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CAP Supports Fightback Conference


First Published: Unity and Struggle, Vol. V, No. 1, January 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Congress of Afrikan People fully supports the National Fightback Conference being held December 27-28 in Chicago. There is a growing movement of working and unemployed people all over the country who are fighting against the reactionary policies of government and big business, in fact, the whole system of exploitation and oppression called imperialism. The Chicago Conference is a way of uniting the different struggles, where people from all over the U.S. will meet to forge plans for a coordinated fightback across the U.S. against the political and economic oppression we face. Out of this meeting will come a new national fightback organization, drawing together the struggles in all different cities into one strong organization. Workshops and panels will discuss the fight against layoffs, deportations, segregation, police terror, plus workshops on women’s rights, youth, trade unions and others. The Congress of Afrikan People is registering anyone interested in attending the Fightback Conference plus information available on the workshops, location and accommodation, and transportation. Everyone’s participation is welcome to come help to give a clearer picture of how to fight against the whole system of exploitation, discrimination and oppression. For further information contact CAP at 502 High Street or call (201) 621-2300 or any CAP offices.