARIANISATION, FIRST. The rest of the comrades agreed that this was the correct guideline and they adopted it as the first principle of their group. After a lengthy discussion on WHAT IS IN THE WAY OF PROLETARIANISATION, they agreed that WE SHOULD LOOK INTO THE REAL WORLD TO FIND OUT which meant that WE SHOULD ESTABLISH WHY THE PARTY GAVE THIS CALL AT THIS TIME. Going into the reasons for the Party’s call, they isolated what is in the way of proletarianisation. The Party has given this call at this time to weed out certain bourgeois fraudulent characters and liberals who are corroding the Party from within and causing disruption. So, TO PROLETARIANISE THE PARTY IN THE LIGHT OF MAO TSETUNG THOUGHT means to hit at the bourgeois fraudulent characters and liberals.by ARMING THE MINDS OF THE COMRADES WITH MAO TSETUNG THOUGHT and CONSCIENTIOUSLY SUMMING UP THE EXPERIENCE OF THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE TWO LINES IN THE PARTY. They decided to begin their contribution by summing up the struggle between the two lines in the Party and to study only to destroy the bourgeois fraudulent characters.

Going over the general features of the bourgeois fraudulent characters, they found that these individuals 1. Refuse to come under the discipline of the Party, oppose working in Party units, branches and committees and undermine the leadership of the Party in the units, branches and committees. 2. Oppose summing up by using democratic method of discussion, debate and exchange of views on the collective basis. 3. Actively oppose uniting with other members and supporters of the Party on the basis of criticism-self-criticism. 4. Oppose study and application of Mao Tsetung Thought and 5. Have no faith in the revolutionary capacity of the masses. Concretely, they showed laziness towards summing up and changing the situation, and active interest in building their own feifdoms and were extremely egocentric and nasty about safe-guarding their selfish interests over and above the interests of the Party and the people. Thus the concrete analysis of the activities of the bourgeois fraudulent characters and liberals showed that they were communalists and sectarians, worshipped their own sects and patriarchs and upheld no principles. After isolating the characteristics of the negative line in the Party, they picked up quotations from the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and studied the negative line in the light of these quotations. These quotations mainly dealt with such questions as: 1. The class basis of laziness. 2. Putting personal interests in command to oppose the Party and the people, and 3. The bourgeois habit of serving a sect in opposition to serving the majority. Studying these quotations instilled in them tremendous class hatred against the bourgeois fraudulent characters and liberals and they pledged themselves never to be lazy and complacent about wiping these characters out ideologically, politically and organisationally.

After the discussion they named their discussion group DOWN WITH BOURGEOIS HANG-UPS STUDY GROUP.

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