Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Communist League

Regional Autonomy for the Southwest


Today more than ever the proletariat stands face to face in a life or death struggle against capital. Because of this the unity of the working class is more crucial than ever. A central aspect in bringing about such unity is the resolution of the national colonial question, especially as it pertains to the Mexican National Minority and the Southwest Region.

Due to the fact that the revisionist Communist Party USA has failed to bring clarity to the proletariat on this all important question a great deal of confusion and ignorance has been found in the ranks of revolutionaries in the USNA.

Comrade Lenin has stated:

The weight of emphasis in the internationalist education of the workers in the oppressing countries must necessarily consist in advocating and urging them to demand freedom of secession for oppressed countries. Without this there can be no internationalism. (Foundations of Leninism, Chapter VI, P. 80)

We publish this document in an effort to deepen our understanding of this question; we encourage all interested individuals to study this pamphlet and to send in suggestions and criticism for further publication.