Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

August 29th Movement (Marxist-Leninist)

Editorial: Continue the 2-Line Struggle

First Published: Revolutionary Cause, Vol. 2, No. 7, October 1977.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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In REVOLUTIONARY CAUSE Vo. 2, #6 we published an editorial explaining that recently certain individuals had tried to promote a split in the August 29th Movement (M-L). We also explained that the Chicano National Question was a point of difference between ourselves and the factionalists. ATM(M-L) is now in the process of discussing the views expressed in that editorial. Some comrades believe that in fact there is no difference in principle between ourselves and the factionalists on the Chicano National Question. As we sum-up this struggle, we will share the conclusions with our readers.

In the RC #6 editorial we correctly point out that communists cannot support secessionist movements of oppressed nations which aid imperialism or social imperialism. We point out that the tasks of communists is to strive for multi-national unity of the proletariat through socialist revolution. We should have made absolutely clear, however, that the basis for multi-national unity is upholding the right of self-determination for the oppressed nations and a consistent fight for equality of peoples. Communists always uphold the right of self-determination for oppressed nations, even if we oppose a particular secessionist movement. A clear example internationally was the 1971 secessionist movement in Bengladesh. Communists upheld the right of self-determination for East Pakistan, while opposing the secessionist movement because it was instigated by Soviet Social Imperialism.

On the other questions raised in the RC #6 editorial, we still have sharp differences with the wreckers. We differ with the wreckers on the question of two-line struggle. The wreckers have acted in typical bourgeois fashion by treating all differences among comrades as antagonistic contradictions. We affirm the Marxist-Leninist view that in handling contradictions we must make a distinction between right and wrong, and contradictions between the people and the enemy. The former we handle through the method of democratic-discussion and persuasion, the latter by drawing a clear line between ourselves and the enemy. Secondly, the wreckers totally failed to expose Soviet Social Imperialism in any of their theoretical or practical work; they objectively were building a world-wide united front against only US imperialism. For these two reasons alone, ATM(M-L) will continue to expose the counter-revolutionary line and practice of the wreckers.

The last several months of struggle within ATM have been among the most productive in our history. The activities of the wreckers and the splitting off of some honest ATM comrades has foRCed us to look closely at our own line and practice. While continuing important areas of mass work, ATM will be intensely studying the international and national situations with a view to correcting our own theoretical and practical errors. We ask the readers of the RC to participate in this struggle by sending us your comments and criticisms of the RC and ATM’s practice. ATM is confident that this struggle will strengthen our organization ideologically and politically; we are confident that this struggle will have important lessons for the entire communist and working class movements.