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The Call Staff

The Call Grows Louder

First Published: The Call, Vol. I, No. 7, April 1973.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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This issue of THE CALL is issue number seven. Since we began publishing last October, the paper has grown in size and circulation and has become an important part of the revolutionary struggle in the U.S.

As you can see, we expanded last month to 24 pages, six in Spanish, with hopefully more to come. The response to El Clarin by the people in the Latino communities has been, very enthusiastic. Of the 12,000 copies of THE CALL, 8,000 are being sold and distributed to factory workers and people in minority communities. We hope that this is only a start.

Recently we have begun an effort to get THE CALL into the prisons of this country, where militant struggle is the order of the day. We have been offering THE CALL free to all prisoners. The response has been overwhelming. Hundreds of subs have come in along with dozens of letters telling us of CALL study groups, and a growing movement towards Marxism-Leninism among the prisoners.

Also, through the first seven issues, we have gotten a lot of feedback, criticism and suggestions as to how THE CALL can better serve the anti-imperialist struggle. THE CALL, while serving as the main political newspaper of the October League (ML), attempts to give direction and support to all of the progressive struggles of the people, directed against imperialism and its fascist, aggressive policies. It is meant to reflect the stand of communists on the issues facing the people of the world today. At the same time, it is designed to be a people’s newspaper, reflecting in its style and content a broad, mass character.

The comments, letters and criticisms we have received have been helpful in achieving these ambitious ends. Through the discussion, we have gotten a clearer idea on what a communist newspaper like THE CALL should do.

We have rejected the idea that THE CALL should direct itself only towards the communists. In our view, the tasks that face us in the months to come are tasks that in one way or another must involve the broad masses of the people, and especially the working people. To speak only to the communists is to negate the MASS LINE which is the method of work all communists must take up. This means “from the masses to the masses,” taking the ideas of the people, which are often scattered and unsystematized and concentrating and organizing them into a set of strategies and tactics that can push forward the day-to-day struggle as well as pointing out the final aims of the struggle–socialist revolution.

We have also rejected the idea that THE CALL is no place to discuss Marxism-Leninism, theory or the questions which face communists today, like the building of a new communist party. We will try and combine articles of a higher theoretical content and those that give guidance to the communist movement with articles of interest to all those that are struggling in the U.S. today for a better world.

In order to realize this goal, your help is badly needed. We would like to increase our subscriptions by 30% in the next three months. Show THE CALL to a friend and get them to subscribe. Send a donation to help our prisoner education program. Write us with your comments and criticisms. Thank you.