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Communists Call Labor Conference

First Published: The Call, Vol. I, No. 3, December 1972.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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A conference on “Communist Work in the Factories” is scheduled to take place over Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference, sponsored by the October League will be attended by communists and workers from groups around the country who are doing work at the point of production.

Scheduled to address the conference is Odis Hyde, a veteran black activist in the labor movement; Don Williams, a leader of the Black Workers’ Congress; Sherman Miller, Chairman of the Mead Rank and File Workers’ Caucus and Lynn Wells, a member of the Central Committee of the October League.

Facing the upcoming labor battles within the major industries during the next year, the conference is seen as a first step in building a national unified approach to the struggle against renewed attacks on the living standards of the working class. In preparing for this year of labor struggle, those attending the conference will discuss the questions of building class unity and the fight against discrimination, the tactics of building rank and file caucuses and Solidarity Committees in the plant; bringing political consciousness to the economic struggle of the workers; agitation and propaganda techniques and other areas of importance.

Organizers from around the country will evaluate their work and try to develop a program and some literature with which to prepare for the upcoming auto strike. Shop papers from plants in different industries will be exchanged.

THE CALL will carry full reports of the Conference on Communist Work in the Factories in its next issue.