Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

To oppose U.S. imperialism is an honour not a crime!

First Published: People’s Canada Daily News, Vol. 1, No. 51, February 1, 1971
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Malcolm and Paul Saba
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Comrade Harsh Chadha, member and supporter of the Hindustani Ghadar Party (Marxist-Leninist)

Harsh Chadha was a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto, and is now in the Don Jail awaiting deportation to India. He had found when he came to Canada that he was expected to act like an honoured “guest”, not criticize anything wrong or organize to change things but just get a degree and go home to India and have a secure and comfortable position. Harsh declared his oposition to this saying that for him to become a simple tool meant to go against the interests of the Indian people, the Canadian people, and Indian patriots living here. Comrade Harsh saw his revolutionary duty was to organize the progressive Indians here, to do propaganda for the Armed Agrarian Revolution in India, and to unite with the Canadian people in the struggle against the common enemy, U.S. imperialism.

On August 8th last year at Bickford Park His School, Harsh was distributing Chingari, a revolutionary Indian journal,to Indians coming out of the Indian movie that is shown there. The police came there, provoked an attack, and then charged Harsh with assult, and threw him in jail for three months, after serving his sentence he is being held without bail by the Immigration department. At first the Immigration Department tried to maintain that he was being deported because he was a “criminal”, and that it had nothing to do with politics, even when all the “evidence” against him was political. Now they are openly admitting that he is “a threat to Canadian society as it is now established” that he is being deported for fighting U.S. imperialist domination of Canada.

Comrade Ricky Hundal, member of the Canadian Student Movement, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

On November 25th, 1970, Rick Hundal, Canadian Student Movement organizer at the University of British Columbia, was arrested on two charges of “common assault”. Starting November 10th the student movement literature table was attacked by fascist goons supported by the RCMP and the students council who were colluding to smash the CSM unit at UBC. After two days of these attacks the masses of the students in the Student Union Building rallied to protect the literature table. Instead of arresting the fascists who has begun the attacks, the fascist police arrested comrade Rick and the bourgeois court sentenced him to one month in Oakalla prison in Vancouver. When he attempted to Seek Truth from Facts in the court he was viciously attacked and dragged out by the RCMP. Upon his release on Jan. 21, 1971, comrade Rick led a group of revolutionary students to set up the literature table once again at U.B.C.

Jeff Conway, Canadian Revolutionary Youth, Toronto

In the summer of 1969, Jeff Conway was charged with “creating a disturbance” for denouncing the C.B.C. for promoting fascism by filming a staged Nazi rally in Allan Gardens. He was forced to pay $100 ransom. On August 15th, 1969, Jeff Conway and two other comrades confronted Trudeau at Centre Island in Toronto and denounced him as a Prince of Lackeys, puppet of U.S. imperialism. He was “fined” $200. On October 12, 1969, he was charged with “assaulting police” who attacked a demonstration against the invasion of Quebec by the Anglo-Canadian colonialist army. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail. On May 9th, 1970, he was again “charged” with “assaulting police” and was sentenced to three months for his support of the Cambodian people in their struggle against, U.S. imperialist aggression.

Eric Hoffman and Fred Mason, deported for exercising their right to oppose U.S. aggression in Cambodia

Eric Hoffman, a revolutionary American student and member of McGill Student Movement, is well known at McGill for his opposition to U. S. imperialism and his active role in the anti-Chaudhuri campaign. He joined with thousands of other progressive Canadians and national minorities to denounce U.S. imperialism for its invasion of Cambodia and its crimes against the Indo-Chinese people on May 9th in Toronto. The U.S. lackey Toronto police charged the demonstrators. They had clubs flying. Comrade Eric fought alongside the broad masses, he defended their democratic rights to denounce U.S. imperialism for its crimes and resisted this attack by the police and was charged with “assault”. He was “convicted” and “served his sentence” and was thereafter unjustly deported to the U. S.

Comrade Fred Mason, a former college history teacher participated in the same demonstration and defending himself against this same attack was “convicted” of “assaulting” police, and also unjustly deported.

Martin Bracey, member of Canadian Revolutionary Youth First Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team

Comrade Martin Bracey, a resolute Black Canadian, has accumulated a glorious record of denouncing all forms of racism and anti-communism, has persisted in struggle in Sir George Williams University, in Ottawa, and the jails of the U.S. imperialists and their lackies. In Sir George, he was charged with 11 “crimes committed” on February 11th. Because the U.S. lackey judge was unwilling to examine charges of racism and political repression, comrade Martin denounced him and was held for contempt of court. In Montreal he persisted in his right to distribute revolutionary literature in order to organize the people to overthrow their oppressors. And for this he has been regularly attacked. Both as a patient in St. Mary’s hospital when he was distributing revolutionary literature to the workers and in Loyola Univeristy where he was distributing revolutionary literature to the students, he was viciously attacked by the reactionaries who attempted to suppress his activities. He has been arrested many times for “disturbing the peace”, “assault”, “resisting arrest”. On April 18th, 1970, in Ottawa he was charged with two counts of “assault” and one of contempt of court for supporting the just struggle of the Vietnamese people. In Ottawa in October 1970, he was arrested in St. Patrick’s College for “disturbing the peace”, and “resisting arrest” while distributing People’s Canada Daily News. He resolutely opposes the gangster logic that the imperialists have all the right to oppress the people and the people have no right to resist.

Susan Herzog, progressive American arrested for supporting Canadian working class and Quebec people

In July 1969, Comrade Susan Herzog, progressive social worker, was fired from her job at Maimonides hospital because she supported the workers’ rights to politically organize themselves and opposed the fascist zionist theories that were being widely propagated there. Conscious that U.S. imperialism is the main enemy of the world’s people, as well as the American people, she resisted all threats to suppress her democratic rights. She went on a hunger strike for 28 days, to protest the unjust and arbitrary firing and remained in the lobby of the hospital. The lackey police forcibly tried to remove her and when this did not work, the lackey court intervened and, imposed an injuction to openly take away her rights. During the Vancouver CSM conference, she was arrested with Bill Shpikula in the CANRON factory distributing leaflets. She was convicted on the phony charges and given a two-year suspended sentence. On May 22, 1970 she parlicipated in a demonstration denouncing the CLC as labour traitors and was jointly attacked by the U.S. lackey Edmonton police, and the fascists. For resisting their attack, she was convicted of assault. Her denunciation of the magistrate as a flunky of U.S. imperialism drove the reactionaries in Edmonton into a frenzy and they charged her and her comrades with “defamatory libel”. She was hold with them in jail for three months and is presently being threatened with deportation.