Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

In Struggle!

The CPC(ML): A Revisionist Organization of Agent-Provocateurs

Appendix 2: List of publications printed by CPC(ML)

The following is an incomplete list of the publications printed by CPC(ML) and its forerunners, including the date of the first issue and the name of the organization it was printed for. None of them appears regularly, even the so-called PCDN/QCP which often is published in batches a week or two at a time. Most are dormant after their initial issues until such time as the front which they are the organ of is revived. However, papers produced for the student milieu and the immigrant communities plus those for overseas distribution have generally been published much more frequently than the others.

Advance News, August 1968, Montreal, Irish and English Internationalists jointly.
Ideological Forum, August 1968, Montreal Internationalists.
Words and Comment, pamphlet series, January 1968, Montreal Internationalists.
McGill Student, September 1968, McGill Student Movement.
Literature and Ideology, spring 1969.
Progressive Workers Journal, fall 1969.
The Internationalists Newsletter, July 1968.
Irish Internationalist, 1968.
Red Patriot (Ireland), 1969.
World Revolutionary Youth, April 1969, organ of the Preparatory Committee of the First International Congress of Marxist-Leninist Youth. Also published in French, German and Hindi.
Words, 1967.
Words International, 1967.
On the Move
Liberation, 1969, Jeunesse Revolutionnaire Quebecoise.
Ligne de Masse, July 1969, IOPQ(ML)/Mouvement Communist du Quebec, PCQ(ML) and/or CPC(ML) after 1970.
Mass Line, July 1969, Canadian Communist Movement( Marxist-Leninist), CPC(ML) after 1970.
Afro-Asian, 1969, Afro-Asian Youth Movement (Anti-Imperialist).
Canadian Student, September 1968, Canadian Student Movement.
Chingari, February 1970, Hindustani Ghadar Party.
The Spark, for the Afro-Asian West Indian community.
Solidarity, January 1970, Afro-Asian Latin American People’s Solidarity Movement.
Marxist-Leninist Daily (at McGill University in Montreal), 1968, McGill branch of CPC(ML).
Vers la liberation, January 1969, Mouvement des Etudiants de l’Universite de Montreal.
IOPQ, weekly news bulletin on Asia and Africa, October 1969, the October branch of the Intellectuels et Ouvriers Patriotes du Quebec (Marxistes-Leninistes).
Le Patriote Rouge, November 1969, IOPQ(ML), PCQ(ML) after 1970.
Student Front, October 1969, Montreal Student Front for People’s Democratic Rights.
Vancouver Workers Journal, 1970.
Le Travailleur Quebecois, February 1971, Mouvement des Ouvriers Quebecois.
The Worker, January 1971, Canadian Workers Movement.
Quebec Rouge, 1971.
Montreal Rouge, August 1972, Comite Revolutionnaire Populaire de Montreal (in fact like all of the People’s Revolutionary Committees this is a campaign committee for the federal elections in which CPC(ML) ran.).
La Breche, March 1972, Groupe de Travail du CEGEP Vieux-Montreal.
Le Quebec Populaire, April 1972.
Le Quebec Populaire Bulletin de Nouvelles, PCQ(ML), 1971.
People’s Canada Daily News Release, March 1971, CPC(ML)
People’s Canada Daily News, August 1970, CPC(ML) official organ except for several months in 1975 when it “merged” with On the Line to become “Canada’s Working Class Daily Newspaper”.
North American News Service, September 1972, printed first in Canada and then in the USA.
North American News Service Daily Release, fall 1972.
American Mass Line, American Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist).
Quotidien du Canada Populaire, French-language version of CPC(ML) organ which did not merge with On the Line but had curiously similar content.
Workers Daily, American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist), 1972.
Workers Advocate, ACWM(ML) and later COUSML, Central Organization of US Marxist-Leninists after 1974.
People’s America Daily News.
African Voice, African Progressive Study Group.
Alive: Literature and Ideology, January 1975.
On the Line, 1974, Southern Ontario Workers Association.
Ach-Chararah, 1974, Arab Progressive Group.
Jeragheh, 1974, for the Iranian community.
Lok Awaz, 1974, for the East Indian community.
Free Chevron, November 1976, Anti-Imperialist Alliance and others on former staff of University of Waterloo student paper.
West Indian, March 1977, West Indian People’s Organization.
L’Union, newspaper for all 23 construction unions in Montreal October, 1976.
Chilean Resistance, December 1977, Canadian Committee Support of the Chilean Resistance (in French also).
Solidarity with Zimbabwe, January 1978, Committee for Solidarity with Zimbabwe (in French also).
Amitie Anti-Fasciste Bulletin, 1977, Comite d’appui au peuple espagnol.
Service de Nouvelles, October 1976, the “real” Presse Etudiante Nationale.
L’Etincelle, Mouvement des Etudiants du Quebec.
Le journal de la Majorite en faveur de la Majorite au sein de l’ANEQ, October 1976, the “real” Association Nationale des Etudiants du Quebec, national executive.
L’Etincelle, March 1975, Comite Provisoire du Front Uni.
Heroic People, April 1977, Ad Hoc Committee for the formation of a Canada-Democratic Cambodia Friendship Association (in French also).
Workers England Weekly News, Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist).
Scottish Vanguard, Workers Party of Scotland (Marxist-Leninist).

Other publications on which we have less detailed information include:

L’Estrien Rouge (Sherbrooke), Gardes Rouges (Lachine), En Avant (Ahuntsic), UQAM Rouge, Sir George Student, Loyola, Waterloo Student, Laval Democratique, Toronto Student, Sussex Student (England), Vancouver Student, Campus Patriot (Regina), Femmes du Quebec, Linga di Masso, National Minority News, Saguenay Rouge, La lutte du Peuple, New Upsurge, Red Montreal, Bulletin de Nouvelles Hebdomadaire, Gono Mukti (Pakistani Progressive Study Group), L’Etudiant Marxiste-Leniniste, Toronto Worker, Worker, Culture et Liberation Nationale, Le Nouveau Quebec Democratique, Bulletin de Nouvelles Anti-Repression, Dalhouse Student.

The above list does not include any of the pamphlets or books printed by CPC(ML) usually at People’s Canada Publishing House published by Norman Bethune Institute and distributed by National Publications Centre.