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RYM-2 meets

First Published: The Guardian, September 27, 1969.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Two hundred SDS activists from all areas of the country gathered here Sept. 12-14 for a national meeting of the RYM-2 caucus. RYM-2 stands for “Revolutionary Youth Movement-2,” title of a position paper presented at the SDS convention. This is the main faction within the organization opposing the “Weatherman” group currently in control of the SDS national office.

The major issue discussed at the meeting was the controversial October 8-11 SDS antiwar actions planned for Chicago. Original SDS plans called for a broad-based, mass and militant action centering on making the demand, “U.S. get out of Vietnam now,” a reality. A major objective was to take the anti-imperialist movement to the working people and to involve working-class groups, especially black and brown organizations, in the leadership of the action.

The RYM-2 meeting condemned the Weatherman-national office group for departing from this conception of the action and denounced the Weatherman plans and political line as “adventurist” and “attacks on the people.”

RYM-2 also made plans for separate actions in Chicago Oct. 8-11 “consistent with the original SDS resolution.”

The main theme of the RYM-2 demonstrations is, “Serve the people – get the U.S. out of Vietnam now.” Actions are being planned opposing the “blood tax” at the draft board, the “war tax” at the tax offices and the “mind tax” at the Board of Education. A major hospital action is being planned against the oppression of women.

On Oct. 11, RYM-2, Chicago Black Panthers, Young Lords and other groups plan a “mass, militant and disciplined march” through working-class areas of the city, while the Weatherman group plans to hold its action in the Loop area.