CNP To Boost Student Power
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CNP To Boost Student Power

First Published: Berkeley Barb, January 27, 1967.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Student power was one issue raised by the Community for New Politics as it formally entered the Berkeley elections race this week.

“Students should demand, on every campus of the University, that not only the administration and the faculty, but just as importantly the student body should have the power to give a vote of confidence in any proposed president,” Berkeley City Council candidate Bob Avakian told BARB.

“And the Regents should not appoint a new president without student approval.”

A 21-point CNP platform was issued upon the announcement of four candidates for city officers. Running for City Council are Avakian, a staff writer for Ramparts Magazine; Howard Harawitz, a founder of Alameda County’s Welfare Rights Organization; and UC professor Joe Neilands, President of Local 1474 of the American Federation of Teachers.

Robert Kaldenbach is the CNP candidate for City Auditor. “I run on a platform to abolish the position of City Auditor,” a statement by Kaldenbach avows. He proposes the creation of a new city office, “ombudsman.”

Kaldenbach is now Senior Administrative Assistant to Berkeley’s Diretor or Public Works.

The CNP draft platform for Berkeley includes these proposals:

* “. . . start now planning a future for Berkeley divorced from the economy of war.”

* “The city should . . . defend (the university) against increasing political attacks.”

* “The city should move toward buying PG&E by initiating a feasibility study.

* “. . .an independent police board to review complaints and to participate in the formulation of general police policy.”

* “Berkeley’s loyalty oath for city employees should be abolished ...”

* “The city should acquire, renovate and rent single and multiple family dwellings as a means to provide integrated, low-cost housing and many jobs for Berkeley citizens.”

* “Urban renewal programs ... and city planning generally should give priority to the interests of the people who live in the area involved ...”

* “The City Council should fight for recognition of the right of collective bargaining by city employees and should insist on nondiscrimination in all enterprises in which the City participates.”

* “Property tax exemptions should be granted to all persons over 65 whose income is less than $4,000 per year.”