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Cleveland Draft Resistance Union


Issued: n.d. [1968]
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He’s for de-escalation and eventual withdrawal from Vietnam. How many GI’s are going to be killed while the negotiations go on? How big are the wars in Thailand and Laos (where McCarthy approves of keeping thousands of U.S. combat troops) going to grow in the meantime?

McCarthy is against full-scale fighting in Vietnam because the military has failed there. He is willing to defend U.S. interest (business interests) somewhere else. A quote: “The U.S. must undertake to preserve Western civilization and the peoples who value it... and guard and protect our lifelines to vital materials and necessary supplies of oil, manganese, uranium, etc.. .preserve our national honor... “These were his words in 1951 to justify the Korean War. Since 1951 McCarthy voted for every escalation of the Korean War, for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and other high military appropriations.

He voted for the oil depletion allowances and applauded the Israeli attack on the Arab nations, both of which favor the gigantic Rockefeller oil combinations. He has taken no position on the black rebellions – a position which in fact condones the use of massive troops (draftees) and violence against black people.

McCarthy has also voted several times for drug manufacturers maintaining their exorbitant profits and prices. In 1962 he tried to kill a bill to close the loopholes on expense account deductions for congressmen. He also helped kill the investigation of corrupt, right-wing Senator Dodd when the inquiry got hot. Drew Pearson wrote in the N. Y. Post recently that McCarthy had been the front man in the Senate Finance Committee for the late Senator Kerr, a powerful representative of multi-billion dollar oil interests in Texas and Oklahoma.

McCarthy is out to protect the American Business Empire. He’ll draft you and send you anywhere in the world that big business needs troops (he hasn’t opposed any draft increases) – except now he wants to ease off a little in Vietnam. And he doesn’t want you demonstrating in the streets – “out of the streets and into the ballot box,” as he puts it – because he knows that if the struggle in the streets is effective enough he’ll have to bring all the troops home.


Join the real anti-war movement. Don’t be tricked by any of these “power elite” candidates! Say Hell No! to the draft, whether it’s used for Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, or the ghetto!

JOIN US in a demonstration at the Cleveland Induction Center, new Federal Bldg. E. 9th and Lakeside at 6:30 am Friday, April 26. The demonstration will be followed by leafletting of the general public in the downtown area, and a rally at noon at the Induction Center, where some draft cards will be turned in to the Justice Dept.

Cleveland Draft Resistance Union
#310, 10616 Euclid
Cleveland, Ohio. 721-1869

Youth Against War And Fascism
Box 2576
E. Cleveland Ohio 229-7554