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The proletariat is the greatest class in the history of mankind. It is the most powerful revolutionary class ideologically, politically and in strength. It can and must unite the overwhelming majority of people around

itself so as to isolate the handful of enemies to the maximum and attack them. -Mao Tsetung

Vol. 2, No. 5

Newspaper of the American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) PO 5221, Cleveland, Ohio Tel. 861-6949


Chairman Mao's Latest Statement

Truck Drivers Lead Mighty Strike Wave


Hearty Congratulations to the Great Leader Chairman Mao' the Communist Party of China, and the Chinese People on the Occasion of the Launching of China's First Man-Made Earth Satellite!!

Worker and Student Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Teams Go Forth Boldly

Afro-Americans Rise Up in Augusta

Masses Support Anti-Fascist March

Workers and Students Expose Fascist Propaganda

Albania, Beacon of Socialism In Europe

Revolutionary Canadians Attack US Imperialism

The Internationale



The U.S. monopoly capitalist ruling class took another seven-league step toward a fascist police' state when their Ohio National Guard brutally slaughtered four Kent State University students and wounded 10 others May 4. These students were attacked because they stood up militantly against Nixon's blatant imperialist aggression in Cambodia and against fascist persecution of political groups such as the Black Panther Party at home.

As if to boast to the world that the Kent massacre was no accident, six Black working people in Georgia and two Black students in Mississippi were also slaughtered by military and police forces while taking part in protests in the following weeks. Such fascist repression has long been practiced against Black people and other oppressed peoples in the United States and is now being extended to the whole American people. Nixon's use of federal troops against the striking postal workers and the attempted repression of the truck drivers' strike by the Ohio National Guard are simply further examples of the trend which is fast becoming dominant in the U.S.: violent denial of the people's fundamental democratic right to speak, organize and rebel against reactionaries. This trend is the shifting of the U.S. big bourgeoisie toward open fascist dictatorship as it finds itself unable to govern an increasingly revolutionary people by the former partially democratic means.

The basic cause of this deep crisis is internal to the United States. It is the inability of the big bourgeoisie to extort enough profits from the American working class to satisfy its greed, and the vigorous growth of a revolutionary mass movement among all sections of the oppressed people which is shaking the very foundations of imperialist rule. The secondary cause of this crisis is external. It is the unprecedented rise of anti-imperialist and socialist revolution in the world today, which has seriously shaken the dominant position (and the super-profits) held by the U.S. monopoly capitalists until recently. As Chairman Mao says in his most recent statement, "revolution is the main trend in the world today." Counter-revolution, led by the U.S. reactionaries, is only a counter-current and is heading for total collapse.

This fascist super-reaction to the struggles of the masses only reflects the inner weakness of the monopoly capitalists. Chairman Mao also said in his recent statement: "United States imperialism, which looks like a huge monster, is in essence a paper tiger, now in the throes of its deathbed struggle. In the world today, who actually fears whom? It is not the Vietnamese people, the Laotian people, the Cambodian people, the Palestinian people, the Arab people or the people of other countries who fear United States imperialism; it is United States imperialism that fears the people of the world. It becomes panic-stricken at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind."

The American working class and people have nothing to mourn about in this loss of strength, despite the propaganda of the reactionaries, for it only represents the decline of our enemies and the rise of our friends. Our prospects for hanging these arch-criminal parasites have never been brighter! "They are like a terrified rat running across the street-while crowds of people yell "Beat it! Throw a stone at it!"

The working class describes the world only in order to change it. The task facing the American working class; oppressed national minorities, progressive sections of the petty bourgeoisie (middle class) and all democratic and anti-fascist people is net to sit around and discuss What is fascism but instead to decide how to move the struggle against fascism to a higher level and actively COMBAT THIS GROWING FASCISM!

The big bourgeoisie is using "any fascist means necessary" to repress the working class and people. These include:

1) Direct violent repression of the revolutionary initiative of the masses, including not only police and military attacks but also the organization of armed fascist gangs, the increase of police and FBI surveillance and the anti-democratic atmosphere which results by that-if one speaks out he will be labelled, fired or attacked.

2) Indirect repression of the revolutionary initiative of the masses by constant propaganda laying the basis in public opinion for fascist dictatorship. The constant theme of this propaganda is that the working and oppressed people themselves are to blame for their misery and that they should turn against each other and leave the criminal rule of the imperialists untouched.

Indirect repression of the people gives rise to communist propaganda teams which prepare public opinion for the elimination of monopoly capitalism by applying Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought to the concrete conditions of the United States in order to sum up the people's struggles and give guidelines to raise the movement to a higher level. Mao Tsetung Thought is the ideology of the working class and it opposes all the decaying, self-seeking ideology of the bourgeoisie.

Direct repression of the people gives rise to armed revolutionary committees which will eliminate the armed fascist units. The very essence of fascism is the violent denial of the people's democratic right to organize and the people will it take up arms in revolutionary struggle for the right to organize. IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH THE RIGHT TO ORGANIZE THE WORKING AND OPPRESSED PEOPLE WILL BE FORCED TO CARRY OUT THE ARMED OVERTHROW OF,THE MONOPOLY CAPITALIST CLASS AND ITS STATE MACHINERY. THUS THE ANTI-EASCIST STRUGGLE IS A REVDLUTIONARY STRUGGLE AND FASCISM CANNOT BE DEFEATED EXCEPT BY REVOLUTIQN.

Thus the communists will develop the revolutionary initiative of the masses to remove once and for all the source of their oppression.

The American Communist workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) calls on all progressive and anti-fascist people to join the united front to overthrow fascism and to carry-out the following four guidelines:

1) Do widespread propaganda for Mao Tsetung Thought, the right to rebel against reactionaries

and for proletarian armed revolution.

This ideological work is like tilling the soil for revolution. It is laying the basis for a new Marxist-Leninist communist party, devoted to Mao Tsetung Thought, which will organize and lead the revolutionary movement. The organization of the party, which has already begun, is like planting the seeds for revolution.

2) Develop mass democratic, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist struggles under the slogans: No investigation, no right to speak! No sophistry! No rhetoric!

The agents of the bourgeoisie in the people's ranks want to stop development of ideas and of the revolutionary initiative of the masses by turning everything into a matter of discussion, of 'defining' the world and 'convincing' the masses to make revolution. These detached individuals are against the proletarian method of work which demands SEEK TRUTH FROM FACTS To SERVE PEOPLE. They want to create expert roles for themselves on the backs of the people and can only be exposed in the fire of mass democratic discussion and struggle. In many places, the dividing line between a revolutionary and a counter-revolutionary is whether or not you believe that reality is a matter of definition.

The working class knows that reality is not a 'matter' of definition and will oppose anyone who tries to subvert the struggle.

3) Actively combat trotskyism, revisionism or any other form of opportunism.

The recent upsurge in mass Struggle has also seen an upsurge in opportunist misleadership in the people's ranks, all geared to preventing the development of revolutionary ideas and initiative and to turning the struggles down harmless reformist paths. In the name of winning something 'tangible' these slimy snakes actively oppose ideological struggle over how best to make revolution and put forward all the bogus bourgeois theories that the masses are ignorant, greedy, racist-and anti-communist. These servants are the imperialists' best friends. There can be no unity with them; they must be reoted out and annihilated politically before the working class can seize leadership of its own struggle.

4) Hold meetings to sum up experience in the course of actual struggle and develop guidelines to move forward.

The goal of the reactionaries of every stripe is to destroy the right of the working class and people to organize under the banner of Mao Tsetung Thought, the only revolutionary ideology. It is all right with them if the masses organize under any other banner for this assures that the masses will not make revolution. However, the masses are everywhere organizing under the banner of Mao Tsetung Thought and will vigorously defend their right to do so openly and to develop revolutionary ideas through mass democratic discussion. To abandon the struggle for the right to organize openly under the red flag is to give up this right to the fascists who will definitely organize under the swastika. On the other hand, to fail to take precautions and develop secret work too would also be a mistake.

To sum up, successful struggle against fascism means to PUT MAO TSETUNG THOUGHT IN COMMAND OF EVERYTHING and to DEVELOP THE REVOLUTIONARY INITIATIVE OF THE MASSES. It means, as Chairman Mao writes, "we must have faith in the masses and we must have faith in the party."

Without these, we cannot have the spirit of daring to struggle, daring to win. With these principles in command we can definitely overcome every obstacle and can organize the broad masses for the successful overthrow of U.S. monopoly capital and its coming fascist state.





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Chairman Mao's Latest Statement


A new upsurge in the struggle against United States imperialism is now emerging throughout the world. Ever since World War II, United States imperialism and its followers have been continuously launching wars of aggression and the people in various countries have been continuously waging revolutionary wars to defeat the aggressors. The danger of a new world war still exists, and the people of all countries must get prepared. But revolution is the main trend in the world today.

Unable to win in Vietnam and Laos, the United States aggressors treacherously engineered, the reactionary coup d'etat by the Lon Nol-Sirik Matak clique, brazenly dispatched their troops to invade Cambodia and resumed the bombing of North Vietnam, and this has aroused the furious resistance of the three Indochinese peoples.

I warmly support the fighting spirit of Samdech Norodom Shihanouk, Chief of State of Cambodia, in opposing United States imperialism and its lackeys. I warmly support the joint declaration of the summit conference of the Indochinese peoples. I warmly support the establishment of the Royal Government of National Union under the leadership of the National United Front of Kampuchea.

Strengthening their unity, supporting each other and persevering in a protracted peoples war, the three Indochinese peoples will certainly overcome all difficulties and win complete victory.

While massacring the people in other countries, United States imperialism is slaughtering the white and black people in its own country. Nixon's fascist atrocities have kindled the raging flames of the revolutionary mass movement in the United States. The Chinese people firmly support the revolutionary struggle of the American people. I am convinced that the American people who are fighting valiantly will ultimately win victory and that the fascist rule in the United States will inevitably be defeated.

The Nixon Government is beset with troubles internally and externally, with utter chaos at home and extreme isolation abroad. The mass movement. of protest against United States aggression in Cambodia has "swept the globe."

Less than 10 days after its establishment, the Royal Government of National Union of Cambodia was recognized by nearly 20 countries. The situation is getting better and better in the war of resistance against United States aggression and for national salvation waged by the people of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The revolutionary armed struggles of the people of Korea, Japan and other Asian countries against the revival of Japanese militarism by the United States and Japanese reactionaries, the struggles of the Palestinian and other Arab peoples against the United States-Israeli. aggressors, the national liberation struggles of the Asian, African and Latin-American peoples, and the revolutionary struggles of the peoples of North America, Europe and Oceania are all developing vigorously.

The Chinese people firmly support the people of the three Indochinese countries and of other countries of the world in their revolutionary struggles against United States imperialism and its lackeys.

United States imperialism, which looks like a huge monster, is in essence a paper tiger, now in the throes of its deathbed struggle. In the world of today, who actually fears whom? It is not the Vietnamese people, the Laotian people, the Cambodian people, the Palestinian people, the Arab people or the people of other countries who fear United States imperialism; it is United States imperialism that fears the people of the world. It becomes panic-stricken at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind. Innumerable facts prove that a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust cause finds little support.

A weak nation can defeat a strong, a small nation can defeat a big nation. The people of a small country can certainly defeat aggression by a big country, if only they dare to rise in struggle, take up arms and grasp in their own hands the destiny of their country. This is a law of history.

People of the world, unite and defeat the United States aggressors and all their running dogs!


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Truck Drivers Lead Mighty Strike Wave

The American working class has struck back against the growing mountain of oppression placed on them by the monopoly capitalists. They have opened up the great 1970's with a militant strike wave which is an inevitable result of the growing economic crisis of U.S. imperialism. They have fought tit-for-tat against the fascist propaganda and open repression imposed by the capitalist government.

The strike wave gives all oppressed people three valuable lessons:

(1) that the U.S. ruling class is preparing the way for a Hitlerite police state to repress the American people who are rising against the burdens imposed on them.

(2) that the working class is bound and determined to fight for proletarian leadership of their struggle by overthrowing the scab union bosses who rule over them.

(3) that Mao Tsetung Thought is gaining currency among the masses as it is applied and disseminated more widely.

The great American working people have reacted to years of growing hardships dumped on them by the parasite rulers. As Lenin once said: "When industry prospers, the factory owners make big profits but do not think of sharing them with the workers; but when a crisis breaks out, the factory owners try to push the losses on to the workers."

With workers receiving less and less of what they produce, and the monopoly capitalists barbarously driving for more profits, the periodic over-production crisis, or recession, results. Prices are soaring nonstop. Numerous taxes used to keep the leaky capitalist government afloat have deeply cut into workers' wages. Since Nixon assumed power, over one million more people are jobless, in line with Wall Street's plans of curbing inflation through unemployment.

The working class has risen in struggle against this oppression. The big strike of 130,000 General Electric workers crippled this monopoly for ii months, proving GE to be a true paper tiger. The strikes of railroaders, after 19 months of working without a contract, met head-on with the threat of mass arrests from government injunctions. The heroic postal strikers smashed all intimidation and years of tradition to blaze a defiant path in their strike against the government. The air controllers faced intimidation from the federal government, loss of careers, and fines by a federal court judge for carrying out a militant struggle. Finally, truck drivers all over the nation rose up against their employers and the scab bosses of the Teamsters union, demanding a decent living wage, defying police and national guard, and fought courageously on their own efforts for over a month.

With every advance of the American people's struggle against oppression, the ruling class reacts with fascist measures, trying to destroy strikes, for example, by pronouncing a state of emergency, inciting the people against the strikers, and then sending in troops, as in the postal and teamsters strikes, in an attempt to break the back of the movement. However, fearing no sacrifice, worker's have denounced the government and the union puppets' promises of "first going back to work, then negotiating." In some places striking workers hung and burned effigies of the scab union bosses.


Lenin said that "every strike brings thoughts of socialism very forcibly to the worker's mind, thoughts cf the struggle of the entire working class for emancipation from the oppression of capital." Early in the Teamsters' strike for higher wages, the American~Communist"workers Movement, in a leaflet widely distributed in Cleveland, supported,the rank-and-file run strike and stated that the working class needs revolution to seize power from the capitalist class to solve their problems. Applying Mao Tsetung Thought, the leaflet showed how "the peop1e and the people alone are the motive force in the making of world history." The leaflet summed up the workers' experience by putting, forward two lessons of the strike:

(1) that the workers can and will fight successfully for their rights by taking matters into their own hands and overthrowing the scab union bosses.

(2) that the mass democratic meetings and the strike actions, where the workers ruled, gave a taste of the sense of emancipation the working class can achieve, when it seizes state power from the monopoly capitalists.

As these ideas gained support among the workers, the union scabs, headed by Teamster boss Presser, wildly painted the strikers as dupes of communists, expecting to confuse and divide-the workers and defeat the strike. The truck drivers responded instead by attacking the hated scab Presser, continuing to boo his name and not letting his agents in the local unions speak at their meetings.


This proved the correctness of Chairman Mao when he said that "it is good if we are attacked by the enemy since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between ourselves and the enemy." The workers understood that this anti-communist attack was carried out by a flunkey cf the companies and the government, their worst enemy. They defeated this attempt to divide their ranks by addressing each other jokingly as "fellow communists" and by discussing the revolutionary ideas put forth in the leaflet.

It is plain to all working and oppressed people in America that their worst enemy is the U.S. government. When the capitalists and union hacks failed to hold back the drivers from winning their demands for a decent wage increase, they turned to injunctions, police, outright scabs, their own propaganda machine (called the news media), and eventually federal troops to try to break the strike. The fascist police and troops clubbed, gassed, and arrested the fighting drivers, denying them the right to organize while allowing the companies the full right to organize to suppress the workers.

Filled with hatred at these fascist tactics, the workers stood up to the police and troops, and opened up a virtual civil war as they continued to stop the trucks. During the struggle the workers developed "hit-and-run" guerilla tactics against scab drivers, by monitoring police radios while they attacked the trucks, mobilizing hundreds of drivers at a moment's notice to defy fascist court injunctions against picketing, and in many cases picking up the gun to stop scabbing. This revolutionary violence is a fully justified answer to oppression.

In meetings, drivers took up the mass democratic method of struggle, denounced and took over leadership from the bankrupt union officials, and defied all propaganda that blamed the drivers for the company-imposed layoffs during the strike. The workers are learning, as Chairman Mao says, "who are our friends and who are our enemies." Our friends are the laboring people and their supporters-and our enemies are those whose interests lie counter to the laboring people.

The main strength of the whole strike wave has been the workers' control of the initiative in the strikes. The success of any struggle against monopoly capital depends on "keeing initiative in our own hands," and developing class-conscious proletarian leadership. The Cleveland truck drivers lost initiative temporarily to a flunkey lawyer and Democratic politician (Sweeney) who advised them to reject the contract through "legal means," which are created by the rich and their union hacks to fool the people. Capitulation to this line gave initiative back to the scab union officials again and has temporarily ended the strike. Just as local politicians opportunistically took the side of the striking miners against the scab union bosses in the black lung wildcats in West Virginia, in order to gain votes and to try to weaken the whole miners' union, so Sweeney tried to get workers' votes in the Democratic primary for governor and imposed a bureaucratic method of struggle on the workers to replace their mass democratic method. This weakened their struggle considerably. Nevertheless, the drivers returned to work militant and undaunted, with valuable experience behind them.

The weakest link in the strike was the lack of class-conscious leadership that understands that strikes are, as Lenin said, "schools of war--a school in which the workers learn to make war on their enemies for the liberation of the whole people, of all who labor, from the yoke of government officials and from the yoke of capital." The struggle for emancipation must be carried on at all times, in addition to contract time, and by using all means of struggle, not just strikes, to free all those who labor.

As Chairman Mao points out: "If the masses alone are active without a strong leading group to organize their activity properly, such activity cannot be sustained for long, or carried forward in the right direction or raised to a high level." To win their struggle, the working class needs class-conscious proletarian leadership, which unites with revolutionary intellectuals in building a Marxist-Leninist communist party. A party of this new type would arouse the workers to take up revolutionary ideas as their own and march consciously in the world revolutionary movement under the red banner: "workers of all countries unite!" Only such a party can lead the American working class and oppressed people through all the twists and turns to the armed overthrow of the fascist state and the monopoly capitalist class.

The present strike wave of American workers is bound to deepen in the coming months, as more sections of the working class are affected. by the militant spirit, the economic crisis sharpens, and more union contracts come up for negotiation. If the workers persist in struggle, and unite with the Afro-Americans and other minorities and the students, the day of final victory, when the heavy mountain of monopoly capital is thrown off the back of the American working class and people, will quickly draw near.



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The National Council of the Canadian Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist) held a very important meeting. This meeting was held at a time when the working and oppressed people,, of the whole world are proudly celebrating the first centenary of the birth of Great Lenin and the first anniversary of the Ninth Congress of the glorious Communist Party of China. At this meeting, the National Council unanimously and rigorously voted to dissolve the Canadian Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist) and its National Council, and in its place declared the formation of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) based on Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and announced the formation of its Central Organizing Committee. The Central Organizing Committee immediately began its activities.

Present at the meeting were also fraternal delegates from Irish Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist), English Communist Movement (Marxist-Leninist), American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist- Leninist), Les Intellectuels et Ouvriers Patriotesdu Quebec--Mouvement Commuhiste Quebecois (Marxiste-Leniniste) and the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Hindustani Ghadar Party.

The formation of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is yet another victory for Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and a first historic step towards the building of an independent and socialist Canada under the dictatorship of the proletariat.


Culminating six years of hard struggle against U.S. imperialism and the Canadian comprador capitalists, as well as against all opportunist, revisionist and trotskyite trends in the people's ranks, revolutionary workers, students and progressive intellectuals have successfully formed the Canadian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist). Devoted to Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, tempered in the course of mass democratic anti-imperialist struggles and practicing the courageous spirit of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolutionaries of China, this bright new Party is already carrying out the task of organizing the Canadian working class and people for the armed overthrow of U.S. imperialism and its lackeys in Canada, the establishment of the People's Republic of Canada under the leadership of the working class, and the preparation for the establishment of socialism under the dictatorship of the proletariat.


The American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) is overjoyed at this powerful new development. We are sure that this is a big step forward in the struggle of the Canadian working and oppressed people. It is a heavy blow dealt to our common enemy, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class, and as such it is a great aid to the American working class and oppressed peoples in our struggle for the overthrow of monopoly capital. It is with the warmest comradely feelings that we hail the formation of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and wish it the speediest. success]



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Hearty Congratulations to the Great Leader Chairman Mao' the Communist Party of China, and the Chinese People on the Occasion of the Launching of China's First Man-Made Earth Satellite!!

Dearest Comrades,

The American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) wishes to express its heartfelt happiness at the launching of China1s'first man- made earth satellite, and convey to you the deep respect this accomplishment has created among the American people for the great People's Republic of China. It is an object lesson to us all to have faith in the creative ability of the world's working and oppressed people and a concrete proof of Chairman Mao's great statement, "Under the leadership of the Communist Party, as long as there are people, every kind of miracle can be performed."

Coming at a time when the U.S. imperialist parasites are plunging aggressively toward war with China and are preparing to impose fascism on the American people, the launching of this satellite is a powerful beacon of hope to the world's revolutionary people. Under the personal leadership of Chairman Mao Tsetung, the great Chinese people have thoroughly mobilized themselves and have conclusively defeated the attempts of a counter-revolutionary gang of scabs and traitors to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat from within and restore capitalism just as their accomplices had earlier done in the Soviet Union. The victory of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which was summed up at the historic Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, has given us complete assurance that "imperialism is heading for total collapse and socialism is advancing to worldwide victory," and that China will remain the reliable base area of world revolution.

The launching of China's satellite proves unquestionably the dialectical truth that consciousness can be converted into'' matter, that through their own subjective efforts the revolutionary masses can certainly convert revolutionary theory into revolutionary reality and can successfully organize to change the world. Chairman Mao has summed this up in the statement: "Once the correct ideas characteristic of the advanced class are grasped by the masses, these ideas turn into a material force which changes society and changes the world."

Thus, the launching pf China's first man-made satellite increases our confidence in the power of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought and propels us forward with greater enthusiasm in applying Mao Tsetung Thought to the concrete practice of organizing to overthrow the U.S. monopoly capitalist class right in its own headquarters and eliminating the system of exploitation of man by man forever.




The American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist)

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Worker and Student Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Teams Go Forth Boldly

The Workers' Advocate proudly announces the formation, in Cleveland, Ohio, of the Revolutionary Student Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team, composed of fearless communist students, who are already going forth boldly to spread Mao Tsetung Thought on the Midwest campuses in order to bring the progressive sections of the petty bourgeoisie into the struggle against rising fascism on a conscious basis, under the leadership of the communist workers.

This propaganda team has been formed in Ohio, the very storm center of U.S. student struggles at an extremely important moment in the development of the struggle of the American working class and people against monopoly capital. The imperialists are taking unprecedented steps, first, to repress the revolutionary initiative of the masses by armed force and, second, to use constant propaganda to convince the masses to accept fascist practices as normal, everyday a activity. Only the petty bourgeoisie, divorced from material production and the class struggle, can be fooled by this two-faced deception. It is the class with a choice and can ally with either the working class or the monopoly capitalists. Therefore, revolutionary students must serve the working class by winning the petty bourgeoisie to the side of the working class in activity opposing the big bourgeoisie and fascism.

It is the program of the proletariat and its friends the revolutionary students to answer the big bourgeoisie, first, by developing the revolutionary initiative of the masses against monopoly capital and, second, by doing constant propaganda that fascism must be overthrown by armed proletarian revolution. The Revolutionary Student Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team will put this into practice using four guidelines:

1) Do widespread propaganda for Mao Tsetung Thought and armed proletarian revolution.

2) Develop mass democratic, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist struggles under the slogan: No investigation, no right to speak! No sophistry! No rhetoric!

3) Actively combat trotskyism, revisionism and all other forms of opportunism.

4) Hold meetings to sum up experience in the course of actual struggle and develop guidelines to move the struggle forward.

The formation of the Revolutionary Student Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team follows by several months the formation of the Workers' Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team which already has many revolutionary achievements to its credit in the Cleveland area. Practicing the mass democratic method of putting all political and ideological questions before the working and oppressed people, this propaganda team has been arousing the masses of workers more and more boldly against fascist propaganda and repression and are preparing the ground for a new revolutionary communist party and for armed struggle against the fascists.

In Cleveland, for example, the Workers' Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team sold more than 2700 copies of the March-April issue of The Workers' Advocate to workers alone, not to mention sales to members of other social classes. Along with the newspaper, considerable quantities of the Quotations from Chairman Mao and other writings of Chairman Mao were sold.

This widespread distribution of bright red literature has the effect of tilling the soil for revolution, of placing the ideological weapons in the hands of the people themselves, instead of restricting them to the hands of a few petty bourgeois intellectuals. Constantly, reports come in that workers have cut out certain articles and framed them and hung them on their walls, or that newspapers were seen in many nooks and crannies of major factories, or that workers took quantities to sell to their friends. The evidence is crystal clear that the working class is thirsty for political knowledge, for systematic summing up of their experience in struggle. Chairman Mao points out, "In all the practical work of our Party, all correct leadership is necessarily 'from the masses, to the masses.' This means: take the ideas of the masses (scattered and unsystematic ideas) and concentrate them (through study turn them into, concentrated and systematic ideas), then go to the masses and propagate and explain these ideas until the masses embrace them as their own, hold fast to them and translate them into action, and test the correctness of these ideas in such action."

This method was also applied by the Workers' Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team and student supporters in numerous agitations carried out in Cleveland around specific instances of oppression and resistance. Such agitations, mentioned elsewhere in this paper, as the struggle against the fascist movie "Sympathy for the Devil", support for the truck drivers' strike, and the anti-fascist propaganda march through working-class housing projects, all served to alert and arouse the masses of people against rising fascism, sum up their experience in actual struggle and place revolutionary ideology in their hands.

It is the weighty task of the Revolutionary Student Mao Tse tung Thought Propaganda Team to follow working-class leadership, go forth boldly and brave the storm of class struggle, and display the spirit of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolutionaries of China:





It is the duty of progressive students, intellectuals and workers to support and cherish these young Red Guards and true servants of the working class.

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Afro-Americans Rise Up in Augusta

Peking (Hsinhua, May 13, 1970) Scarcely had the blood shed by American students murdered during a protest demonstration against U.S. imperialism's invasion of Cambodia become dry, the Nixon administration called out large numbers of national guardsmen to shoot and kill in cold blood six Afro-Americans taking part in a struggle against violent repression in Augusta, Georgia, on the evening of May 11. This fascist crime of the U.S. ruling circles is arousing counter-attacks from the broad masses of the Black people.

According to reports reaching here, an Afro-American youth arrested by the reactionary authorities was tortured to death in prison on the evening of May 10. Immediately after the news was out, 50 Afro-Americans gathered outside the prison to voice their protest. At noon the following day, several hundred Afro- Americans demonstrated outside the local administration offices. They ripped down and burnt a Georgia flag and then marched through the center of the city. More and more Afro- Americans joined the march, reaching several thousands in total.

Scared out of their wits by the Afro-American protest demonstration, the reactionary U.S. ruling circles hurriedly called out large numbers of police and flew in 1,000 national guardsmen, some armed with machine guns, from the nearby Savannah military base, to suppress the demonstrators. The Afro-Americans heroically hit back with stones. The reactionary authoritiesblatantly ordered the national guardsmen to open fire on the Afro-Americans, killing six of them and wounding dozens.

The Afro-Americans valiantly took up arms to fight. The brave and resourceful Afro- American snipers severely punished the guardsmen, pawns of the reactionary government. western news agency report stated with alarm that it was "a night of guerrilla warfare." The Afro-Americans angrily turned over cars and burnt 50 buildings in Augusta." A pall of smoke visible 10 miles away hung over the city at dusk," a report said.

On May 12, the national guardsmen and l50 state troopers sealed off Augusta's Afro-American district before dawn. The reactionary governor of Georgia ordered the guardsmen to "blow whatever they're in off its foundation," if the Afro-Americans fired back. The reactionary troops and police arrested Afro-Americans en masse. More than 200 were arrested up to May 13.

While intensifying its aggression abroad, U.S. imperialism must inevitably step up its onslaught on the American people. The bloody murder of students and Afro-Americans by the U.S. ruling circles is bound to give rise to a new upsurge of the American people's struggle which will deal heavier blows to U.S. imperialism now beset with difficulties at home and abroad.


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Masses Support Anti-Fascist March

An Anti-Fascist March--the first of its kind since the 1930's--took place in Cleveland May 9. Starting at 30th and Central Streets, workers and students from American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist), Workers Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team, and the American Student Movement (Anti-Imperialist), carrying bright red flags and holding high the banner of Mao Tsetung, wound their way along the streets and through the working-class housing projects in the area.

People came out of their houses to take leaflets and to hear the speeches by students who had witnessed the massacre at Kent State and who spoke at several rallies along the way. Many children came along to help hand out literature. One woman shouted "We should take Nixon and stick him in front of the National Guard. Cars stopped along the busy main streets to ask for literature. The surprised looks which often turned to bright smiles on the-faces of many people watching and listening showed that, far from being hostile, workers support the student struggles. They clearly see that the violent repression with which the student rebellions were met is closely related to the recent repression of workers' strikes around the country by the government and the military. When told that the government blames the people for being poor, one man said, "Yeah, they drop a rock on us and then kick us for bleeding."


Many people were pleased to hear that the march's purpose was to gain support for a mass demonstration against Agnew when he shows his face in Cleveland, June 20.

Although the police were there at the beginning of the march, they lacked the nerve to follow the marchers as they went through the projects.

People said to come back soon, and come back soon we will. As the contradictions in the imperialist system become more acute, more and more people are seeing the truth in Chairman Mao's words: "The struggle of the Black people in the United States is bound to merge with the American workers' movement."

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Workers and Students Expose Fascist Propaganda

Down With "People Are Pollution " Myth

Determined not to be brainwashed by the anti-people propaganda of "Crisis in the Environment Week", April 19 -- 25, Black working class students in a Cleveland high school resolutely exposed and denounced this propaganda. After several days of investigation and discussion about the phony "scientific" theories of pollution, over-population, population control, and "inferior" races, the students wrote a leaflet of factual information and analysis. Early in the week the anti-"Pollution Day" fighters began distributing the leaflet. Other students, excited about the leaflet, began coming forward asking for leaflets to distribute themselves and making comments such as "Give me 80 for all my classes!" By Wednesday, the day devoted to "environmental problems," nearly everyone in the school had read or heard of the leaflet. Lively discussion was carried on everywhere, as students were armed with information to counter the fascist propaganda which blames the people for all the environmental problems.

In their investigation, students recognized that pollution is an issue used to draw everyone's attention since we all know it is a real problem. The reactionaries then say that the people are the cause of pollution. They claim, for instance, that since we drive cars, we are responsible for carbon monoxide pollution. Since we throw away our garbage, no-return bottles, and aluminum cans, they blame us for the problem of waste material. The reactionaries say that if pollution is this bad with an earth population of 3.5 billion, think how terrible it will be when there are twice as many people! They conclude that the solution is to reduce our population growth to zero.

The students discovered that these reactionary positions are being promoted by government officials and so-called "scientists." For example, Dr. Paul Ehrlich, head of the national organization "Zero Population Growth" (ZPG) wrote in his widely-read book The Population Bomb: "Too many cars, too many factories, too much detergent, too much pesticide, inadequate sewage plants, too little water, too much carbon dioxide--all can be traced easily to too many people." James Reston wrote in a New York Times column: government officials "are saying that the U.S. will not be able to 'control' pollution of the atmosphere, or the rivers and the seas unless it 'controls' the population of the U.S., and this word 'control' is being used quite consciously as a substitute for 'family planning'." Reston also reported that Nixon's science advisor, Dr. Lee A. DuBridge, favors zero population growth--no more births than deaths.

The reactionaries are also proposing methods of controlling population growth. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Robert Finch, claims that in order to retain the "quality of life" parents should have no more than two children. Senator Robert Packwood has introduced a bill in Congress to reduce income tax exemptions for the second and third children and eliminate them completely for any further children. Dr. B. Davies of Harvard, at the December meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science, recommended that birth permits be given to parents based on testing of their genes for intelligence. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Crick says newborn babies should be examined to see if they are "acceptable members of the human society". Dr. W. Shockley, Nobel Prize winner in physics, recommends sterilization of welfare mothers who produce "an excessively large number of children." Wilson Hirschfeld, in his column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote about population control: "If pills or the equivalent or legalized abortion can do the job, fine. If not, the world will have to consider sterilization, preferably on a voluntary basis, with governments paying or otherwise subsidizing individuals willing to be sterilized. Families could be limited by law to two children or whatever number would keep the world population in balance."

These are outright fascist ideas and proposals since they completely separate the problem of starvation and oppression from the social conditions, i.e., the possession of dominant wealth and political power by a handful of monopoly capitalists. Instead, blame for scarcity is mechanically laid on the very existence of people--a theory which justifies genocide.

Interwoven with these ideas are racist theories that promote the notion of inferior and superior races. Arthur Jensen, a psychologist from Berkeley, Calif., says that Blacks are biologically inferior to whites and recommends separate and unequal education coupled with a sterilization program. (Harvard Educational Review, Winter 1968) Dr. V. Shockley states that Blacks are born with less intelligence than whites or oriental people.

Enraged by all of these fascist lies and phony, unscientific theories, the students argued vigorously for the basic point that the people in general are not the cause of pollution, but that the ruling class of big businessmen, industrialists, and government officials is responsible. The students pointed out, for example, that we still have gasoline engines today because the huge oil corporations and auto companies would lose profits if there were any change. No-return bottles, aluminum cans, disposable paper supplies--all have been developed so that companies can make more profits. The cause of the environment problems is thus traced to the economic system of monopoly capitalism.

The students learned that the supposedly unsolvable problems of pollution are being solved in the People's Republic of China. The workers there have devised many ways of putting industrial waste water, gases and slag to good use, extracting metals, recovering tens of thousands of tons of dye chemicals, acids, soda and benzene. Waste slag is made into cement; fertilizer is being produced from the waste of paper-making, electroplating and leather industries. Waste water is processed to be safe for irrigation. That they have solved pollution problems is proof of Chairman Mao's statement: "The wealth of society is created by the workers, peasants, and working intellectuals. If they take their destiny into their own hands, follow a Marxist-Leninist line, and take an active attitude in solving problems instead of evading them, there will be no difficulty in the world which they cannot overcome."

Students immediately recognized that the population control proposals and the false, racist theories of inferior people are direct attacks on the working class and particularly on Black people. These are the people who are standing up and fighting back militantly against oppression by monopoly capitalism. These are the people who most threaten the government. Chairman Mao has said: "To overthrow a political power, it is always necessary first of all to create public opinion, to do work in the ideological sphere. This is true for the revolutionary class as well as for the counter-revolutionary class." The ruling class in the U.S. is promoting these anti-people ideas in order to create public opinion in support of a fascist state and particularly in support of repression and murder of Black people. Before the Jews in Germany could be mass executed, all kinds of lies and slanders were told to create public opinion against them.

In the course of the discussions and arguments, numbers of students realized that since the economic system of monopoly capitalism and its ruling class are the root cause of all our problems, the real solution is to topple that system through armed revolution, led by the working class. They agreed with Chairman Mao that "Of all things, people are the most precious," and were encouraged by his words, spoken in 1949--"Under the leadership of the Communist Party, as long as there are people, every kind of miracle can be performed. We believe that revolution can change everything and that before long there will rise a new China with a big population and a great wealth of products, where life will be abundant and culture will flourish. All pessimistic views are utterly groundless."


"Youth Culture" Movie Exposed

Vigorously going out to the people in New York City and Cleveland, revolutionary workers and students attacked the fascist culture being ' promoted by the film Sympathy for the Devil. Led by the American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist), the Workers' Mao Tsetung Thought Propaganda Team and the American Student Movement distributed a leaflet denouncing this film which praises fascism, held discussions with many people on street corners and in stores and, in New York, struggled against police harassment for their right to demonstrate against this degenerate movie. The revolutionaries were determined to mobilize the people against movies like Sympathy for the Devil which do propaganda for Hitlerism, racism, degeneracy, anti-communism, drugs and all other anti-people ideas. They pointed out to everyone that the correct title for this movie should be Sympathy for Hitler. They said, "This movie is a product of the decayed culture of U.S. monopoly capitalism, and it goes all out to confuse and mock the actual struggle of the American people against oppression."

This disgusting film, disguised as a "revolutionary" new movie featuring the Rolling Stones, is being peddled from one university campus to the next by a hippy-corporation; It is being trial-run especially for middle class student audiences, the only people the ruling class can hope to win over and convert into the first wave of American storm troopers. How surprised these hucksters were when the very students they regarded as easy marks stood up and denounced them and their fascist film!

Fascism (which means the total loss of the people's democratic rights) is the most vicious enemy of the working class, and everywhere working people are fighting against the rise of fascism. In Cleveland, Black people were justly angered that the university was doing propaganda against them through this movie and were glad to see the leaflet exposing it. During three evening performances, students and workers boldly and loudly denounced the fascist (racist and anti-communist) ideas presented in the movie and afterwards confronted the film distributor in a mass democratic struggle in the lobby. This hippy-capitalist was unable to defend the film against the charges made by the people and retreated whimpering, "Just don't talk to me any more." The next night a mass democratic meeting and demonstration were held under the slogans "Smash Fascist Culture.'" and "Death-to Fascism.'" People arriving to see the movie read the leaflet and went in to investigate critically for themselves. They engaged in vigorous discussion following each showing and many condemned the film.

In New York, the communists picketed the theater armed with signs reading "No Sympathy for Fascism!" as well as a large portrait of Chairman Mao, great leader of the world's revolutionary people. Many workers in cars and trucks on the busy street honked their horns in approval and called over for copies of the leaflet. Several city bus drivers stopped and ran over to get a leaflet, and a charter bus of fifty college students pulled up and clamored for a pile of them. On the sidewalk in front of the theater many people stopped for long discussions and a number of older people of European background praised the revolutionaries for their opposition to Hitlerism in the U.S. and agreed that the only correct policy is mobilizing the masses to smash the fascists.

Alarmed by the mass support for the revolutionaries' actions and unable to make them leave, the theater officials called the police. Arriving in four squad cars, nine policemen came up to try to intimidate the revolutionaries. A large number of people gathered around to support the revolutionaries as the police tried to dream up some regulation to stop them: "This sidewalk is private property and you can't demonstrate here." But the revolutionaries stood their ground and declared "we have a fundamental democratic right to engage in this political activity!" Completely exposed in their reactionary efforts at harrassment, the police looked around at all the people watching and finally had to retreat. By these methods, revolutionary students, led by communist workers, are helping to smash fascist propaganda and mobilizing the people against the decadent system of U.S. monopoly capitalism.


Before the ruling class can install fascism to save itself from overthrow, it must first popularize fascist ideas and gain acceptance for them. A movie like Sympathy for the Devil, a confused jumble of fascism, racism and phony "revolution," is ideal for this purpose. A couple of scenes are more than enough to show this:

(1) Racism. A group of "Black militants" listen to a recorded spiel by Leroi Jones (himself a mystic and nationa1-chauvinist-the perfect combination to produce a fascist), then sexually molest and gun down three white girls in night-gowns. The implications are that if you don't like this scene then you are a racist, and that a the goal of the Afro-American people's struggle is to kill whites. This latter is very harmful since many students tend to believe it, unless they have seen from their own experience that Black and white workers stand together in many economic struggles and that they are bound to unite in the political struggle to take state power.

(2) Fascism and anti-communism. A man reads Hitler's Mein Kampf aloud in a pornographic booktore, stating that the white race must dominate all others. Customers buy pictures of Stormtroopers attacking half-naked women, give the Nazi salute and then slap two hippies who mumble "Peace" "Long live Mao" and "Victory to the NLF!" This scene slanders the anti-fascist, anti-imperialist struggles of the world's people (presently led by Chairman Mao Tsetung), implying that they are represented in the U.S. only by weak-kneed hippies.

(3) Confusion. The response of many students to the film was "I don't understand it." This is exactly the result intended by the disjointed scenes and garbled soundtrack, typical of "avant garde" art, so that people will feel inadequate to criticize and expose the content. The effect of the movie is to confuse people about what revolution is: it lumps together fascism, national liberation struggles such as in Vietnam and Palestine, the Afro-American people's struggle, and reduces all of them equally to empty nonsense. The result is to confuse people about the very important question of who are our enemies and who are our friends. Confusing communism with fascism and labeling both as simply "totalitarian," is done throughout the educational system to spread anti-communism among students and working people. Thus the movie plays on people's progressive desire for revolutionary change in order to do counter-revolutionary propaganda.

Sympathy for the Devil is the latest and most blatant attempt by the monopoly capitalists to whip up public opinion, in the cultural field, for a fascist police state. The artists who make these movies are faithful dogs chasing after ruling class money, and their art reflects this view of the world. As Chairman Mao so clearly points out, "If you are a bourgeois writer or artist, you will eulogize not the proletariat but the bourgeoisie, and if you are a proletarian writer or artist, you will eulogize not the bourgeoisie but the proletariat and working people: it must be one or the other." This film is in the interest of the bourgeoisie and against the working people and that is why it gets produced and promoted big money. For instance, a steelworker found the movie advertised in a newspaper called Cleveland After Dark which the steel mill owners allow to be distributed free inside the plant. These mill owners are the same capitalists who blacklisted two members of the American Communist workers Movement (M-L) after they were fired from another mill for distributing the revolutionary newspaper The Workers' Advocate. It is easy to see which side the factory owners are on! Not only this, but the same group of owners are the trustees controlling the universities where the movie is being shown. Is it not clear how the big businessmen, the bourgeois artists and publicists and the university administrations work hand-in-hand to promote Hitlerism among the students?


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Albania, Beacon of Socialism In Europe

Lying in the midst of the fascist and revisionist regimes of Eastern and western Europe stands Socialist Albania, mighty friend of People's Republic of China! Steeled in the fire of countless struggles, the Albanian people, under the leadership of the Party of Labor of Albania and its great helmsman, Comrade Enver Hoxha, have won many glorious battles in the struggle to win national liberation and build a strong socialist country.

It is the eternal glory of Comrade Hoxha and the Party of Labor that they have inherited and defended Marxism-Leninism, struggled resolutely against all forms of opportunism, and stood staunchly at the side of the People's Republic of China against U.S. imperialism and modern Soviet revisionism.

The founding of the Party of Labor (then the Communist Party) on November 8, l94l, was made possible by the prior participation of the communists in the national liberation struggle and the struggle against fascism. Resolutely opposing all attempts to harness the Albanian people to various foreign imperialist powers, as well-as the attempts of the Trotskyites to lead the party into the waiting arms of the fascists, the Albanian communists, under Enver Hoxha's leadership, won the support of the Albanian people because they unwaveringly upheld armed struggle, political as well as economic independence and a place for the Albanian people as an equal among the other nations of the world.


By following comrade Stalin's line on the struggle against world fascism, and creatively applying Marxism-Leninism to the concrete conditions in Albania, the Party of Labor led the Albanian people to complete independence on November 29, l9hh. Since then they have transformed the agriculture and industry into socialist forms, built and defended the dictatorship of the proletariat, and proceeded to carry the revolution into the superstructure. This is a part of the continuing struggle in Albania to keep the capitalist roaders from taking power by relying on the initiative of the masses in everything.

As the only socialist country in Europe, ever since the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union after Stalin's death, the Party of Labor and the Albanian people have resolutely defended the interests of the international communist movement and the working and oppressed people of the world by waging relentless struggle against imperialism and revisionism there. Fearing neither hardship nor death, the Albanian people have repeatedly stood up to attacks from revisionist Yugoslavia, which has been trying to annex:Albania for years, and to modern Soviet social-imperialism. Recognizing that people, not technology, are the decisive factor in class struggle, they have relied on the political unity of the Albanian people and on their firm friendship with the People's Republic of China in waging their courageous struggle. Every attempt of the Soviet New Tsars to hide their vicious policies under the "revolutionary" banner, from border provocations against China to the invasion of Czechoslovakia, from their infamous twentieth congress where they viciously slandered Stalin to their attempts to manipulate communist parties throughout the world, have been met with scathing denunciations from Albania.

This mighty socialist country is a great thorn in the side of U.S. imperialism and Soviet social imperialism, and they both know that as long as the People's Republic of Albania continues to exist, their attempts to consolidate reaction"in Europe and to attack the People's Republic of China will be a thou- sand times harder. The example of People's Republic of Albania, standing with clenched fists against the reactionary ruling classes that surround it, is an inspiration to the working and oppressed people of the whole world in waging the anti-imperialist and socialist revolution.




[Photo: The Albanian literary and art workers attend the performance, Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania. It was composed and put on by the Mao Tsetung Thought propaganda team of the Peking No. 3 Cotton Mill. After the performance the Albanian friends went backstage and cheered "Long live Chairman Mao!" "Long live Comrade Enver Hoxha!" together with the Chinese workers.]

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Revolutionary Canadians Attack US Imperialism

In Ottawa, Canada, April 18, 1970, the Canadian working class, revolutionary urban and rural petty bourgeoisie, and other genuine democratic sections of the Canadian people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), boldly seized and occupied first place on the Canadian political stage. For years, the U.S. imperialists, Canadian comprador government and lackey professors, trotskyites, and revisionists had been running around repressing the initiative of the masses, slandering them as "ignorant" and keeping a stranglehold on mass political demonstrations. This time, however, our comrades seized the initiative in Ottawa on the day of "anti-war" demonstrations, put forward the genuine aspirations of the working and oppressed people of Canada, and smashed the pacifist-trotskyite-revisionist misleadership.


A rally was held on Parliament Hill where the genuine aspirations of the Canadian people to liberate themselves from U.S. imperialism were proclaimed and the misleaders were thoroughly exposed. Driven frantic by this expo- sure, goons hired by the trotskyists and other scum attempted to disrupt the rally. All these attempts failed and so the imperialist lackey police attacked the rally themselves.


Following the rally the demonstrators marched on the U.S. imperialist embassy. The lacky police staged nwmerous provocations and attacks, but they had miscalculated the mili- tancy of the demonstrators. Using whatever they could lay their hands on, the revolutiona- ries fought back resolutely. A mass democracy meeting broke out at which, Comrade Robert Cruise pointed out "we will never take the attacks of the imperialists lying down...Blood debts must be paid in blood!" The lackey police were scared stiff and called out one of their numb er for every demonstrator. During this subse- quent attack they violently arrested fifteen of our comrades and a student.

After militantly denouncing U.S. imperialism, the demonstrators marched on the Soviet social-imperialist embassy. At the embassy a comrade from the Canadian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) denounced the Soviet social-imperialists for betraying revolution and for their towering crimes against humanity. He said they cannot escape the verdict of history.


This demonstration marks a bright new and higher stage in the revolutionary struggle of the working and oppressed people of Canada a-gainst U.S. imperialism. The holy alliance of misleaders serving U.S. imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism, the pacifists, trotskyists,. revisionists, etc. have suffered a major defeat and the correct leadership of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) has moved more firmly to the forefront of the re- volutionary struggle.


Recognizing that this was a bright new step forward in the Canadian people's struggle against U.S. imperialism militant American communists held a demonstration May 11 against re- presentatives of the Canadian compradors in New York City. Following the leadership of the American Communist Workers' Movement (Marxist- Leninist), our comrades denounced the U.S. lackey government of Canada and pointed out that the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) had moved to the center-stage leading the anti-imperialist struggle of the Canadian people. Many interested people came up to discuss these questions, including a number of Canadians visiting the U.S. Every blow the Canadian people strike against U.S. imperialism is a blow against the number one enemy of the working and oppressed people of America. Therefore we in the heartland of U.S. imperialism are very glad to learn of the brilliant progress of the Canadian people's revolutionary struggle under the leadership of the Communist Party cf Canada (Marxist-Leninist).





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The Internationale

Arise, ye prisoners of starvation!

Arise, ye wretched of the earth.

For justice thunders condemnation,

A better world's in birth.

No more tradition's chains shall bind us,

Arise, ye slaves; no more in thrall!

The earth shall rise on new foundations,

We have been naught, we shall be all.

Tis the final conflict,

Let each stand in his place!

The Internationale

Shall be the human race.

We want no condescending saviors,

To rule us from their judgement hall.

We workers ask not for their favors,

Let us consult for all.

To make the thief disgorge his booty

To free the spirit from its cell.

We must ourselves decide our duty,

We must decide and do it well.

Behold them seated in their glory,

The kings of mine and rail and soil!

What have you read in all their story,

But how they plundered toil?

Fruits of the workers' toil are buried

In the strong coffers of a few;

In working for their restitution

The men will only ask their due.

Toilers from shops and fields united,

The union we of all who work;

The earth belongs to us the workers,

No room here for those who shirk.

How many on our flesh have fattened,

But if the bloody birds of prey

Shall vanish from the sky some morning,

The blessed sunlight still will stay.

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Cleveland June 20 7p.m. Hotel Sheraton Public Square


Spiro Agnew is the number one propagandist of the U.S. ruling class in its drive to establish a complete fascist state in the U.S. His job is to widely spread racist, anti-communist and anti-people lies in order to turn the working and oppressed people againsteach other and thereby lay the basis in public opinion for establishment of an open terrorist dictatorship. As a fascist tool, Agnew is the bitter enemy of the American working class, oppressed national minorities, and all progressive and democratic people.

The American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist), feeling the tremendous upsurge of anti-fascist sentiment in Cleveland, knowing the absolute opposition of working class interests to the fascist schemes, and recognizing the absolute necessity of actively exposing and combatting fascist agents, is calling for a mass demonstration of all anti-fascist people, led by the working class, to thunderously denounce the slimy snake Agnew and drive him back into his hole.


The U.S. monopoly capitalist class is very near its doom and is casting about wildly for plots and schemes to postpone its impending total collapse. All around, the ruling class can see the sharp decline in its position in the world, and it knows only too well that a bright red tide of anti-imperialist and socialist revolution, including the American people's revolution, is sweeping it off the face of the earth. Faced with such impending catastrophe, the U.S. ruling class has only one choice-to launch preparations for a Third world War against the anti-imperialist movements and socialist countries, led by the People's Republic of China. In order to suppress the rising rebellion in the U.S.and establish a Secure counter-revolutionary base area for their criminal designs, the U.S.-ruling circles are preparing to establish a complete fascist police state in the U.S. 'This: reign of terror would mean the denial of all democratic rights of the people, more grinding exploitation, and vicious repression of all attempts of the people to shake off the fascist yoke.

In preparation for this fascist state, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class is frantically trying to poison the people's minds with unscientific, anti-people ideas which turn oppressed races, nationalities, and classes of people against each other and prevent them from uniting against their common enemy--their parasite rulers, with Nixon and Agnew at the head. Agnew has been carefully cultivated, selected, and promoted for his ability to just this propaganda job.

As governor of Maryland, Agnew attracted wide attention from the most reactionary elements in U.S. political circles by his eagerness to suppress and slander even the most peaceful attempts by the people to gain their rights. In speeches he frequently raved about "law and order," attempting to justify his fascist law designed to preserve an imperialist order. For example:

--When Black students opposing racial discrimination had a peaceful strike at Bowie State College, Agnew closed the school. When 22 of them peacefully sat-in at the State House asking to talk to him, he had them arrested.

--Agnew was governor when H. Rap Brown was framed and slandered for a speech he made in Maryland.

--Agnew called out the National Guard as often as possible to suppress Black people's "civil rights" protests and ordered them to shoot "suspected looters" in civil disturbances.

When the U.S. ruling class had finished using such "liberals" as Johnson to pursue their policies of aggression and war, and needed more reactionary politicians to suppress rising indignation and to pave the way for fascism, they turned to Nixon and Agnew. Agnew was especially liked by the Southern politicians-representatives of the most reactionary bourgeois and petty-bourgeois elements in the country, notorious for their super-exploitation of Southern workers and farmers, Black and white, and for their denial of even the most elementary democratic rights, such as the right to vote and to form labor unions.

When Agnew was running for Vice President, he showed what a good choice he had been for his masters by his continual slanders, racist remarks ("Polacks" and "Fat Japs"), and attacks on progressive people. He played up to all the reactionary trends in the petty-bourgeoisie in order to turn it against the working class and national minorities, a tactic Hitler, too, used widely.

After becoming Vice President, Agnew was in a perfect position to act as mouthpiece for fascism. Unlike Nixon, who is just as fascist but who has to be careful about what he says, Agnew could rant and rave all he wanted, and be guaranteed lots of publicity to spread his poison. He lost little time in beginning:

--He attacked the news media, saying it was biased, which everyone knows, but then suggested government censorship, a fascist measure which would make newspapers and TV nothing but tools of his government. This same trick was used by Hitler, who forcibly suppressed all criticism of his regime in the name of-attacking other enemies of the people.

-He increased his attacks on students and Black people, calling students an "effete corps of impudent snobs", trying to hide the just nature of their struggle against racial discrimination and the imperialist war against Vietnam and to turn workers against students. He tried to start a big scare campaign (just like Hitler) to make all trouble look like these struggles were caused by "professional troublemakers," "outside agitators," etc. This is another slander which says in so many words that people are so stupid they can be misled into rising up against nothing.

In short, this slimy snake has committed so many crimes against the people that he would truly deserve the title People's Enemy Number One if there weren't such hot competition for the honor from his-well-known accomplices and masters.

Agnew and his pack of lies and slanders must be vigorously denounced! He is preparing the basis for even more fascist repression. But this attempt is surely doomed! As Chairman Mao Tsetung says: "Lifting a rock only to drop it on one's own feet is a Chinese folk saying to describe the behavior of certain fools. The reactionaries in all countries are fools of this kind. In the final analysis, their persecution of the revolutionary people only serves to accelerate the people's revolutions on a broader and more intense scale."




P.O. BOX 5221, Cleveland, Ohio 861-6919

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