The Workers' Advocate


Volume 10, Number 9


November 10, 1980

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of


The dictatorship of the proletariat means that:

Political Power Is in the Hands of the Working People

Non-stop development of socialism in Albania shows that


Free of imperialist 'aid' and domination:

Building socialism on the basis of self-reliance

The Party of Labor is the organizer of the victories of the Albanian people

The PLA - an uncompromising fighter against revisionism

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of


November 29, 1944. That was the day when the Albanian people won victory in their liberation war against the German and Italian fascists and set out on the road of socialism. Today, 36 years later, the Albanian working class and people continue to march forward with sure steps under the glorious red banner of socialism. In Albania, socialism is a living reality, a reality of tremendous significance for the working class and oppressed people all over the world.

For the broad working masses the capitalist world is becoming an ever more unbearable hell. In the U.S., while the monopoly capitalist rulers grow fatter and fatter, the workers are being ruined by economic crisis. There is no end in sight to the double-digit inflation and over eight million unemployed. Fascist police murders and terror are being unleashed against the black and other working people. The youth are being signed up for the draft in order to be shipped off to a war for the profits of the U.S. oil corporations and other imperialist sharks. The monopolies are now installing their fascist mouthpiece Reagan in order to put into effect the hated reactionary policies of Carter.

It is becoming increasingly clear to the working people that the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression holds in store a dangerous and bleak future. A real alternative is a burning necessity. And it is only socialism which can bring about a radical change and ensure a bright and hopeful future for the men and women of labor.

In the People's Socialist Republic of Albania Socialism Is a Reality

With obvious motives, the capitalists do everything in their power to obscure the prospect of socialism. The dark and fascist rule of the Soviet revisionist new tsars, who betrayed socialism long ago and restored capitalism and imperialism, is portrayed as the model of "socialism" and "communism." Revisionist China under the rule of the new Chinese warlords, or Castro's Cuba, which has long been a colony of Soviet social-imperialism, and other capitalist-revisionist countries are also supposedly "socialist." Doug Fraser of the UAW and other social-democrats even try to paint the decayed state monopoly capitalism of Britain and Sweden as so-called "socialism." But the rich will never tell the people the truth about the socialism which is being built in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, the only genuinely socialist country in the world today.

In Albania the working class and laboring people are the true masters of society. The capitalists and landlords have been deprived of their wealth and power and have been eliminated as classes. There are no rich or poor, no exploiters or exploited to be found in Albania. There is no economic crisis or unemployment, no inflation or taxes whatsoever on the people because socialist production is geared to the sole objective of raising the well-being of the working people instead of raising the profit margins of a handful of money-grubbers. The new socialist working men and women of Albania are successfully building a new and better life, a life free of the scourge of capitalist slavery.

Around the globe, with dreams of a new socialist world, the workers and oppressed masses are struggling against the capitalists and imperialists, the fascists and warmongers. The capitalists preach to the masses from the cradle to the grave that there is no alternative to their capitalist "paradise," that socialism may "sound good in books but will never work in practice." But the nonstop forward march of socialism in Albania is living proof that socialism is not simply a dream but is a concrete reality. Socialism is the fully attainable goal of the working class of all countries.

Socialism Is the Goal of the Independent Movement of the Working Class

The broad masses of the American people are seeking an alternative to the situation. They are disgusted by the capitalist politics of the Carters and Reagans. In numerous ways -- in the workers' strikes, in the revolts of the black people, in the protests against the draft and war preparations, in the Don't Vote! campaign against the capitalist elections circus, etc. -- it can be seen that the masses are seeking out in their own way a path independent of the rich and their lackeys.

The development of the revolutionary mass movements can not be separated from the class politics and the historical mission of the working class. This is because it is the proletarians who have no stake whatsoever in capitalist exploitation and who stand diametrically opposed as a class to all the exploiters and oppressors. Hence the working class is the standard-bearer of revolutionary change, of the most radical rupture with the existing order. In its position of wage slavery on the one hand, and the producer of the wealth of society on the other, the working class has been charged with a great historical mission: leading all the toiling masses in the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist parasites, putting an end to exploitation and oppression, and building the new society -- socialism.

Socialism is the goal of the independent movement of the working class. The magnificent perspective of the socialist society inspires the working masses and increases their fighting strength tenfold. This perspective of socialist revolution helps lift the popular struggle out of the capitalist framework enforced by the bourgeoisie, the lying capitalist politicians such as the Democratic Party hacks, the strike-breaking trade union bureaucrats and the soldout traitors to the black people. Consciousness of the socialist goal is a rallying point for welding all the streams of opposition among the working masses into a single irresistible force.

In this context, the example of the socialist reality in Albania serves to strengthen the conviction of the workers everywhere in their socialist goal. If the Albanian working class can overthrow the capitalist exploiters and live that much better without them, then so can we. If the working masses in Albania can take power and become the masters of society, then so can we. If the Albanian people can build socialism, then so can we.

Socialist Albania Has Always Marched on the Road of Revolution and Marxism-Leninism

So how is it to be explained that in the small country of Albania, surrounded and under attack by the vast ocean of capitalist and revisionist states, the working class and people have broken through the world imperialist front and are successfully building socialism? It is because the Albanian people have stuck to the revolutionary road, the road of Marxism-Leninism.

All the victories of the Albanian working class have been achieved through revolutionary struggle. Thirty-six years ago the Albanian people won liberation from the Nazi-fascist yoke through their own efforts in their glorious National Liberation War. Without stopping, they carried the revolution through to the overthrow of the capitalists and landlords and the construction of socialism. Over the last 36 years they have completely transformed their once backward country into an advanced socialist society. This has been accomplished through the heroic efforts of the workers and co-operativist farmers to build socialism, to defend their homeland and to strengthen the people's power. All the efforts of the internal enemies along with the U.S. and other imperialists, as well as the Soviet, Chinese and Yugoslav revisionists to subvert socialism in Albania have been smashed to smithereens by the merciless class struggle of the courageous Albanian people.

The Albanian people have advanced from victory to victory because they have had the staunch and tested leadership of the Marxist-Leninist party of the working class, the Party of Labor of Albania. The Party of Labor, with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head, was built in the flames of the liberation war, and from its birth has guided the Albanian people on a consistently revolutionary path. It is the PLA, the Marxist-Leninist vanguard, which has made the Albanian working class and people conscious and which has united and organized their ranks for the accomplishment of every task.

Socialism has triumphed in Albania because the PLA and the Albanian people have adhered to the theory of Marxism-Leninism. To advance, the masses must become conscious of the true state of affairs in their country and the world. They must know the aims of their struggle and the best means of winning victory. Marxism - Leninism is such a compass, the revolutionary ideology of the working class. The PLA has always worked to arm the masses with the science of Marxism-Leninism and has fought without letup against all of the attempts of revisionism to distort the Marxist principles and rob them of their revolutionary content.

The Albanian people have marched firmly along the road indicated by Marxism-Leninism and the experience of the October Revolution and socialism in the Soviet Union in the days of Lenin and Stalin. On this same road there is no doubt that the working class in all countries will triumph in their struggle for socialism.

Celebrate the 36th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania!

This month, when the Albanian people celebrate 36 years of their socialist march, class conscious workers and progressive people all over the world will be celebrating with them. This occasion should be utilized to spread the word among the workers and the broad masses about the socialist reality which the Albanian working class and people have created. In socialist Albania the workers and the oppressed masses of all countries have a staunch friend. As well they have an example and an inspiration which assists the workers to become conscious of their historic mission, helping them to form the burning conviction to fight for the socialist future.

Red salute to the Albanian people!

Glory to socialism!


[Photo: May Day action in New York City, 1980: Socialist Albania inspires the workers of the whole world. Photo shows the enthusiasm of the masses for socialist Albania in a demonstration organized by the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA.]


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The dictatorship of the proletariat means that:

Political Power Is in the Hands of the Working People

The political power in Albania resides in the hands of the working men and women, the true masters of their socialist society. This reality explodes the myth created by all the apologists of the exploiting systems through the ages according to which the oppressed majority has been "condemned by fate" to be ruled until eternity by the exploiting minority. In Albania, through the National Liberation War and the people's revolution which triumphed 36 years ago, the political power of the foreign invaders and traitorous capitalists and landlords was smashed forever. The people's power, a form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, was set up in its place.

The socialist state, the proletarian dictatorship, is the only kind of state which can ensure the broadest democracy for the true majority, the working people. So then why is it called a dictatorship? This is because the dictatorship of the proletariat is the unrestricted power of the working class, based on force, against the overthrown capitalists and landlords and, with the elimination of the exploiting classes, against the remnants of the exploiters and all the internal and external class enemies.

The capitalists try to frighten the people by raving against the socialist state as "tyranny," "dictatorship," etc. They shout about "democracy" only to hide the truth about the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The capitalist state means democracy only for the rich ruling class, while it is a machine of violence for the brutal suppression of the working class and oppressed masses. Any important class conflict which threatens their interests and profits, the capitalists inevitably resolve by force. The workers' strikes and demonstrations are suppressed by the enormous police forces which are constantly being strengthened against the revolt of the masses. Unlike the free elections under socialism, the elections that are held under U.S. capitalist "democracy" are a circus which is staged every four years to choose which lying capitalist politician of either the Democratic or Republican Party of the monopolies is going to suppress the people. Such "democracy" is a system of unrestrained corruption through which the government is "freely" bought and sold by the richest billionaires. Today, under the cloak of "democracy" monopoly capital is increasing its despotism against the working masses, organizing fascist gangs, and carrying out feverish war preparations for the slaughter of the people.

In a society divided into exploiters and exploited, the bourgeois class and the proletarian class, the state cannot be anything other than the dictatorship of one of the two antagonistic classes. The capitalists do everything in their power to cover up this reality, whereas the working class has no such hypocrisy. It openly declares that it is for proletarian dictatorship which ensures a democracy which is a thousand times superior to the bourgeois "democracy" flaunted by the Carters and Reagans because it is democracy for the toiling majority.

So how does proletarian state power function as it exists in Albania?

The dictatorship of the proletariat, led by the working class, is based on the firm foundation of the worker-peasant alliance which means that it is the power of the vast majority of the Albanian people. The communist party of the working class, the Party of Labor of Albania, plays a leading role in the state and society. Without its Marxist-Leninist party, its general staff, the working class would never be able to come to power, let alone consolidate its rule. But the vanguard does not rule alone. As Lenin explained: " Socialism cannot be implemented by a minority,by the Party. It can be implemented only by tens of millions when they have learned to do it themselves." (Collected Works, Vol. 27, p. 135) In other words, if the people do not actively, consciously and in an organized way participate in all the affairs of the new society, then socialism would be impossible.

In this regard, the mass social organizations, which incorporate the entire Albanian people in their ranks, play a crucial role. The Democratic Front (the broad political front of the people), the trade unions, the Labor Youth Union and the Women's Union serve to unite, organize, educate and mobilize the masses for the line of the Party and the building of socialism. The mass organizations link the Party to the broad masses; of people and play a crucial role in the system of people's power.

In Albania the working people are the true masters of the affairs of state. The state organs rely on the masses who directly participate in the administration of government. The laws, the economic plans and other important policies of the government are only decided upon after broad discussions and debates are held among the workers, cooperativist farmers and people's intelligentsia. The representative bodies elected by the people, the People's Assembly and the People's Councils, direct and control all other state organs. The forerunners of these organs of state power were the National Liberation Councils, the grassroots organizations which mobilized the Albanian people in the towns and villages for the National Liberation War against the fascist invaders. And today these organs of people's power remain close to the people, putting their words into deeds.

Every governmental or managerial body is subject to direct control and supervision by the masses. This control is exercised through the mass organizations and other means, as well as through workers' and peasants' control groups. This is an important guarantee against bureaucracy. Such measures ensure that the various bodies and officials do not become new overlords but remain loyal to the working class and people.

Another important measure to prevent the emergence of a privileged stratum opposed to the people's interests, a danger which would provide a social base for the revisionist restoration of capitalism, is the reduction in wage differentials. The ratio between the pay of the highest paid functionaries and the workers' wages is no greater than two to one -- according to law. All the government officials and managers are also required to spend at least one month out of the year working in the factories and fields, shoulder to shoulder with the working people. This too is a measure to keep the officials and the leadership close to the people; to make sure that they remember who gave them their responsibilities; to make sure that they always serve the interests of the working class and socialism.

Such are a few facts about the workings of the people's power in Albania. This reality demonstrates that the dictatorship of the proletariat provides a broad and genuine democracy for the working people completely unheard of and unthinkable in any capitalist or revisionist country. The people's power in Albania proves that the working class and toilers are fully capable of holding power, that it has not been ordained by fate that a handful of money-grubbers should rule over the working people. On the road of strengthening the dictatorship of the proletariat, and led by the PLA, the working class and people of Albania are invincible.

[Photo: Drawing depicts factory workers discussing the Draft Constitution of socialist Albania in 1976. This was part of a great popular discussion involving virtually the entire adult population. During this, an ordinary peasant said, "To the poor, the word 'law' once had a terrible sound. It meant a threat of starvation, a threat of imprisonment, a threat of death. Today the people make the laws themselves and they do so for their own good."]

[Photo: In the U.S., the armed forces are for the suppression of the people. But in Albania, along with the army the entire people are armed to defend the socialist homeland from the attacks of imperialism and reaction. They build socialism with 'the pick in one hand, the rifle in the other.']

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Non-stop development of socialism in Albania shows that


The Albanian working class and people are building a free, prosperous and happy life without the capitalist exploiters and other rich parasites. At the time of liberation they resolutely expropriated the property of the capitalist owners and landlords. In stepwise fashion all the exploiting classes were deprived of their wealth and power and were eventually eliminated as classes. Not only were the hated bourgeois and feudal rulers overthrown, but without the exploiters and against them the Albanian working people built a new, far superior society on the ashes of the old one. The property of the former exploiters was turned into socialist property. And based on their own efforts the Albanian working class, cooperativist peasantry and people's intelligentsia have completely transformed their once poor and backward country into an advanced socialist society, with a modern industry, a strong self-sufficient agricultural base, a flourishing and progressive culture, and genuine democracy for the working people.

The David Rockefellers and the Henry Fords and the soldout trade union hacks never tire of trying to convince the workers that the people cannot live without the capitalists and their system of wage slavery. They say there will be no jobs unless the workers "sacrifice" to help the billionaires to "reindustrialize." They say no oil wells will be drilled unless the monopolists are given sky-high prices for their oil. They claim there can be no economic development whatsoever except through the loans and high interest payments to the gluttonous bankers. But socialist Albania proves that the workers don't need the capitalist bloodsuckers and can build a much better life without them. The contrast between the crisis-ridden capitalist system in the U.S. which is rotting alive and the brilliant reality of socialist society in Albania is incontestable evidence of this fact.

The U.S. is one of the richest and most powerful imperialist states. But here the capitalists own the mines, mills and factories and there is no production except to increase the capitalists' profits. As a result the U.S. economy is plagued with chronic stagnation, anarchy in production is the general rule, and every few years another devastating economic crisis ruins millions upon millions of working people.

In Albania on the other hand, it is not the rich but the working people who own all the means of production. Socialist property is comprised of state property, belonging to the whole people, and the collectively owned property of the cooperative farms. (Of course the personal property of the citizens is also recognized and protected by the state.) Through this socialist ownership all production is developed on the basis of a unified general economic plan.

Since liberation Albania has known no economic crises but instead there has been a constant planned economic growth. For example, in the 17 years from 1961 to 1977 the average annual rate of growth of total industrial production has been 9% in Albania. This is the highest rate of growth in all of Europe and is twice as great as the average industrial growth in the U.S. during the same period.

This is because in Albania production is not carried out to ensure maximum capitalist profits, but to secure the maximum satisfaction of the constantly rising material and cultural requirements of society. The socialist economy in Albania has put an end to unemployment. Prices are completely stable, have been lowered in many cases and never rise. Whereas in the U.S. often a third of the workers' wages may go to their landlords, housing rent in Albania on the average is only 1.5% to 3% of a family's monthly expenditures. And even this amount is used to ensure the upkeep of the homes. In the U.S. the tax burden on the people grows ever more unbearable while the hospitals are shut down and school expenditures and other needs of the people are cut back. But Albania is the only country in the world to abolish all taxes on the people. And, at the same time, socialist Albania provides free health care in modern medical facilities to all people, and likewise, a scientific and progressive education is free and available to all.

Albania has also developed a thriving socialist culture. The "height" of U.S. culture is pornography and punk rock, and anti-working class, racist and fascist ideas are promoted everywhere to enslave the people. But the flourishing culture of Albania is scientific, progressive and a true socialist culture of the people. In a country where before liberation the majority of the people were illiterate, today the majority of Albania's painters, poets, musicians and so forth are to be found in the ranks of the workers and peasants.

Another measure of the triumphant forward march of socialist Albania is the advancement of the position of women. In bourgeois-feudal Albania the oppressive treatment of women was particularly severe, like in all countries where the exploiters rule. Women were treated like so much property to be bought and sold. But today the Albanian women have equal rights, participate in all spheres of socialist life, and through the revolution women are realizing their rightful stature as fully equal comrades with the men in building the new society.

It should be evident from this brief comparison that the Albanian working class and people have built a far superior society. This is the power of socialism. By taking the path of revolutionary struggle, by sacrificing not to help the capitalist moneybags but to overthrow them, by replacing the man-eating capitalist system with socialism, the working class and oppressed people all over the world will achieve the same brilliant successes and happy life as the Albanian working people.

[Photo: Socialism releases the tremendous initiative of the masses. Photo shows a voluntary mass action of the youth building a railway. The history of mass actions of the Albanian youth is a history of heroism and courage. During the liberation war, the youth struck terror in the enemy through demonstrations, leafletting and postering, and the armed struggle. Today the youth launch mass actions to construct socialism.]

[Photo: May Day in Tirana, 1978: The Albanian people joyfully celebrate the victories of socialist construction and declare their solidarity with the international working class. During this jubilant parade, they declared, 'Opportunists and renegades come and go, but the proletarian ideology of Marxism-Leninism remains an invincible force.']

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Free of imperialist 'aid' and domination:

Building socialism on the basis of self-reliance

The Albanian people are building socialism on the basis of their own self- reliant efforts. They will not accept any of the enslaving "aid" and "credits" from the capitalist states and have even written this measure into their Constitution. They have no foreign military bases or troops on their soil. And they have fought fearlessly against every attempt of the imperialists and social-imperialists to penetrate the country and enslave the people.

In mid-1978 the Chinese revisionists attempted to blackmail Albania and make it a pawn of their exploiting ambitions. The Chinese social-imperialists withdrew the meager assistance they had given the Albanian people and tried to sabotage the building of modern steel mills and other economic projects. In this they were following in the footsteps of the Soviet revisionists who tried to blackmail the Albanian people in the same way two decades before. But the Albanian working class and people' would not surrender their independence. They united even closer and as one man worked and fought to overcome the Chinese revisionist sabotage on the basis of their own resources. This year, for the second year in a row, the Albanian people have advanced the construction of socialism without any aid whatsoever from any other country. And they are now drawing up their seventh five- year economic plan, the greatest ever in the history of the construction of socialism in Albania.

Leninism teaches that it is the internal strengths of the working class and people which are decisive, not the external factors. Upholding this Leninist principle, Albania relies principally on its own internal forces while, at the same time, it enjoys the support of the international proletariat and the revolutionary forces everywhere.

Socialist Albania has proved to the whole world that the people of even a small country such as Albania can live, breathe and prosper without selling their independence and freedom to the U.S. imperialists, the Soviet or Chinese social-imperialists or any other big power. The working class and people can guarantee their complete emancipation only through their own revolutionary efforts.

[Photo: Once the poorest country in Europe, Albania today has a modern industry. Photo shows the 'Dynamo' plant in Tirana which produces factories. The ability to do this is a vital component of building a self-reliant socialist country, free from dependence on the imperialists.]

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The Party of Labor is the organizer of the victories of the Albanian people

On November 8, 1941, the Party of Labor of Albania (then called the Communist Party of Albania) was founded. This was the decisive weapon in the hands of the Albanian working class in its struggle to free their homeland and build a new life free from exploiters.

In 1941 the Albanian working class was small in numbers, scattered and unformed as an industrial proletariat. At its founding, the Party itself was very small, composed of some 200 members. Nevertheless, this Party grew, won the authority of the masses and led the people to victory. Only a Leninist party of the new type could perform such an incredible feat.

The PLA is a party of the working class. The working class is the only consistently revolutionary class. The PLA has always relied on this class and been loyal to its interests and aspirations.

The PLA is a party of Marxism-Leninism. It knew that revolution cannot be made by hit-or-miss methods but needs the guidance of science. Thus it based itself on Marxism-Leninism, the theory that guides the working class in its struggle for emancipation.

Oriented by Marxism-Leninism and true to the interests of the working class, the PLA has always had a clear and revolutionary line. At the same time, for a revolutionary party, its words and deeds must match and its line must become the line of the masses. Its fight must be backed up by the revolutionary action of the masses. Indeed the PLA is just such a party.

Such a party is only built in the flames of struggle. Right from the start, the PLA hurled itself boldly into the antifascist struggle. It has remained in the forefront of the great mass actions to build socialism.

Such a party carries out its struggle through the closest links with the working masses. The revolution is not just the doing of the party but of the masses. As the PLA says, "Socialism is built by the masses, the Party makes them conscious." The PLA has tirelessly worked to make the masses politically conscious and imbued them with Marxism-Leninism. It has organized the entire people in the mass organizations. In this way the toiling masses have become an invincible army, capable of the most magnificent achievements.

In all countries, the working class needs its party.

The work and struggle of the PLA teaches important lessons for the socialist revolution in the U.S.

Red salute to the glorious PLA on its 39th anniversary!

[Photo: Comrade Enver Hoxha, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PLA, among the Albanian masses. The great strength of the Party lies in its loyalty to Marxism-Leninism and its unbreakable links with the people.]

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The PLA - an uncompromising fighter against revisionism

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the historic struggle at the Moscow Meeting of 81 Communist and Workers' Parties in November 1960. This struggle was the beginning of the open exposure of modern Soviet revisionism in front of the whole international communist movement. At this meeting, the Party of Labor of Albania exposed the Khrushchovite fiends and set forth a clarion call to struggle against modern revisionism. There were those who scoffed that the Albanians were allegedly "hotblooded," "dogmatic" or "extreme." But time has repeatedly proven that only the unflinching stand of the PLA upheld the interests of the revolution and of Marxism-Leninism.

Today, just as 20 years ago, revisionism, right opportunism, remains the main danger in the international communist movement. Victory in the revolution and the successful building of socialism require absolute loyalty to the scientific ideology of Marxism-Leninism, to the glorious teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. For this reason, the capitalists have always raged against Marxism-Leninism in order to subvert and disorient the proletariat. In World War II, the capitalists set the Nazi hordes against Marxism. But unable to crush the world communist movement, the capitalists have sought to take the fortress from within by promoting revisionism. The revisionists dress up capitalist ideology in communist colors. They preach class collaboration, renunciation of revolution and clamor that Marxism-Leninism is allegedly "outdated," "ultra-left" and "dogmatic."

This struggle between Marxism-Leninism and opportunism is proceeding all over the world. The closer the revolution approaches, the deeper the revolution goes, the more thoroughgoing and revolutionary the actions of the masses, the sharper this struggle flares up. Lenin teaches: "the fight against imperialism is a sham and humbug unless it is inseparably bound up with the fight against opportunism."

The PLA has never relented in its struggle against opportunism. Indeed, over the last few years, the PLA has written another brilliant chapter in the struggle against revisionism. At the Seventh Congress of the PLA in 1976 and afterwards, the PLA exposed the anti-Marxist theories of the Chinese revisionists. Powerful works such as Comrade Hoxha's Imperialism and the Revolution and Reflections on China ripped to shreds the unwarranted myths surrounding Mao Zedong. They showed that Mao Zedong Thought was revisionist and anti-Marxist-Leninist and exposed how the Chinese leadership had sabotaged the struggle against Soviet revisionism.

Recently Comrade Hoxha's new book The Khrushchevites has been published. It gives Comrade Hoxha's penetrating observations on how the Khrushchovites arose, their dirty methods and their utter degenerate nature. This work is a powerful call to continue the struggle against modern Soviet revisionism through to the end.

The PLA has always kept the struggle against revisionism in the center of its attention. This courageous stand of the PLA against modern revisionism in all its forms -- including Titoite, Soviet, Chinese and Eurocommunist revisionism -- is a model of the uncompromising struggle that all proletarian parties must wage. This struggle is a powerful factor for the strengthening of the forces of Marxism-Leninism on a worldwide scale. The triumph of Marxism-Leninism is inevitable!

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