Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

American Communist Workers’ Movement (Marxist-Leninist)

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Published: American Mass Line, Vol. 1, No. 9, September 28, 1970.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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From corner to corner, the globe is rocking with struggle! The working and oppressed people of the whole world are rising in revolutionary struggle against their oppressors. They are taking up arms, uniting and directing their fire towards their common enemy – U.S. imperialism, Soviet social-imperialism and all their running dogs. THE PRESENT UPSURGE IS A COLOSSAL EVENT!

The U.S. monopoly capitalists and their Soviet accomplices have stepped into the shoes of Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini as the moat rabid aggressors in history. They are frantically plotting a Third World War in order to preserve their parasitic rule. They have gravely escalated their military provocations, wantonly slaughtering the people at home as well as abroad. At the same time they are using such political deception as the Rogers “peace” plan in an attempt to create a “global Munich” and deprive the oppressed peoples and nations of the right to resist while guaranteeing the imperialists’ right to oppress.

But the world of today is not the world of 1939. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, personally guided and led by Chairman Mao, has thoroughly smashed the revisionists’ attempts to restore capitalism and has turned Socialist China into the powerful base area of world revolution and the strong guarantee that the oppressed people the world over will definitely win victory. The United Front of the Indo-Chinese People, based on the victorious armed struggles of the three Indo-Chinese peoples against U.S. imperialist aggression, has been forged with the guidance of Chairman Mao. The Palestinian and other Arab people have overcome every obstacle to advance their heroic struggle against U.S. imperialism, its lackey Israeli Zionism and. all their running dogs. The people of Asia, Africa and Latin America” have taken up the revolutionary road of armed struggle, and the people of Europe, North America and Oceania have risen in revolutionary storms time and time again in recent months and years. It is certainly true, as our great leader Chairman Mao stated on May 20, 1970, that “REVOLUTION IS THE MAIN TREND IN THE WORLD TODAY!”

Revolution is also the main trend in the United States today! Displaying great heroism, the American working class and people have also refused to lie down before the fascist aggressors, Nixon and Agnew. Instead, they have unleashed such varied and powerful struggles as has never been seen in the history of our beloved country before. Launching strike after strike, the American working class has resolutely opposed the attempts of the trade union hacks to repress their right to rebel and has dealt more and more powerful blows against the criminal rule of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class. The heroic Afro-American people have persisted in rising in massive armed struggle against violent repression. The Puerto Rican people, the Mexican-American people, the Native Indian people, the Hawaiian people and other oppressed nationalities have also risen. The revolutionary youth and students have waged militant struggles against the Imperialists’ unleashing of aggressive war and in defense of the right to disseminate Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought. The American women have risen in struggle for democratic rights. All these struggles are rapidly merging into a single revolutionary torrent which will inevitably overwhelm the fascist rule of Nixon-Agnew and the monopoly capitalist class.

On May 20, 1970, Chairman Mao issued the great call and political program of the final stage of world revolution: “PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, UNITE AND DEFEAT THE U.S. AGGRESSORS AND ALL THEIR RUNNING DOGS!” The concrete application of this call to conditions in the United States today is for the American working class and people to unite in revolutionary armed struggle in order to overthrow the fascist rule of monopoly capital, establish the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and bury the exploiters and oppressors of the world’s people here in the soil of America. They can prepare for this momentous task only by persisting in the large-scale dissemination of Mao Tsetung Thought, taking up the weapon of mass democratic struggle and “waging war of annihilation on the cultural front” against the fascist reactionary ideas of the decaying monopoly capitalists and their stooges. It is for this purpose that PEOPLE’S AMERICAN DAILY NEWS has been founded.

Chairman Mao writes: “CAREFULLY SEEK OUT THE ADVANCED EXPERIENCE OF THE MASSES IN A LOCALITY, SUM IT UP AND POPULARIZE IT.” This is the guideline for PEOPLE’S AMERICAN DAILY NEWS. If it follows this guideline and steadfastly stands for what is right against what is wrong, PEOPLE’S AMERICAN DAILY NEWS will definitely unite the people to hit at the enemy and will make a major contribution to the final defeat of the monopoly capitalist class.