Nary A No Among Our City’s Heads
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Nary A No Among Our City’s Heads

First Published: Berkeley Barb, July 15, 1966.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Schwimley little theater grew a new wing this Tuesday. Instead of the unconventional garb of the left, prevalent at the springtime Urban Renewal Agency hearings, the latest City Council meeting was bedecked, in bulk, by the close shaves and pressed suits of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and by the distinctive “Support Your Local Police” insignia.

This audience repeatedly jeered Robert Avakian, speaking for the Scheer Campaign, as he countered the police department denial of 31 cases of alleged police harassment. Mayor Wallace Johnson let his gavel lie.

The audience cheered the unanimous decision of the Council to accept the police report. Councilmen remarked that Avakian’s allegations rested on “fine legal points” and that there was “no evidence” of harassment.

Amid general allegations, Avakian had presented affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, charging the police with improper, harassing behavior.

Avakian indicated that the allegations may be pursued in the courts.

On the way to the Council meeting, BARB noticed several clean-cut lads giving the “hate-stare” to semi-hippy types. Clean-cut BARB sidled close to eavesdrop.

One undertoned to the others, “... go out without carrying any identification and beat the hell out of some of these...” BARB sidled away.

While the crowd awaited the arrival of tardy officials, Councilman John DeBonis publicly recommended reading last week’s BARB. He made not-quite-accurate reference to a front-page article. “With ’Whitey Way Out West in Berkeley.”

Grinning and waving the paper for audience viewing, DeBonis said, “Get it,” and “And it’s filthy!”

Beauty, a poet once said, is in the eye of the beholder.