Berkeleyans on Way to NCNP Convention
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Berkeleyans on Way to NCNP Convention

First Published: Berkeley Barb, August 25-31, 1967.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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A call for the United Nations to condemn the United States for genocide will be proposed by Bob Avakian at the New Politics Convention in Chicago next week.

Avakian will be one of the convention’s representatives from the Berkeley-Oakland Community for New Politics. Other local CNP delegates are Jan Austin, Mal Burnstein, David Kolodny, Robert Scheer, and Sandy Young.

On the eve of the convention, the CNP here was engaged in a dispute over democratic representation of Berkeley CNP at the convention, but details of the debate were not available at BARB press time.

Under National Convention rules, the Berkeley-Oakland delegation expects to have about 900 votes, under a “one man, one vote” principle, in which a “man” means an active worker.

The local figure is based on the Scheer Campaign roster.

In Chicago, the convention will consider a Martin Luther King-Benjamin Spock Presidential ticket. Heated debate is anticipated over the alternatives of supporting them as Independents or as candidates on the Democratic Party’s primary election slate.

King will be the keynote speaker at the NCNP convention.

The convention itself, expected to bring about 2,000 delegates to Palmer House hotel, runs from August 31 to September 4. A preconvention begins August 29, to draw up recommendations on credentials, agenda, policy, strategy, structure arid constitution.