SDS readies for Chicago
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SDS readies for Chicago

First Published: Guardian, October 4, 1969.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The fall antiwar offensive rumbled into the month of October with three separate organizations, each calling for mass actions against the war in Vietnam–and each organization at odds with the other two.

In Chicago, deeply split Students for a Democratic Society will conduct two rival marches Oct. 11.

Meanwhile the moderate Vietnam Moratorium Committee announced over 550 campuses “so far” will be participating in a nationwide campus shutdown on Oct. 15 to protest the war. The moderates will have nothing to do with SDS.

The Weatherman SDS faction that runs the national office in Chicago has indicated there may be serious bloodshed during its four days of “street actions” against the war and in support of the Vietnamese Oct. 8-11. The group will march from Haymarket Sq. to Grant Park through the Loop Oct. 11.

In the Sept. 20 issue of New Left Notes, a page and a half is devoted to medical treatment of wounds–from broken skulls to gunshot wounds.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement-2 plans a “disciplined” march Oct. 11 through the black and brown communities of the Northside. The march is supported by the Chicago Black Panther party and the Young Lords organization. RYM-2 expects to “have a minimum of 5000 people from outside the city.”

Both SDS groups may stage joint demonstrations at some points during the Oct. 8-11 protests including a possible joint “turf battle” in the park against the police. In Chicago, RYM-2 will be located at the Church of the Holy Covenant, 925 Diversity Parkway (348-2246). Weatherman’s central office will be 701 West Armitage St. (642-3015).