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Joint Declaration of PS(CNR), MAPU, JRR and the RCP of Chile: Strengthen the Support for the Chilean Resistance During the Fifth Year of the Counter-Revolutionary Coup D’Etat

First Published: Workers’ Advocate, Vol. 8, No. 10, November 22, 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba and Sam Richards
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On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the counter-revolutionary putsch which established the bloodiest and most brutal military dictatorship in Chile’s history, the undersigned organizations declare:

1. That they offer the greatest homage to all the activists who have fallen in the struggle against the dictatorship during these five years, to the heroic resistance of our people, to all those who are struggling in clandestinity, who risk their lives every day. At the same time, they hail the recent mobilization and struggles of the masses of the people of our country, such as the copper miners’ strikes, the strikes of the Huachipato workers, the demonstrations of the university students, the resumption of the hunger strike by the relatives of the “missing” prisoners, etc....:

2. That the greatest homage we can give to our dead comrades and our people is for all the genuinely popular, democratic and revolutionary forces of Chile to continue to work for the construction of a fighting front against the dictatorship based on the worker-peasant alliance and led by the revolutionary proletariat. In order to make progress towards the construction of such a broad and powerful Anti-Dictatorial Front, the unity and convergence of all the revolutionary forces is absolutely indispensable and essential.:

3. That only the independent, democratic and revolutionary struggle of the masses constitutes the road to victory, that it is only through the armed struggle of the people that we will be able to overthrow the dictatorship once and for all; and that it is only by establishing a revolutionary government led by the working class that we will be able to guarantee the the complete destruction of the dictatorial regime, the defeat of the monopoly bourgeoisie and imperial ism, and the uninterrupted march towards socialism.:

4. That they therefore denounce the conciliationist, vacillating and reactionary character of the substitution schemes promoted by various sections of the bourgeoisie, particularly by those sections which are represented by the Freists. And they also denounce the reformist sections of the Chilean left who are carrying out a policy of capitulation and subordination to the Freist bourgeoisie, and of aggression and splitism towards the revolutionary forces.:

5. That they call for the development of the most broad and militant unity against the dictatorship, and for an escalation of most active and resolute solidarity work for the People’s Resistance. In particular, they call on all the French workers and people, all democratic and revolutionary sections of the people, to further strengthen their support for our people.:


Committees in France of:
Socialist Party (NCR)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Chile
Radical Revolutionary Youth of Chile (Third Congress)
MAPU – Chilean Workers’ Party

Paris, September 11, 1978