Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

In Struggle!

The CPC(ML): A Revisionist Organization of Agent-Provocateurs

Part II: Sabotage and fascist provocation

A completely revisionist program which gets its inspiration from bourgeois nationalism and reactionary anti-imperialism – there you have a few choice words what we have been able to establish in the first part of this pamphlet about the so-called “Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).” But just what is the history of this group of phoneys which claims to have reconstructed the communist party of the Canadian working class? And just what does this party, which claims to lead the Canadian people, do in practice, given that its political line is so openly opposed to the interests of the masses? These are the questions we intend to provide answers to in the second part of this pamphlet.

And the answers to these questions, we might as well say right at the outset, leave behind a stench, a disturbing stench... The facts that we are going to present in the following pages are not just based on speculation and anecdotes, but examples of a systematic practice of provocation and sabotage. Many of them, taken separately, might seem to be simply the outrageous actions of a group of buggy-eyed crazies. But when you look at the whole history of their activities each separate action becomes something undertaken in a fully conscious and deliberate manner. And if you had to describe the logic behind that history of activities in one word, the word would not be Marxist-Leninist, but fascist.