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Volume 9, Number 1

January 3, 1979 SPECIAL ISSUE 100,000 copies

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Socialism Marches Forward Triumphantly in Albania

Powerful Revolt of the Iranian People Against the Fascist Regime of the Shah

The Anti-Leninist Theory of "Three Worlds" in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance

In Albania Socialism Is Being Built According to the Teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin


On January 1 diplomatic relations were established between the governments of the U.S. and China. These relations were established to help in the development of the aggressive U.S.-China imperialist alliance. It is this reactionary alliance that is the issue. With this alliance the Carter administration is inaugurating the wholesale plunder of China by the U.S. monopolies and is ''playing the Chinese card", that is, murderously instigating conflicts between the social-imperialists of China and those of the U.S.S.R. This alliance is aimed at world domination. The U.S.-China alliance is also a big part of Carter's ''human rights" fraud, with which he is trying to prop up the sagging U.S. world empire, suppress the people's revolutions in blood and contend for world domination against the equally savage and imperialist alliances led by Soviet social-imperialism. Carter is cynically utilizing the Chinese revisionists for sabotage and subversion of the revolutionary movements all over the world.

The warmongering U.S.-China alliance is only possible because world capitalism has succeeded in corrupting the People's Republic of China from within with a new revisionist bourgeoisie. China is being placed under a new rule of the bourgeoisie. The Chinese revisionists are trampling into the mud the glorious revolutionary victories of the Chinese people, won at the cost of the blood of millions of martyrs. The revisionists are selling China to the highest bidder. At the same time as they subject the Chinese people to the slavery of the international monopolies, they are carrying out an imperialist, great-power chauvinist foreign policy. They are trying to carve out their own sphere of influence, while instigating war between their imperialist rivals.

The "new relationship" between the U.S. and China is not a "factor for peace" nor will it lessen international tension. On the contrary, it is part of the frenzied dance of the imperialist alliances. It is an alliance of imperialist exploiters and oppressors. This alliance exposes the warmongering essence behind both Carter's "human rights" fraud and the Chinese revisionist theory of "three worlds".

But the imperialists can never destroy the camp of socialism, national liberation and freedom. All over the world, the masses are rising in revolutionary struggle -- in Iran, in Nicaragua, in Spain, in the Resistance in Chile and in the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist Parties the world over. Albania shines forth as the beacon of socialism. In the U.S. the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists are denouncing Carter's "human rights" fraud and exposing the "left"-wing of the imperialist "human rights" campaign, namely the fake Marxists who spout the chauvinist theory of "directing the main blow at Soviet social-imperialism". And the Chinese people will not accept the revisionist road. It is the revolutionary struggle of the world's people that stands against world war and that will smash the world system of imperialism.

The "New Relationship" Between the U.S. and China Is Part of an Aggressive U.S.-China Alliance

With enormous fanfare the U.S. and Chinese governments have issued a joint communique and established diplomatic relations. Carter has invited Chinese Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-ping to Washington. These are no ordinary diplomatic events. No good can come of them whatsoever. These events are a milestone in the development of the aggressive U.S.-China alliance, a partnership in service of world reaction and aimed at world domination. In the name of the U.S. proletariat and people, The Workers' Advocate vigorously condemns the war-mongering Carter administration for this new act of imperialist intrigue and denounces the aggressive U.S.-China alliance.

In the past, before China embarked on the path of collaboration with imperialism, if the U.S. imperialists had been forced to come to terms with the People's Republic of China, all progressive people would have welcomed it. It would have been a great humiliation of and setback for imperialism. But today it is neither a revolutionary nor an anti-imperialist nor a socialist China which is entering into deals with Carter, but a reactionary China ruled by a renegade bourgeois- revisionist clique. The Chinese revisionists, headed by Teng Hsiao-ping and Hua Kuo-feng, have completely betrayed the glorious cause of the revolution. They have become the biggest friends of imperialism, U.S. - led Western imperialism in particular, and the deadly enemies of peace, socialism, the world proletariat and the national liberation movement. The smiling fascist Carter is cynically utilizing his class brothers, the Chinese revisionists, to promote U.S. imperialist hegemony. It is in this light that the recent "diplomacy" between the U.S. and China must be assessed.

We are in favor of the lessening of tension among states and of normal peaceful relations between countries. However the "new relationship" between the U.S. imperialists and the Chinese social-imperialists is not designed to lessen tensions. On the contrary, it is an aggressive alliance that instigates war.

Down with the Dance of the Imperialist Alliances

The U.S.-China alliance is part of the deadly dance of the imperialist alliances. Each of the imperialist powers strives to establish its own "sphere of influence", to carve out an area for its exclusive exploitation and to dominate as much of the world as it can. To pursue this aim, the imperialists combine and recombine into the various aggressive alliances whose aim is to drown the anti-imperialist struggle and the socialist proletariat in blood, to enslave the oppressed peoples and to fight over the booty with equally imperialist rivals. The particular alliances come and go, but the fact of imperialist aggression remains. The whirl of the imperialist alliances is a crime against the peoples, it is a deadly game of brinkmanship and of fomenting conflicts and bloodshed between countries. For this reason, the U.S.-China alliance must be firmly condemned.

The U.S. imperialists are hardened aggressors who are old hands at the bloody inter-imperialist rivalries. Today China too, guided by the rotten anti-Leninist theory of "three worlds", has joined the deadly whirl of imperialist alliances. Carter has welcomed the Chinese revisionists most warmly. Both Carter and r$ng know that each is using the other, but imperialist alliances are not based on "true love", but on the most sordid interests of the moment, on cold-blooded calculation and on desperate gambles. The two superpowers, U.S. imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism, and the would-be superpower, Chinese revisionism, are all striving for world domination. Today China has formed its alliance with U.S. imperialism. Tomorrow, the Chinese revisionists will sit down with Carter and Brezhnev in summit conferences to divide up the world. The day after, who knows what alliances China will enter into, guided only by the unprincipled pursuit of a temporary advantage. As part of the so-called "realistic politics" of imperialist wheeling-and-dealing, the Chinese social-imperialists have found common cause with the biggest reactionaries, including the U.S. imperialists, the Japanese militarists and the German revanchists as well as the disgusting U.S. lackeys and hangmen like Pinochet of Chile, the Shah of Iran and other neo-colonial puppets. The Chinese revisionists have written off the socialist revolution and the national liberation movement. Instead they put all their faith in the maneuverings among the imperialists and in developing their own neo-colonial lackeys.

The U.S.-China Alliance Is Aimed at Enslaving the World's People and Corrupting and Subverting the Revolutionary Movement in China and the U.S.

The U.S.-China alliance is based on protecting the positions of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Especially since World War II, the U.S. has taken up the attempt to preserve colonial domination through the use of neo-colonialism. Through this means or that, by military alliances, control-by the international monopolies, and the widespread use of the traitor classes of the big comprador bourgeoisie and the feudal landlords, the U.S. imperialists have maintained a whole system of totally enslaved so-called "independent" regimes. Some of these so-called "independent" regimes rank as the most fascist and medieval in the whole world. But this vast system of colonial slavery has been badly shaken by the national liberation movement. Who can forget the heroic struggle of the Indochinese people -- who persevered in the face of poison gas, bacteriological and chemical agents, fragmentation bombs and napalm, and defeated the U.S. aggressor armies. Today the struggles of the people in Iran, Nicaragua, Palestine, Chile, the Philippines and elsewhere are striking hard blows at U.S. imperialism. The U.S. empire is built on sand! The "human rights" demagogy of the Carter administration is part of a desperate campaign to prettify and shore up the sagging rule of U.S. imperialism and occasionally to replace one discredited lackey with another one.

The Chinese revisionists have made it their mission to subvert the anti-imperialist revolution as part of the U.S.-China alliance. The theory of "three worlds" is especially designed to deny the national liberation movement. This theory even denies the existence of neo-colonies, and paints the attainment under the rule of the exploiting classes of formal political independence, the granting of pretty flags and postage stamps, as the end goal and highest achievement possible. After this is reached, the oppressed peoples are called on to simply produce more and more for the foreign imperialists and the domestic feudalists and big bourgeoisie. The Chinese news agencies are full of glowing reports of the extraction of more products from the neo-colonies, presenting this as a great victory of anti-imperialist struggle. The peoples are at most allowed to haggle for slightly better terms with the neo-colonialists at international conferences, provided that the proceeds are left to the exploiting classes.

Under the theory of "three worlds", the Chinese revisionists in fact call on the world's people to entirely give up the anti-imperialist struggle in any form and instead enter into imperialist alliances. This theory calls on the "third world" to unite with the so-called "second world", and especially with U.S.-led Western imperialism, with NATO and the Japanese imperialists, under the hoax of struggle against the so-called "first world" (the two superpowers). Thus French neo-colonialism in Africa, British imperialism around the world, West German striving after its own areas of exploitation, are all presented in shining liberation colors, as the "second world" uniting with the "third world". And indeed, these days the Chinese revisionists have given up all pretext of struggle against the "first world", and call for unity with one-half of the "first world", namely bloodthirsty U.S. imperialism, against the so-called "main enemy", the Soviet social-imperialists. No better formula could be given for the defense of U.S. imperialist aggression, and its exploitation and oppression of the peoples.

The U.S.-China alliance also aims at suppressing the American and Chinese people. Carter's "human rights" fraud and the Chinese revisionist "three worlds" theory are designed to corrupt the toiling masses at home, to subvert the people's movements and convert the masses into docile cannon-fodder for inter-imperialist rivalries. For this purpose, the U.S. big bourgeoisie is going into raptures over Chinese revisionism. The U.S. monopoly capitalist dictators realize that the "three worlds" theory is the best way to give a "left" or "Marxist"-sounding cover to U.S. imperialist aggression, that it is a way to promote social-chauvinism, socialism in words but imperialist chauvinism in deeds. The Carter administration has endorsed the "three worlds" theory, while the universities teach it and fashionable "visitors" to China come back and give lectures on it. At the same time, the U.S. bourgeoisie goes all out to spread the pessimistic view that socialism no longer exists. The newspapers work overtime boasting about U.S. investments in China and crowing over the ultra-rightist views of the Chinese capitalist-roaders in order to demoralize the revolutionary proletariat, to tell them that socialism is allegedly impossible. Meanwhile the Chinese revisionists are in a very difficult position and are not at all as stable or popular as they present themselves to be. So in turn the Chinese revisionists are clutching at U.S. investments and are spreading U.S. ideological and cultural poison in order to prop themselves up against the Chinese masses. The U.S.-China alliance is thus aimed both at liquidating the proletarian movement in the U.S. and liquidating socialism in China.

The U.S.-China Alliance Is a Warmongering Alliance

The U.S.-China alliance is being advertised as a big victory for "the cause of peace in Asia and the world". However in reality this alliance is notable for its heightening of international tensions and its direct instigation of war. It is not just an imperialist alliance in general, but a warmongering alliance.

The warlike and military nature of this alliance is quite obvious. Speaking about the recent diplomacy, Carter's national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that: "this was a strategic development in its own right". The top Pentagon generals including the Joint Chiefs of Staff also hailed the "new relationship", pointing out that "on the strategic aspects" it will "enhance national security and the situation of American forces in the Western Pacific". The joint communique issued by the Chinese revisionists and the U.S. imperialists is also perfectly clear. It states: "neither (the U.S. or China--ed.) should seek hegemony in the Asia region or in any other region of the world and each is opposed to efforts by any other country or group of countries to establish such hegemony". This is an obvious reference to the U.S. - Japanese-Chinese bloc for domination of Asia -- a sort of Asian NATO -- and to inter-imperialist rivalry against the Soviet social-imperialists. Just so no one misses the point, the communique hypocritically adds "neither is prepared to... enter into agreements or understandings with the other directed at other states". Translated from the language of diplomacy, this means that both are aiming at agreements enslaving the whole Asian region and preparing for war against the Soviet social-imperialists.

The U.S.-China alliance is being justified as a "counterweight" to Soviet social-imperialism and as a "factor for peace". The most cynical warmongers are being portrayed as knights of "peace", just as the war criminal Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Everyone knows that the Carter administration is arming frenziedly for war with record-breaking military budgets, while the Chinese revisionists are spurring on the arms race. The fact is that the only guarantee of peace possible is the non-stop development of the world revolution. It is the national liberation movements, the proletarian revolutionary movements, the socialist country Albania, and the just wars of national and social liberation that are the only defense against unjust wars of aggression and the only barrier against World War HI. It is the weakening of the imperialist system that stays the hands of imperialism. The strengthening of U.S. imperialism as a "counterweight" to the Soviet Union, on the pretext of preserving the "balance" between the allegedly "declining" U.S. imperialism and the allegedly "rising" Soviet social-imperialism, is a warmonger's theory, a theory of imperialist brinkmanship. In fact it is the standard theory of the arms race, the theory of the "balance of terror" with which both superpowers always justify every new arms expenditure as being supposedly only what is necessary to preserve the balance with the competitor, or to have a bargaining chip available for SALT talks.

Today the U.S. imperialists and the Soviet social- imperialists, either taken separately or together, are equally the biggest enemies of the peoples of the world and the main source of a new world war. The American proletariat must fight the aggressive plots of U.S. imperialism tooth and nail. Thus the criminal declarations of the Chinese revisionists and their hangers-on in favor of the faster rearming of the U.S. military with the most advanced and up-to-date means of mass murder -- including B-l bombers and neutron bombs, their calls for beefing up the U.S.-led NATO armies in Europe, are a further illustration of the warmongering nature of the U.S.-China alliance. These militarist cries prove that the proletariat must denounce the U.S.-China alliance in order to carry out the struggle against U.S. imperialism and imperialist war.

The U.S.-China Alliance at Work in Asia

The sermons about the U, S. and China bringing "peace and security in Asia" are particularly ominous. It is the U.S. imperialists who have scorched vast Asia from one end to the other with ferocious wars of aggression. It can hardly be forgotten that it was under the same false slogans of "peace and security in Asia" that U.S. imperialism carried out the most barbaric war of aggression in the history of mankind in Indochina. For over twenty years the U.S. aggressors waged war against heroic Vietnam, as well as committing atrocious aggression against Laos and Cambodia. Over three million U.S. troops, billions upon hundreds of billions of dollars of modern armaments including the most sophisticated weapons of mass slaughter, and the top Pentagon generals were dispatched to drown the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese and other Indochinese people in blood. The U.S. aggressor troops were only driven from Indochina three years ago, suffering complete defeat at the hands of the glorious unrelenting struggle of the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian peoples who sacrificed millions of their best sons and daughters on the battlefield.

Since the U. S, emerged as the leader of the imperialist camp following the Second World War, it has put enormous energies towards enslaving Asia with its huge population and abundant natural wealth. It was U.S. imperialism that armed the Chiang Kai-shek clique to the teeth for the slaughter of the Chinese people and that is to this day arming the Chiang clique and militarily occupying China's province of Taiwan. It was U.S. imperialism which invaded Korea and carried out one of the most savage wars in history against the Korean and Chinese peoples, and to this day the U.S. troops are occupying the southern part of Korea. It is U.S. imperialism which has rigged up pro-U.S. fascist dictatorships in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and elsewhere across Asia, slaughtering many hundreds of thousands of communists, workers, peasants and progressive people as in the fascist coup in Indonesia. The U.S. imperialists continue to encircle Asia with a string of military bases and ply the waters of the Western Pacific with the 7th Fleet and they do not do these things for the sake of "peace". U.S. aggression in China and Korea, in Vietnam and throughout Asia, has taught the world the profound lesson that all U.S. imperialism's talk of "peace and security", of "human rights", is just a cover for the most hideous barbarism.

It is not the U.S. imperialist warmongers who have changed and become a "factor for peace in Asia", but the Chinese revisionists who have become a supporter of imperialist aggression. For over thirty years the U.S. imperialists have tried to conquer China, by way of bloody wars and intervention. Now they have seized the fortress from within with the coming to power in China of the new revisionist bourgeoisie, the Teng Hsiao-ping-Hua Kuo-feng clique.

When Teng Hsiao-ping went on tour of Southeast Asia, promising Chinese support for the blood-soaked U.S. neo-colonial regimes in Thailand, Malaysia, etc., and calling for these pro-imperialist regimes to unite more closely inside ASEAN under the U.S. nuclear umbrella, he was strengthening the forces of aggression and war. When the Chinese revisionists instigate the fratricidal war between Cambodia and Vietnam and threaten the invasion of Vietnam, this is not in the interest of peace either. Recently Teng Hsiao-ping went to Japan, said "let bygones be bygones" to emperor Hirohito, who is dripping with the blood of millions of Chinese slaughtered during the Japanese invasion of China in World War II, and signed the "Treaty of Peace and Friendship" between revisionist China and militarist Japan. Japan itself is a guard dog of U.S. imperialism in Asia and a big imperialist power in its own right. The Chinese revisionists had some time ago stopped warning the world about revived Japanese militarism and instead started spurring on Japanese militarism and trying to drive Japan against the Soviet Union. With the treaty of alliance with Japan, a U.S.-Japanese-Chinese axis began to take shape, an axis to dominate Asia.

The American aggression against Asia and the formation of the U.S.-Japan-China axis shows the true aggressive face of the "new relationship" between the U.S. and China.

A "New Relationship" to Serve the Plunder of China by the U.S. Monopolies

The U.S.-China alliance also includes the outright plunder of China by American monopoly capital. Under the pretext of "modernizing" the Chinese economy, Hua Kuo-feng and Teng Hsiao-ping are rapidly restoring capitalism and opening China up as a field of investment for the international monopolies. The Chinese people who have shed rivers of blood to liberate their nation from the imperialist yoke are again being subject to a new imperialist slavery. The Chinese revisionist bourgeoisie is selling out the land and labor of China to the highest bidder among the imperialist monopolies of the West. Already the Japanese, German and other imperialists have begun operations in China. They have bought up entire sections of Chinese oil and other natural resources. They have set up gigantic joint-stock companies for the exploitation of "cheap" Chinese labor. They have granted enslaving credits to the tune of tens of billions of dollars to the Chinese government. And it is not for socialism but for capitalism and maximum profits that such "aid" to China is being granted.

The U.S.-China alliance has been hailed from the financial houses of Wall Street to the banks of San Francisco. The "opening up of the vast Chinese market" to U.S. plunder is being billed as a veritable solution to the grave economic crisis of the U.S. monopoly capitalist system. The U.S. monopolies have jealously watched the Japanese, German, French and other operations in China and are now scrambling to get a part of the action and to grab up their "share" of the Chinese market. Exxon, Mobil and the other imperialist oil monopolies are negotiating terms for the plunder of Chinese oil. General Motors and Ford are discussing the payments for auto assembly plants in Chinese cities. Various monopolists, from McDonalds restaurants to clothing manufacturers are being welcomed into China to exploit the workers and sell their goods. The Coca-Cola Company has already been guaranteed a monopoly on the Chinese market. The sell-out of the land and labor of the Chinese people by the Chinese revisionist traitors is completely shameless.

This sell-out is also reflected in the deal which has been struck in relation to Taiwan. Taiwan is an integral part of China which for thirty years has been maintained as a U.S. imperialist colony, ruled by the puppet Chiang Kai-shek fascist clique. However, in dutiful payment for their alliance with the U.S., Teng Hsiao-ping and Co. have promised Carter that China will not upset the status quo on Taiwan, that the U.S. investments there will not be touched and have even granted the U.S. permission to continue to supply the Chiang clique with "defensive" weapons.

Thus, the "common interests" which are part of the "new relationship" between the U.S. and China are the interests in the first place of the profits of the U.S. imperialist monopolies and the new Chinese bourgeoisie. The opening up of China to plunder by U.S. monopoly capital is a new crime against the Chinese people and a strengthening of the world system of imperialism. It must be resolutely condemned.

Neither U.S. Imperialism Nor Soviet and Chinese Social-imperialism Can Eliminate Socialism and the World Revolution

According to the imperialist propaganda mills and the sold-out "realistic politics" of the "three worlds" theory, the fate of mankind lies in the hands of the big imperialist powers. The imperialist stooges justify their treason by holding that the entire world must be subject to the dictation of one or the other of the imperialist powers or perhaps to several imperialists in combination. The imperialist gentlemen claim that the whole world must hold its breath while waiting for the outcome of SALT talks, for the decisions of the summit conferences of capitalist robbers, and for the disclosure of the dirty deals hatched in the secret diplomacy. The imperialists try to discredit the shining image and prestige of the revolution and to plunge the masses into pessimism and fatalism. Today with the U.S.-China alliance, the U.S. ruling circles are gloating about the elimination of socialism in China. The bourgeoisie is once again declaring the "finish" of socialism and the revolution.

But the truth is the direct opposite of the imperialist dreams. The entrance of China into the dance of imperialist alliances is a very dangerous thing, but it is only an adverse zigzag of world history. It cannot determine the inevitable outcome of the world proletarian socialist revolution. The fact is that socialism continues to exist, and not only in the aspirations and dreams of the working masses everywhere. Socialism is being built today in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania. Guided by the Marxist-Leninist line of the Party of Labor of Albania with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head, the Albanian working class and people are successfully defending the dictatorship of the proletariat and are building a complete socialist society right in the face of the savage attacks and blockade of the imperialists and revisionists. The Chinese revisionists have only exposed themselves through their attacks on socialist Albania and their joining of the imperialist- revisionist blockade against her. Genuine socialism, the socialism of Marx,% Engels, Lenin and Stalin, exist in Albania and remains the inevitable future of all mankind. Meanwhile the revolt of the proletariat is intensifying all over the world and becoming an ever more dangerous threat to the capitalist system. The anti-imperialist struggles of the oppressed nations are raging. Evidence of this is Iran where the U.S. - China alliance has utterly failed to suppress the Iranian masses who have risen up in their millions against the fascist Shah. Neither Hua Kuo-feng's recent visit of support for the fascist Shah nor the blessings via telegram of the "human rights" preacher Carter nor 50,000 U.S. military advisors have been able to put out the revolt of the Iranian people. The truth is that the world system of imperialism can never eliminate socialism nor quell the revolt of the proletariat and toiling masses.

Down with the Aggressive U.S.-China Alliance!

The American people will never accept the U.S.-China alliance. All across the U.S. the proletariat looks with contempt at the imperialism and chauvinism of the U.S. monopoly capitalist dictators and at the antics of the Chinese revisionists. The people are inspired by the outbursts of revolution the world over, they stand up for Marxism-Leninism and the revolution, and they throw aside all that is dead and decaying and in league with the oppressors. The American revolutionary movement is rejecting with contempt the social-chauvinist theory of "three worlds". The American revolutionary movement has repeatedly demonstrated in the past its proletarian internationalist sentiment with the massive upsurge in the 60's in the struggle against the U.S. war of aggression in Viet Nam, with its support for the Chinese revolution, with its constant sympathy for any revolt against the U.S. imperialist empire and its historic support for the dictatorship of the proletariat wherever it existed.

The heroic Chinese proletariat and people too, who overthrew the Chinese emperors, who defeated the Axis-fascist Japanese invasion and then chased out the U.S.-backed fascist Chiang Kai-shek clique, will never accept the dark rule of the new revisionist emperors or submit to a new imperialist slavery. The interests of the Chinese people do not lie with the superpower ambitions of Hua Kuo-feng and Teng Hsiao-ping or in becoming cannon-fodder for the aggressive wars which the U.S.-China alliance is preparing.

The interests of the struggle against war, of the revolutionary movements for national liberation and of the proletarian revolution, the interests of the American and Chinese people and those of the entire world, all demand irreconcilable opposition to the warmongering U.S.-China alliance. The unity of the American and Chinese working class and people can only be achieved in the common struggle for the overthrow of the U.S. monopoly capitalist dictators, the Chinese revisionist bourgeoisie, and all reaction. It is the task of the American proletariat to lead all the toiling and oppressed masses in the U.S. in resolute condemnation of the warmongering policy of the Carter administration.





[Cartoon: "The Revolution WHI Put an End to the Dance of Imperialist Affiances"]


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Socialism Marches Forward Triumphantly in Albania

Albania is the glorious homeland of socialism for the workers of all countries. The exploitation of man by man has been eliminated there with the overthrow of the capitalist system. There, genuine democracy exists and the people are truly the masters of their own country. Albania is not under anyone's thumb and it resolutely defends its hard-won national independence. The scientific principles of Marxism- Leninism are put into practice by the Albanian people led by the Party of Labor of Albania, and they are gloriously marching toward the complete construction of socialist society and communism. In Albania, independence, democracy and socialism are not hollow words used by wolves in sheep's clothing to deceive the people, but are the living reality which the people fight for and defend with all of their energy.

The foreign policy of the Party and Government of Albania is an extension of their correct Marxist-Leninist policy of socialist construction internally. Albania always defends the world proletariat and oppressed people and exposes the crimes of the two superpowers, the exploitation and brutal aggression carried out by U.S. imperialism and Soviet social- imperialism. Albania also fights the reactionary activities of the new upstart social-imperialists of China and all other imperialist countries. Albania's foreign policy is based on Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. It is consistent and stated plainly for all to understand. As Comrade Enver Hoxha states: "it defends the lofty interests of our socialist Homeland, supports the revolutionary movement of the working class and the struggle of the peoples for freedom, independence and sovereignty".

The brilliant achievements of the valiant Albanian people are an inspiration to the revolutionary people of the entire world. The spokesmen of monopoly capitalism, through the many channels available only to the rich, constantly bombard the American people with lies saying that history stops here, that human society has advanced to its pinnacle, that the vast problems confronting the masses are insurmountable and only allow for some slight tinkerings and adjustments by benevolent saviors such as Carter and other political swindlers. But the living reality of socialism in Albania is a bright beacon light that exposes the lies of the rich and illuminates the road forward for the workers and oppressed people of the U.S. and the whole world. Just look at some facts concerning Albania's socialist construction:

In the 34 years since liberation in 1944, the Albanian working class, cooperativist peasantry and revolutionary intelligentsia have transformed their once poor and backward country into an advanced socialist society with a modern industry, flourishing agriculture and progressive culture and education. The source of the Albanian people's present happiness lies in their heroic armed war of national liberation that overthrew the foreign and domestic exploiting classes and established the dictatorship of the proletariat. With the PLA guiding the revolution, the capitalists and landlords were deprived of their ownership of the means of production, and socialist common property and unified state planning were established. On this basis, the broad democracy for the masses was developed and is now being continuously perfected.

In Albania, no longer are there exploiting classes, or even privileged strata. The sweat and struggle of the working masses is for the construction of socialism and the improvement of the people's well-being. This can be accomplished only through the all-sided development of the national economy through the full mobilization of the working masses around the scientific state plan. At the time of liberation, Albania did not have any large-scale industry. Today, modern industry exists, with the necessary energy base created and with the rational extraction of mineral wealth providing the basis for the all-round development of the necessary branches of industrial production. The Albanian working class is politically conscious and technically knowledgeable, and under the direction of the PLA it is leading the Albanian society on the socialist road.

Prior to the liberation in 1944, Albanian agriculture was extremely weak and backward. But today this basic sector of the economy is advancing and flourishing because the Marxist-Leninist line of collectivization of agriculture has been put into practice. High yields of many important crops have been achieved and will steadily increase due to the collectivization of large tracts of land, the mechanization of work, the wide-scale use of chemical fertilizers, and due to the lofty socialist sentiments and political consciousness guiding the work of the cooperativists.

In the struggle of the Albanian people for socialist economic construction, for the consolidation of the rule of the working class, and for the defense of their national independence, the socialist new man is emerging. The new man of socialism is imbued not only with technical-scientific knowledge, but also with the sound political awareness and morality of working for the common good. This is being accomplished through vigorous struggle against the hang-overs in human consciousness from the old society which are the feelings and motivations connected to the former system of private ownership of property. In addition, the imperialists who encircle Albania constantly seek to undermine the people's socialist consciousness by bombarding the country with the propaganda and decadent spirit of capitalism in decay. In opposing the ideological aggression of imperialism and fighting for the construction of socialism, the Albanian people have raised their educational and cultural level to great heights. The art and literature, music and films express the happiness of the people, their love for the Party's leadership and their firm confidence in the future. It is a vehicle for the revolutionary forces to further consolidate socialism.

In Albania, the income and standard of living of the people has never been reduced but is constantly rising. There are no taxes, prices never rise and house rents are a token charge. Education and medical care are provided without cost. The ratio between the average pay of working people and the highest salaries is not more than one to two, so as to prevent the re-birth of a privileged strata who would seek to betray the cause of socialism and create more privileges for themselves by restoring capitalism. All of this has been achieved because there is no capitalist exploitation left in Albania -- the working masses, led by the PLA, are in command of their own country.

This is only the briefest outline of the new life being created in Albania. In the U.S. of course, there is an entirely different story. The U.S. monopoly capitalist system is deeply mired in all-round economic, political and. cultural crisis and decay. The bourgeoisie is shifting the burden of this crisis onto the shoulders of the proletariat through ever-intensified capitalist exploitation. Mass layoffs and unemployment alongside soaring inflation and decreasing real wages are what the working class has to constantly face. But the workers do not agree with this situation and have been launching numerous struggles to resist the offensive of the bourgeoisie. They have defied Carter's "voluntary" wage-controls which have nothing to do with fighting inflation and everything to do with cutting wages and increasing the capitalists' profits. The Afro-American people and other oppressed nationalities are courageously resisting the racist and fascist attacks organized against them by the state. More and more the workers are becoming aroused against the growing fascism of the monopoly capitalists, against their fascist cultural garbage offered to the people on TV and films etc., in the name of "entertainment", and against their increasingly obvious preparations for war.

U.S. society is rotting alive. Only through the anti-fascist proletarian socialist revolution can any of the fundamental problems facing the working class be solved. And it is the science of Marxism-Leninism and the achievements of socialism in Albania, that illuminate the forward path which the workers of the U.S. and the entire world will inevitably follow.

The successes of socialist construction in Albania have been achieved only through constant struggle against the attacks of imperialism. After liberation in 1944, the U.S. and Britain tried to crush Albania through economic blockade, bullying and sabotage.

The Khrushchovite traitors have also tried to destroy her by cutting off the aid that the once socialist Soviet Union had been providing Albania, by economic blockade and by attempts to weaken her defense capability. Today the Chinese revisionists have also joined this imperialist-revisionist encirclement of socialist Albania. In July, 1978, they cut off aid and made public certain defense secrets. Just like Khrushchov, they have betrayed the world proletariat and its glorious cause, they have become the biggest friends of imperialism and deadly enemies of the revolutionary people of the world. They have fully revealed their hatred of socialism which is totally consistent with their restoration of capitalism in China.

In August Hua Kuo-feng, leader of the Communist Party of China, concluded a long visit to Yugoslavia and Rumania as part of the Chinese social-imperialists' strategy to turn the Balkans into a powder-keg for war, subjugate the Balkan countries and spin intrigues against the Albanian people.

But the Albanian people, led by the Party of Labor of Albania, have not met the attacks of the U.S., U.S.S.R. or Chinese imperialists lying down. The great Marxist-Leninist Enver Hoxha has led the Albanian people to defiantly rebuff these intrigues, conspiracies, bullying and blackmail, and to self-reliantly persist in winning continual victories in socialist construction. Though they are very small in number, the Albanian Marxist-Leninists and people are large in stature, and they have never kneeled down in the face of the brutal assaults of the reactionaries and fascists. Today, Albania is the only genuine socialist country in the world.

The U.S. imperialists are gloating over the betrayal of the Hua Kuo-feng-Teng Hsiao-ping clique in China and are shouting that socialism can never survive, but instead must inevitably hold out its hands to the imperialists for "aid", loans and investments. But Marxism-Leninism denies this and Albania provides the proof today that this is a lie. Albania accepts no loans or "aid" from capitalist or revisionist states. It has no foreign military bases on its soil. It builds socialism based on its own efforts and defends its victories with a pick in one hand and a rifle in the other.

The Chinese revisionists, by their actions, have earned the contempt of the revolutionary people of the world and only receive friendly smiles from the small ruling cliques of imperialists and their agents in various places. Albania, however, though small and encircled by world imperialism, has earned the admiration and respect of the world proletariat and oppressed people. Not only does Albania heroically build socialism in their own land, but they provide consistent proletarian internationalist support to the revolutionary struggles of the proletariat and oppressed nations throughout the world, and to the genuine Marxist-Leninist parties that lead them. The people know and feel that Albania is on their side and is their true and faithful friend in the struggle for national liberation and socialism.

Comrade Enver Hoxha, First Secretary of the PLA, recently stated: "The world is at a stage when the cause of the revolution and national liberation of the peoples is not just an aspiration and a future prospect, but a problem taken up for solution." Today Albania is the bastion of socialism and stands at the head of the world revolution. The tremendous victories of the Albanian people would not have been possible without the correct Marxist-Leninist leadership of the PLA. It has always defended the purity of Marxism and prevented its policy from being corrupted by revisionism, whether that of Tito, Khrushchov, or the anti- Leninist theory of "three worlds" preached by the Chinese traitors.

Socialist Albania continues to march down the glorious path charted by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. This is the genuine path of socialism and communism, the inevitable forward march of the workers and oppressed people of the entire world. End.

[Photo: Photo shows the interior of the "Tractors" plant, part of the newly-inaugurated "Enver Hoxha Automobile-Tractor Combine" in Tirana. The combine was inaugurated with a joyous celebration, which also included the inauguration of the first Albanian-made tractor, on October 14. This marks another great victory of the correct Marxist-Leninist policy of the glorious PLA which is consistently implementing the Leninist principle in the construction of socialism, relying on the forces of the Albanian people themselves, and overcoming all obstacle, including those created by the Chinese revisionists.]


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Powerful Revolt of the Iranian People Against the Fascist Regime of the Shah

The alliances and conspiracies of the imperialists cannot stop the forward march of the world's people. The fascist Shah of Iran was considered by the imperialists as an impregnable bastion of reaction and as a firm base area for U.S. imperialist domination of the Middle East. But the Iranian people are paying no heed to the revolting sermons of Carter about the "human rights" available in the torture chambers of the Iranian SAVAK nor are they listening to the prayers uttered by Hua Kuo-feng and the "three worlders" in their pilgrimages to Tehran to pay homage to the Shah. Today the Iranian people are rising in their millions against the fascist Shah. The revolutionary vengeance of the masses is striking fear into the hearts of the imperialists and the agents of both U.S. imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism are fleeing for their lives. The myth of the stability of the fascist regime is shattered once and for all. The present upsurge of the Iranian people is but one step in the Iranian people's struggle. The revolution will have to go through many twists and turns on the road to genuine national and social liberation. But the Iranian masses, led by their Marxist-Leninist Party, the Workers' and Peasants' Communist Party of Iran, are stalwartly marching forward. The glorious revolt of the Iranian people is a matter of great joy for the proletariat and toiling masses the world over. It weakens and undermines the world system of imperialism. It proves once again the truth of Comrade Enver Hoxha's teaching that "The world is at a stage when the cause of the revolution and national liberation of the peoples is not just an aspiration and a future prospect, but a problem taken up for solution."

According to news agency reports, the working people of Iran are continuing their strike struggles against the fascist regime of the Shah. The working people in the southern oil fields of Iran are continuing their strike action and have reduced oil production from the normal 6 million barrels per day to less than 600,000. The workers at the oil refineries in Abadan and other cities are also continuing their strike action, which has resulted in a complete halt to the export of oil by the consortium of 14 Western imperialist corporations and of gas to the Soviet Union.

In recent days in Iran, millions of people have taken to the streets in protest against the reactionary fascist activity of the Shah against the people. Large demonstrations and rallies were held throughout the country denouncing the Shah and his U.S. imperialist masters. In several cities, the masses of the working people have also launched attacks on U.S. imperialism's war factories established in Iran to prop up the regime of the Shah.

The month of December marks one year of the powerful revolt of the Iranian people against the Shah. The demonstrations which are taking place in recent days are also in commemoration of the death of those patriots who were gunned down in December 1977 by the fascist army of the Shah. In the present demonstrations the people are militantly defying the laws of the regime and shouting the slogan "Death to the Shah!" The reactionary regime is in such a panic that even the smallest demonstration of schoolchildren is being put down by the most brutal violence of the fascist army. This has not, however, stopped the people of Iran from continuing their protest actions against the regime and its imperialist masters. In the city of Tehran for instance, fierce fighting has been going on between the masses of people and the reactionary forces of the Shah. The troops have been using tanks, helicopter warships, heavy machine guns and other sophisticated weapons to massacre the people. In one recent five day period alone, it is estimated that at least 1,000 people have been killed by the troops of fascism in Tehran. Similarly, in Isfahan the armed forces have been opening fire on the masses of people demonstrating every day. This has resulted in several hundred people being killed in these same five days.

The reactionary regime of the Shah is expecting that this white terror will put down the powerful revolt of the Iranian people. This, however, is far from the case, since the reactionary violence is arousing deep hatred of the Iranian people for the fascism of the Shah. In their thousands they are surging forward and, increasingly led by the proletariat, they are confronting the regime in powerful actions.

Meanwhile the U.S. imperialists have mounted a big contingency plan to provide assistance to the Shah by rushing in thousands of aggressive troops to slaughter the Iranian-people. The contingency plan provides for the rapid transporting of U.S., Canadian and West German fascist troops to Iran under the guise of evacuating citizens from these countries living in Iran. These citizens are in the main comprised of over 50,000 U.S. imperialist military "advisors" to the fascist army of the Shah. Many of them are actively involved in the slaughter of the Iranian people in recent days. Already several dry runs have been made of this plan, using war aircraft stationed in Germany as well as commercial aircraft, to evacuate the children of U.S. citizens working in Iran and to provide arms for the Shah to suppress the demonstrations and the protest of the people. In fact, over the last few weeks as the massive opposition to the regime of the Shah is mounting in Iran, the U.S. imperialists have been moving more and more weapons into Iran under the guise of fulfilling old contracts for the Shah. These arms are in addition to the $30 billion worth of arms already sold to the fascist regime.

The machinations of the U.S. imperialists as well as other Western imperialists and the Soviet social-imperialists in Iran are a big exposure of the imperialist "human rights" campaign which is being preached at this time by U.S. imperialism. It shows that this whole campaign is one of pure demagogy aimed at the defense of fascism and the most barbaric reactionary regimes which are oppressing the people in the interest of imperialism. The activity of the U.S. imperialists and their allies also exposes the lies of Carter about Iran which have been widely promoted in the bourgeois press. Carter declared on December 7, 1978: "We have never had any intention and don't have any intention of trying to intercede in the internal political affairs of Iran. We primarily want an absence of violence and bloodshed, and stability." Thus, those who installed the Shah in power in 1953 by slaughtering thousands of Iranians, and who have continued to arm this fascist butcher and who have provided him with over 50,000military "advisors", to massacre more than 20,000 people in the last 12 months alone, are calling for not "intervening" and for no bloodshed and violence in Iran. This demagogy of U.S. imperialism cannot, however, fool the Iranian people who daily have to face up to the tyranny of the fascist Pahlavi regime and his fascist forces firing from their U.S. supplied tanks, helicopter gunships and warplanes commanded by the U.S. imperialists and the Israeli fascist troops. The people of Iran know that they can never allow themselves to in any way be fooled by the words of arch-demagogue Carter. They are therefore relentlessly continuing their opposition to the regime of the Shah and its U.S. imperialist masters.

While the struggle of the Iranian people is spearheaded against the Shah, and while the liquidation of the barbaric rule of the Shah will be a great victory for the people, this in itself is not everything. The contradiction which has given rise to the battle between the Shah and the broad masses of the people is the contradiction between the broad masses of the Iranian workers, peasants, students and other sections of the people, on the one hand, and the feudalists, the bourgeoisie and imperialism on the other. Thus, true salvation is what the genuine patriots, progressive and revolutionary Iranian forces, with the Iranian proletariat and its Workers' and Peasants' Communist Party of Iran at the head, are fighting for -- armed overthrow of the regime, true national and social liberation. It is only through the armed struggle that the old social order can be uprooted and the domination of imperialism ended in Iran.

This orientation provided by the Iranian Marxist-Leninists is decisive at the present time, when in the face of the determined struggle of the people, imperialism and its servants are making every effort to save the day for themselves in Iran through every sort of maneuver aimed at liquidating the people's struggle for genuine national and social liberation.

One of these maneuvers which has been taking place in Iran in recent months is the switching of governments, each one proclaiming its loyalty to the Shah and to U.S. imperialism, while making lofty statements about bringing "democracy" and "peace" for the people of Iran. The Shah is the main propagandist for this as he sees his inevitable doom. This is an attempt to blind the people to the fact that genuine democracy in Iran can never be achieved under his terrorist dictatorship. The immediate task of the Iranian people is to abolish oppression, cease the plunder of the homeland by the imperialists, bury the shameful Pahlavi-'dynasty, the feudalists and the bourgeoisie dependent on imperialism.

Now that this task is becoming crystal clear to the Iranian people, and neither the lies of the Shah about "democracy" and "freedom" nor the fascist terror has stopped the revolt, the imperialists are maneuvering once again to prolong the life of the regime through new schemes of either temporarily removing the Shah or installing a new regime which can hide its fascism temporarily under some mask. The "new" maneuvers of the U.S. imperialists to prop up this regime will most certainly be opposed by the masses of the Iranian people who are determined to carry through their struggle against fascism and its U.S. imperialist masters.

All the other imperialists and reactionaries have also thrown in their part in this desperate attempt to stop the development of the revolution in Iran, including the Soviet social-imperialists, who have been providing military vehicles and rockets to the regime. The Chinese social-imperialists are most zealous in their reactionary alliance with the U.S. imperialists and the fascist regime of the Shah in the slaughter of the people. They have been advertising the barbarism of the U.S. imperialists and other imperialists and the Iranian fascists as the way to stop Soviet social-imperialism with whom the Western imperialists are in sharp rivalry in Iran. Thus, this alliance which is slaughtering the Iranian people is a concrete manifestation of the reactionary "broad united front" of the theoreticians of "three worlds". It is the alliance of the U.S. imperialists, the Western imperialists ("second worlders"), the Chinese social-imperialists and the brutal fascist regime against the revolution in Iran. This alliance of reaction and bloody terror spells great danger for the people of Iran. The people can hold no illusions towards any of these forces, neither those from the camp of U.S. imperialism nor those of the camp of Soviet social-imperialism, since they all aim at continuing the criminal suppression of the people of Iran to deny them their freedom and independence.

The most important feature of this powerful revolt of the Iranian people is the increasingly leading role which is being played by the proletariat and its Party, the Workers' and Peasants' Communist Party of Iran. In a recent communique to the people of Iran to learn the important lessons from the struggles against this bloodthirsty regime of Pahlavi, it called on the people to strengthen the Party as the leading force in this revolt in order to carry through the struggle against the Shah and his imperialist sponsors, and particularly the dominant one in Iran, U.S. imperialism. The communique called on the people: "to get organized and armed; the only way to overthrow the bloodthirsty regime of Pahlavi". It further pointed out: "A regime which is armed to its teeth to protect itself, the interest of imperialism, especially U.S. imperialism, and which is being supported by 50,000 American advisors, by Israeli lackeys, Russian and Chinese traitors, cannot be destroyed with clenched fists, sticks and a heart full of revenge in a city surrounded by the army bases." Thus true salvation is what the genuine patriots, progressive and revolutionary forces, with the Iranian proletariat and its Workers' and Peasants' Communist Party of Iran at the head, are fighting for -- armed overthrow of the regime, true national and social liberation. It is only through the armed struggle that the old social order can be uprooted and the domination of imperialism ended in Iran. End.


[Photos: The fighting people of Iran are continuing their revolt against the fascist Pahlavi regime. The bloodthirsty violence of the regime's forces is showing the people of Iran that the old social order in Iran can only be overthrown through armed struggle.]

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The Anti-Leninist Theory of "Three Worlds" in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance

The formation of the warmongering U.S.-China alliance is in complete accordance with and is the very fruit of the anti-Leninist theory of "three worlds". This so-called "great strategic concept" of the Chinese revisionists is being put into full effect by the Hua Kuo-feng-Teng Hsiao-ping clique. It is the "three worlds" theory which guides their efforts to turn China into a superpower and justifies their alliances with the biggest imperialists and reactionaries against peace, socialism and national liberation.

Chinese revisionism with its "three worlds" theory is but the latest current of modern revisionism. It is a variant of Khrushchovite revisionism, a gross concoction made up of the most outrageous distortions of Marxism-Leninism. Like all the previous revisionisms -- that of the American arch-revisionist Browder, Yugoslav Titoite revisionism, Khruschovite Soviet revisionism, and "Eurocommunist" revisionism -- the "three worlds" theory is a flagrant renunciation of the revolution and is a line of open collaboration with imperialism, U.S. imperialism in particular.

Leninism teaches us that we still live in the era of imperialism and the proletarian revolution, the epoch of the victory of socialism over capitalism. In this era, two contending forces are locked in mortal combat, labor against capital, the forces of socialism and freedom against the forces of capitalism and slavery. Since the Russian Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917, the new socialist system has been in existence without interruption. Despite the restoration of capitalism in the U.S.S.R. at the hands of the Khrushchovite revisionists following the death of J.V. Stalin, and despite the revisionist degeneration in China, genuine socialism continues to flourish in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania and socialism remains a powerful force. Nowhere on earth does the imperialist-capitalist system exist in peace and quiet, but everywhere it is in deep crisis, confronted by the forces of socialism, by the proletarian revolutionary movement and the anti-imperialist movement of the oppressed nations. Workers' strikes, demonstrations and protests, revolts, armed uprisings and national liberation wars of the oppressed masses are the order of the day. The problem of revolution is being taken up for solution in all countries. The two superpowers, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., in the first place, along with the Chinese, Japanese and European imperialists, are involved in deep rivalries over the division of the loot plundered from the toilers on all continents. These conflicts are dangerous and lead in the direction of war, but at the same time they tremendously weaken the world imperialist system and provide prospects for the revolution to breach the imperialist front.

However, according to the opportunist ravings of the "three worlders", Leninism is no longer valid. Socialism, the working class movement and the national liberation movement and the very possibility of a successful revolution have all been written off as unfortunate misconceptions good only for a dim and distant past. The Chinese revisionists allege that the world is now divided in a different way -- according to geography: that the so-called "third world" (the capitalist and neo-colonial states of Asia, Africa and Latin America) "now constitutes the motive force pushing world history forward"; and that the so-called "second world" (mainly the imperialist states of Europe and Japan) "can be won over to the third world in the common struggle against the hegemonism of the two superpowers", the U.S. and U.S.S.R.

Furthermore, the Chinese revisionists look at the world through big power spectacles and consider the re-division of imperialist spheres of influence and not the revolution as the cardinal problem of the time. The theoreticians of the "three worlds" theory in a warmongering fashion have proclaimed as "inevitable" a war between U.S. imperialism and Soviet social- imperialism. They have declared that the proletariat and people cannot prevent such a war and that the revolution has been indefinitely postponed. Hence, the only thing left to do is to support one superpower or the other in the inter-imperialist slaughter they are preparing.

Therefore, regarding the two superpowers themselves, the theory of "three worlds" does not treat them as two imperialisms, equally the most barbaric and savage enemies of the people of the world, but instead makes an absurd distinction between the two. Allegedly, U.S. imperialism is the "declining"super- power which has been placed "on the defensive" and therefore no longer an enemy but a bulwark of "peace" and "democracy" against the "one main enemy", the superpower "on the offensive," the Soviet New Tsars.

Thus, the "great strategic concept" of the Chinese revisionists is as far from the Marxist-Leninist class analysis as it could possibly be. Teng Hsiao-ping and Co. demand that the so-called "third world", (the U.S. neo-colonial puppets such as the Shah of Iran, Mobutu of the Congo (K) and Pinochet of Chile unite with the imperialist and neo-colonialist states of the so- called "second world". Of course this "united front" is to be under the direction of the self-styled "leader of the third world", Chinese social-imperialism, which has its own neo-colonialist designs in this so- called "world". As well, it is demanded that the "third" and "second" worlds unite under the U.S. nuclear umbrella and be left to the tender mercies of U.S. imperialism. This line could not be more reactionary. There is no better formula for the defense of the status quo and for collaboration with imperialism, U.S. imperialism in particular than the theory of "three worlds". The formation of the aggressive U.S.-China alliance is the greatest achievement of the "three worlds" theory to date.

The disgusting spectacle of the counter-revolutionary U.S.-China collaboration demonstrates the enormous significance for the revolutionary Marxist-Leninists to fight with all their strength against revisionism and opportunism of all hues. To not fight the Pentagon-socialist "three worlders", the agents of Chinese revisionism in the U.S., is to take a non-revolutionary attitude towards U.S. monopoly capitalism and its state power. To fail to take an irreconcilable stand against the theory of "three worlds", to adopt it as one's own, means betrayal of the working class and going over to the side of world imperialism and reaction. Only by resolutely upholding the principles o f Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, defending the immortal teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin against the distortions of the revisionists and opportunists of all hues, can the cause of the proletariat and working masses be advanced. End.

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In Albania Socialism Is Being Built According to the Teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin

Last month the Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists carried out a vigorous campaign to hail the 34th anniversary of the complete liberation of Albania. With revolutionary enthusiasm for the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, over 500 people attended the meetings which were held in Boston, Chicago, New York, Oakland and Seattle. The entire campaign was permeated with the basic theme to learn from and defend Albania, the bastion of socialism and world revolution. The campaign was organized under the slogans: "Glory to Albania, beacon of socialism!", "Denounce the hostile acts of the Chinese revisionists against socialism in Albania!", "Uphold Marxism-Leninism in struggle against the 'three worlds' theory and all revisionism and opportunism!", "Hail the Party of Labor of Albania, organizer of the victories of the Albanian people!". A full report on this revolutionary campaign in support of socialism will be carried in the next issue of The Workers' Advocate.

At the Chicago meeting, speaking on the great significance of Socialist Albania, the representative of the COUSML pointed out:

The international proletariat has a sharp weapon which punctures the pessimistic propaganda of the bourgeoisie and thoroughly exposes the bankruptcy of their dismal social system and state power. That weapon is the reality of Socialist Albania. In Albania socialism is being built according to the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

The capitalists today tell us that inflation and continuous impoverishment of the masses are inevitable. If that is the case why is it that in Albania there has been no inflation for 34 years while every year the standard of living of the people rises? They tell us that a high-living, tax-gobbling, oppressive bureaucracy is a necessity for the complexity of modern life. If that is the case, then why is it that Albania has eliminated this evil? Why is it that in Albania even the highest official can make no more than two times the wage of an unskilled worker? And even the highest official or manager spends at least one month a year working with his hands in production. Why is it that there are no taxes in Albania and the number of officials and their staffs is constantly reduced while ordinary workers and peasants more and more take up the tasks of administering the state and democratically participating in the planning and development of tire society.

The capitalists tell us that there can be no reduction in inflation without an increase in unemployment. Then how is it that in Albania there is neither inflation nor unemployment?

The capitalists tell us that racism and fascism are inherent in the human nature. Then why is it that in Albania these things have been abolished and forming any organization to promote these things has been outlawed in the Constitution.

We could go on, but the point is that the physical existence of Socialist Albania proves the correctness of Marxism-Leninism, it exposes the bankruptcy of the capitalist system and the fact that the bourgeoisie is no longer fit to rule. Socialist Albania inspires in the workers of all countries confidence that they can make the revolution and can do perfectly well without the exploiting capitalist parasites.

In their propaganda campaign against socialism the bourgeoisie takes the crimes of the revisionists in the Soviet Union, China, and other countries where the revisionists have restored capitalism. They take the evils resulting from the restoration of capitalism and they say to us, "This is socialism--you see it's no different than capitalism. Marxism may sound nice in theory, but in practice it is just like capitalism with unemployment, inflation, fascism, etc. So why take the path of revolution when you will wind up with the same thing. Why go to all that trouble when here we are, your ready-made exploiters and oppressors? That is what the capitalists are saying when they talk about American investments in China, a high-living and oppressive bureaucracy in Russia, bread shortages in Poland, etc.

But comrades and friends, you cannot discredit Marxism-Leninism by the crimes of those who are fighting against Marxism-Leninism. In the Soviet Union in the time of Lenin and Stalin the Bolshevik Party adhered to Marxism-Leninism in theory and practice, and the evils that afflict the Soviet people today did not exist then.

It was the Khruschovite revisionists who attacked Comrade Stalin and viciously slandered him after his death. It was the Khrushchovite revisionists who attacked all the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism, who departed from the policy of Lenin and Stalin and liquidated the dictatorship of the proletariat. It was these same Khrushchovite revisionists who built up a new dictatorship of a high-living bureaucratic bourgeoisie, who re-introduced taxes, who restored capitalism with all its evils of inflation, unemployment, cultural degeneration, etc.

The betrayal of the Soviet and Chinese revisionists does not discredit Marxism-Leninism; it discredits revisionism and highlights the necessity for the revolutionary proletariat to zealously defend the purity of Marxism-Leninism and resolutely oppose every form of revisionism. The Party of Labor of Albania and Socialist Albania have fought all the revisionists tooth and nail from the beginning. They have defended the theory and practice of the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and built socialism in that way. That is why in Albania today the working class is emancipated from all the evils of capitalism and is building a happy new socialist life, free of exploitation and oppression', with high cultural and moral level and with genuine democracy for the working masses. End.

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