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John Witeck

The Chronology/Activities of H.U.S., 1978-1982: Looking Behind at Our 5-Year Plan

First Prepared as an internal document: September 1982.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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(Summer-Fall, 1977: Organizing meetings held for a mass, socialist org. in Hawaii.)


January 13: Founding meeting of H.U.S., Makiki Library. Report on Hale Mohalu & support voted; PACE slideshow; discussion of Con-Con campaign proposal; eulogy of George Santos, Kalama Valley pig farmer & fighter who died that day.

January 18: Demo at opening day of State Legislature for jobs & against Act 157 (Quit-Fire law, which took away U.I. benefits from workers who quit or were fired); several HUS members involved in demo sponsored by UWOC & NUWO (RCP).

January 25: Hale Mohalu eviction attempt; 3 HUS members present.

February 4: U.S.-China Relations Conference held at Wash. Int. School ($2.50); conference promoted by several active HUS members involved in planning; 350 attended.

February 14: Petition drive launched by HUS members on Justice for the Reineckes Committee for Liz Fujiwara & Ira Vanterpool, two fired school teachers.

February 25: Hawaii Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision sponsors forum supported by HUS; a few HUS members actively involved.

Feb.-March: Three forums sponsored by CPML, MLOC, and IWK respectively, on Three Worlds Theory and other ideological propositions; HUS members attended & debated.

March 8: International Women’s Day Coalition rally demanding low-cost childcare held at State Capitol and drawing 400 people; HUS members involved in planning and leading coalition, and many HUS members attended rally.

March 13: PACE 21 arrested at DHCD Chinatown office; HUS members involved and at least one arrested; support rallies also for Mindanao Pool Hall & 4-A N. Hotel St. in March; HUS members were main force in Outreach Committee & support work.

March 24: Mine Workers Support Committee rally at the Federal Building; HUS members involved in Hawaii Comm. to Support the Mine Workers; only 30 attended daytime rally, but fundraiser 2 weeks earlier at Punaluu netted nearly $300, and more than 3,000 flyers on the strike were circulated around Oahu.

April 7 & 13: Two demonstrations against the sham elections in the Philippines, sponsored by Anti-Martial Law Coalition and supported by HUS.

April 8: HCOBD (Bakke) rally at State Courthouse, which drew 120 participants, including a good number of HUS members.

April 12: Support picketing for Continental Hotel workers’ strike in Palau; mainly HUS members involved; HUS also active in supporting Micronesia Support Committee events and projects.

April 13: EIS Statement hearing at State Capitol; HUS presented testimony against Navy’s use and bombing of Kahoolawe (one HUS member arrested several months prior on Kahoolawe).

April 14: Hale Mohalu supporters and patients stage first silent vigil on Damien Day at the State Capitol; HUS members helped organize first demo.

April 18-21: Mahan & Irene Vanover, Stearns miners, visit Hawaii; UPW forum on April 21: nets over $300 for the Stearns & Palau Continental Hotel strikes and draws over 80 people, including UPW members; a total of $865 is raised for the Stearns (Kentucky) miners’ strike, and $195 for the Palau strikers during week.

April: Modern Times is published for the first time as a HUS publication. (Modern Times began publishing in Sept., 1977; in Jan., 1978, at its first meeting, HUS decided to assume responsibility beginning in March or April for Modern Times.)

April 21: Hale Mohalu patients & supporters, including HUS members & Stearns miners, picket the State Health Department.

April 28: PACE 21 go on trial; HUS members present as supporters & defendants.

May 1: May Day (Int’l Workers’ Day) Program at East-West Center, featuring a film about Norman Bethune & the May Day Dancers; HUS involved in running & organizing the event which drew about 75 persons.

May 7: Tondo benefit dinner, to raise funds for destroyed Tondo area of Manila, held at St. Anthony’s, supported by HUS (who voted $25 and sold tickets); over 450 persons attended and over $1,500 raised.

May 10: Demo at EWC on occasion of V.P. Mondale’s visit; aid to Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand ($730 million that year) opposed by 80 picketers, incl. many HUS members; HUS members played active role in organizing the protest.

May 19: Demo at Taiwan consulate to protest repression & Chiang Ching-kuo’s rule; over 30 participated, incl. HUS members who helped organize the protest.

May 31-June 14: Sausage sale to raise funds to send member K. Ohelo to China.


January 6: HUS sum-up conference, all-day, at Agee House in Manoa; group favored more public exposure of HUS, bookstore, coffee-house, or whatever, and some coherent plan and strategy for moving forward; sum-ups of work presented by three or four work teams or committees (copies available).

January 16: HUS presented testimony for PACE at community speak-out.

January 19: Forum at Harris church, sponsored by LRS and HUS, featuring speakers from the United League of Mississippi; about 100 attended.

January 20: First Anniversary Party for HUS at Punaluu, $2 ticket, as benefit for HUS (Modern Times) and Micronesia Support Committee to raise funds for an IBM selectric typewriter; over $250 raised.

January 28: Save Hale Mohalu Day at State Capitol; march from Aala Park with about 200 participating, for 2-hour rally at Capitol; HUS marched under its own banner and played a major role in organizing the event.

January 29: Committee to Protect Foreign Students sponsors demo at EWC consisting mainly of HUS members. (Dec. & Jan. also saw HUS members working with Iran Committee & RCYB/RCP, before HUS in late Jan. decided no more joint work/co-sponsorship with RCP)

February 24: HUS film benefit at Harris Church; name of film?

March 10: International Women’s Day Program at Washington Intermediate School; over 300 attended; ticket sales benefitted Quality Child Care Comm. and Dong-il women strikers in S. Korea; HUS played leading role in coalition that planned and promoted the event, through work of activists in QCCC and May Day Dancers, and in skit that was written and performed.

April 7: CPML forum on Cambodia; HUS members attended, discussed differences.

April 11: HUS testified in support of PACE’s bloc grant development proposal.

April 12 & 13: Angela Davis visit to U.H. campuses.

April 13: HUS discussion forum at Puna St. on HUS’s political direction.

April 18: HUS writes and sends $25 support to Coalition for a Free Nicaragua.

April 24: HUS forum at A. Stewart-Oaten’s on Science in China, featuring Science for the People organizer Kevin Cadigan; potluck dinner.

April: HUS voted support for Kona village struggle on the Big Island, sent representative to express solidarity and see what was needed.

May 6: HUS joined with 3 other organizations to sponsor a May Day celebration at Aala Park, which drew about 100 people, including about a dozen workers. Theme was “Unite the People’s Struggles”; a wide variety of issues, incl. the upcoming UPW strike, was publicized, but much disunity in coalition on other issues, incl. Cambodia; campaign was meant to build on IWD unity demonstrated, but failed, and groups sat apart at the celebration, which was judged a flop.

May 8: HUS testified at PACE-initiated hearing against demolitions of small businesses in C-town; HUS supported active organizing of small businesses in C-town against eviction.

June: HUS participated and helped promote anti-draft rally; also thru the Committee to Protect Foreign Students, HUS members critiqued Nelson Doi’s weak report and white-wash of the East-West Center role in KMT-spying at EWC. (Doi’s report published in Advertiser on June 8)

May-June-July: HUS members supported Philippines Airlines strikers, received letter of thanks.

July 10: HUS members joined in Federal workers’ picket/demo at Federal Building against government’s reduction of COLA and other attacks. (HUS members some months earlier had joined in UPW-HGEA-HSTA demo against Carter’s 7% wage guidelines at capitol; some 2,000 demonstrated.)

August-Sept.: HUS discussed, planned strike support for UPW blue-collar workers in the event they struck; also discussed a HUS member’s campaign for the top union office in UPW; Sept. 21, sold tickets for UPW strike support dance.

Sept. 8: HUS potluck benefit for its soon-to-open bookstore; script also sold in advance for new bookstore, to raise capital.

Sept. 28: HUS members assisted mobilizing for Hale Mohalu mass rally & picketing, and participated in event.

October: Modern Times Bookstore opened officially.

Oct. 22: UPW strike began, continued to early December. HUS members formed both a community and a campus support committee, were active on the picket lines and at school community meetings, opposed scabbing by UH administrators, organized rally of over 350 students & faculty at U.H./Manoa and raised several thousands of dollars for the strike; scheduled slideshow in classes and community meetings; arranged community support rallies in several communities.

November: HUS endorsed Nuclear-Free Pacific Conference planned for May, 1980, began sum-up of year, voted $25 for anti-nuclear demo at Iolani Palace on Dec. l, and participated in that demonstration that drew over 600 people; supported Iran.


Jan. 20: Sand Island residents arrested, incl. supporters and an HUS member; HUS voted full support for struggle.

Jan. 25: Hale Mohalu rally at State Capitol; solidarity expressed with Sand Island by Hale Mohalu and PACE speakers; HUS spoke at rally.

Jan. 25: HUS meeting; election of formal officers and steering committee; revamp of organization, strengthening of fewer committees.

February-March: HUS members active in testifying (as HUS) and lobbying at the State Legislature (also very active in 1979) on Hale Mohalu, Kalaupapa and Sand Island issues and struggles, and on housing issues and reforms (moratorium on condo conversions, strengthening the landlord-tenant code in favor of tenants’ rights.)

Feb. 8: HUS forum on Afghanistan; (Feb. 6: faculty get-together at Modern Times.)

March 1: PACE demonstration to demand low-income housing at Smith-Beretania; HUS members active in support.

March 8: Forum on Greensboro Massacre put on at Crossroads; some HUS members involved. (HUS held its own forum that month on Southeast Asia, with J.G., S.M.

March-April: Steering Comm. weighed Citizens’ Party proposal (by Walter J.)

March 15: Benefit dinner for Nuclear-Free Pacific Conference, Harris Church.

March 22: HCAARD march through Waikiki and rally at Kapiolani Park; HUS-initiated.

April 12: Modern Times fundraiser, “Harlan County” and Sand Island Eviction videotape; proceeds of over $350 shared with Sand Island struggle.

April 14: mass meeting at Susannah Wesley to protest Marcos visit.

April 20: HUS co-sponsored Charito Planas speech at Maryknoll; $25 donated.

April 21: Demonstration of over 150 at Sheraton-Waikiki in protest of Marcos visit to Hawaii; HUS participated actively in coalition and demonstrations; over 20 members picketed.

May 2: M.T. Bookstore Benefit Dinner & Play: “The Mother”; over $400 netted; play performed at U.H. Kennedy Theater.

May 10-18: Nuclear-Free Pacific Concert & Conference; H.U.S. played significant role in planning, aiding on logistics & security, setting up forums and events, publicizing, printing, and aiding in the labor liaison work with John H. & other unionists and promoting forming of Pacific Trade Union Forum (H. re-drafted and proposed original proposal for such a network which was done by HUS members); Bookstore sales and activities stepped up drastically in this period; HUS members very active.

June 30: Heeia-kea rally at Iolani Palace & Hwn. Electric; HUS members present along with PACE activists.

July 4-5: OCIC Western regional conference attended by HUS member; subsequent struggle with OCIC leadership (Nov. HUS letter to OCIC defending our member and criticizing OCIC’s stance on party-building, racism, theoretical work, etc.)

July 11-12: Hawaii Tenants Organizing Committee founding workshop, AGEE House; over 40 persons attended representing some 21 community & tenants groups, but conference generally poorly organized and frustrating; HTOC later merged with and helped develop the Consumer Housing Task Force (HCSC) and HUS activists often played influential role in CHTF; HTOC was initiated by HUS, but it lacked funds and the fulltime commitment of an organizer/activist. (HUS member also attended Kauai 1,000 Friends conference on Housing that summer).

July 21: HCAARD demo against the draft at downtown post office; HCAARD was initiated and led by HUS activists and mainly comprised of them. Demo drew over 50 persons at noon on a workday and was very successful. Leafletting of post offices took place during subsequent week.

July: May Day Dancers critique session; HUS urged to give more support; United Progressive Artists organizing proposal and attempts; Steering Committee rejects bid by RCP to hold forum with HUS on their new Programme & Constitution. O.L. presents its analysis at HUS internal forum (June) on international situation, followed in August by J.B.’s forum on national analysis; 2-day HUS retreat was to be held after local analysis presented in Sept.–delayed.

August: HUS assists visit by Thai activist and coordinates support for Rama IV anti-eviction struggle in Bangkok; telegram sent; forums held and communities and organizations visited.

August: PACE education/outreach workshop and anniversary celebration; HUS very active in events and helped sell many tickets to celebration.

August 31: HUS Labor Day picnic at Kapiolani Park.

September: HUS benefit for M.T. Bookstore & Waianae Rap Center; showing of Waianae-produced videotape “Recent Violence in Waianae in Perspective”; about 70 persons attended; HUS members followed up by attending Waianae community forums & workshops and bringing Waianae activists to HUS meeting for forum.

September: Modern Times Bookstore survey done.

October: HUS voted support for Franklin Odo of Ethnic Studies, participated in speak-outs testifying in support of him over U.H. administrators’ efforts to intimidate or deny him tenure or a position.

October 10: NFPC film benefit; showing of film on NFPC conference; HUS attended and helped push the tickets; continued to participate in Pacific Concerns Resource Center and later in Hawaii Network and staff collective.

October 17: Bookstore anniversary party & benefit; Ed Greevey photo exhibit.

October: M.T. bulletin’s transformation to tabloid format proposed in Steering Committee from discussions within Media committee.

November 2: HUS/MSC party/benefit in Punaluu.

November 16: Hale Mohalu rally.

November: HUS forum on electoral politics– S. Meacham, R. Gill, J. W. & others.

November-Dec.: HUS very active in Nukolii struggle (Kauai) support work–fund-raising, forum-sponsoring & organizing (McCully Library), lobbying, picketing several times at Honolulu Federal (every branch on island picketed one day!), Hasegawa Komuten, John Graham Partners, Pacific Standard Life; press conferences, regular Oahu supporters’ meetings (at bookstore), sending people to Kauai (several, including one HUS member, were arrested on Kauai on Dec. II supporting their legal defense, and aiding special fundraiser for Georgette Meyers.

December 12: HUS-cosponsored forum on the Greensboro Massacre; HUS members working with CWP activists formed local Anti-Klan Committee; forum at Crossroads Church brought out over 120 people for film, slides and panel. Follow-up work lagged and later committee became inactive.

December 20: Imelda Marcos visit; demo at Iolani Palace by KDP & FFP – Imelda never showed; tension between FFP & KDP (HUS a few months earlier was active in trying to resolve differences between two which came to a head in August.)

December: Steering Committee prepared and distributed its sum-up of work; encouraged efforts to form El Salvador support committee (CISPES) which was formed in early 1981 with a core of HUS members initially.


January 26: Save Hale Mohalu Day demonstration at State Capitol; fix-up projects at Hale Mohalu; sign-holding in Pearl City.

Late January: Save Nukolii forum at McCully Library, attended by over 75 persons. (Kauai activists spoke at forum)

Feb. 5: Anti-Chon-Doo-hwan rally/picketing at EWC and Korean consulate; more than 100 persons participated in successful picketing; HUS played major role.

Feb. 7: Hawaii Network of PCRC formed at Hale Mohalu; HUS active in Network and staff collective; discussion of PCRC staff selection.

Feb. 13: 22 of 26 Hon Fed branches picketed statewide; HUS played major mobilizing role on Oahu for Save Nukolii Committee.

Feb. 19: City Dept. of Land Utilization hearing on C-town Pauahi Block; HUS testified for PACE’s position.

Feb. 22: Nukolii 32 tried on Kauai.

March 1: Nuclear-Free Pacific (Bikini Day) demonstration downtown; forum.

March 2: protest downtown against Japanese nuclear-dumping plans and French bomb tests.

April: HUS voted support for Kiribati workers’ strike, assisted in getting labor support for their struggle. Also authorized joint meetings with R.K.’s group on tabloid proposal (final draft prepared in June or July, approved by Steering Committee in August or Sept., but never fully discussed by membership); meetings held in May, June & July.

April 7: Don Luce talk at Friends Mtg. House, over 100 attended.

April 15-17: 3-day Hale Mohalu vigil & picket in front of State Capitol; camp-out around the clock; good Friday march around downtown.

May 22-23: HUS “Portrait of Theresa” film benefit showings; about $800 raised.

May 23: Sand Island Support rally.

May 28: Coalition against Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority) visit & speech; over 300 demonstrated against Falwell; HUS played active role in protest.

May 28: EWC forum on Kwangju uprising in S. Korea.

May 29: HUS forum at monthly meeting on Waikikl Reclamation Project, with Barry Nakamura.

May 30: East Timor film & forum with M. Chamberlain at Friends Mtg. House. (HUS members much involved).

June 29: FFP’s Bienvenido Santos reading at Bishop Museum; HUS assisted, and over $1,200 raised. M.T. Bookstore sales increased, esp. due to “Scent of Apple” sales.

June-July: Working Woman launched; some HUS members active in organization; national SEIU organizer of Working Women spoke in Hawaii. (Later, a newsletter launched, and an extensive survey of working women was undertaken, with some support from HUS members; benefit also held at YWCA.)

August-Sept: HUS votes support for PATCO, makes contribution.

Sept. 26: PACE 6th Anniversary Celebration.

October: KDP play “TI MANGYUNA” opens; some HUS members involved in selling tickets, recording music, soliciting support for printed program. (Later critique of play in M.T. led to printed debate in M.T. over subsequent 4 months.)

October 17: Coalition forum against Marcos visit at Harris; HUS was a member of the Coalition, along with KDP, CHRP, FFP, AFSC and other groups.

October 18: 70 demonstrators from Coalition picket Marcos arrival at airport.

October 25: FFP’s counter-reception for Marcos at State Capitol, noontime; about 50 attended, good media coverage; airport also picketed that day.

November 6: Rosa Maria Rivera forum (CISPES) at Harris.(CISPES first public forum in April drew over 150 people to see film on El Salvador.)

November 14: Hawaii Solidarity Day Protest Against Reagan’s budget cuts, attended by over 3,000 persons; HUS participated, later joined coalition against the budget cuts.

November: PATCO support dinner; over $1,100 raised, over 300 attended; HUS played active role in support/planning committee; slideshow on conditions in Thailand & Philippines shown. Nominations for HUS officers & S.C.


January: Election of new HUS chairperson and officers; setting of regular steering committee meetings; O.L. commended for good job done on printing agendas and chairing over past year; S.C. criticized itself (out-going members) for failure to complete analyses over past year; will recommit themselves to task.

Feb. 2-4: CISPES teach-in at U.H.

Feb. 14: Bookstore/M.T. benefit picnic at Magic Island, c. $300 raised.

Feb. 17: Oliver gave HUS forum on U.S. imperialism/international analysis.

Feb. 26: Ernesto Arellano spoke at general meeting of HUS; HUS gave $50 toward bringing Arellano to Hawaii & U.S. and assisted in plans for his Hawaii visit, encouraging other groups to give (Over $1400 raised before his visit, and several hundred raised during visit.) FFP spearheaded the successful week of activities, climaxing in Arellano’s March 3 speech at St. Andrew’s; some 400 persons in all got to hear or meet Ernesto; good, extensive media coverage; “Adopt an Organizer” campaign launched in Hawaii and later a Workers Committee to Support the Philippine Labor Movement formed with HUS support and participation (Not active at present, but able to be activated). Some struggle/tension with KDP over Arellano activities.

March 17: internal forum with Immanuel Wallerstein involving HUS members.

March 20: Friends of Kahoolawe demo (over 150 persons) at Iolani Palace.

March 27, 31 & April 3: fundraising film benefits for M.T. bookstore & bulletin at McKinley H.S. and U.H.–“10 Days that Shook the World”–$260 raised after expenses; over 250 people saw film.

April 14: Internal HUS forum with Jim B. on National Analysis.

March-April: Discussion in Media & Steering Committees on Tabloid proposal–our own or R.K.’s; discussed at April & May general meetings.

April 20: Ground Zero anti-nuclear events (week of mobilization nationwide.

April 27: PKO/Friends of Kahoolawe picket (75 attended) at Pearl Harbor base.

May 15: Oliver’s and May’s house-warming party (liberation of early pictures of Oliver & May)

May 26: Forum by Omar on the Nature of the Soviet Union.

June 11: FFP Bulosan book reading at U.H.; around 80 persons attended.

June 16: Memorial Service for John Reinecke at Crossroads Church; HUS assisted with the planning of the service, at Aiko’s request.

June 17: Nuclear Disarmament march and rallies, noon at City Hall, eve. at Kapiolani Park; around 1,000 participated, including several hundred Japanese NGO delegates; HUS members active in planning, joined in rallies, spoke.

June 19: Forum on the Palestinian issue at bookstore; some HUS members go on radio and to campus and community forums on issue.

June 25: HUS approves tabloid proposal, transformation of M.T. Bulletin after next two issues; Ka Huliau effort to be fully supported. Diner’s strike support voted, and contribution ($25).

July 7: Diner’s strike begins at Kalihi Diner’s (9 HUS members present on first day of picketing). Late July, support committee formalized, heavy H.U.S. involvement and leadership; strike support made primary HUS activity during the summer. (Also in July, HCAARD picketing of Draft board in Waikiki.)

July 21: Internal HUS forum with Witeck & Stauffer on Local analysis.

July 30: Support voted (and $50 contribution) to Kwajalem Atoll Corporation in solidarity with landowners occupation of Kwajalein and lagoon islands against U.S. military; letter and funds sent on August 3.

July 31: Support Committee benefit for Diner’s strikers at Harris church; dramatic reading and music based on letters of Carlos Bulosan; about 120 persons attended, including 20 Diner’s strikers, and $600 netted for the struggle. FFP and HUS spearheaded the effort, working with Local 5 activists.

August 7: HUS internal forum with Paul R. of Theoretical Review.

August 11: Diner’s Support Committee mass picketing of Kalihi Diner’s; over 100 persons participated in 1% hours of picketing; extremely effective, and real boost to strikers; “celebrities” involved; thereafter, every Friday, mass picketing was conducted at lunchtime at a Diner’s location. Strike settled Sept. 8, with substantial victory, but main battle remains as new election may occur in December.

September 14: picketting of Marcos at Ilikai; about 20 involved, including 6 HUS members; Sept. 27, picketing of Marcos at Blaisdell (about 50 picketed)

October 1: Modern Times bookstore anniversary celebration/fundraiser.

October 2: HUS retreat, Wesley Foundation.


September, 1977: First issue of Modern Times Bulletin.

Fall, 1977: Discussion/planning meetings for mass socialist organization in Hawaii.

January 13, 1978: First meeting of Hawaii Union of Socialists, Makiki Library.

Spring-summer, 1978: Some work teams functioning – bulletin (after 4/78), liberation support, Con-Con, community support; steering committee put together from chairpersons or co-chairpersons of work teams, very loose and ad hoc coordination. Spokesperson chosen on issue-by-issue basis; no chairperson.

August 25, 1978: HUS approves position (and additional point of unity in principles of unity) that U.S. government is the main defender of the international status quo.

January 6, 1979: First HUS sum-up/retreat session, at Agee House. Critical papers prepared (A Shot Across the Bow, etc.); work team sum-ups prepared and written in advance; steering committee summary of sum-up session made. Basic points: HUS needs clear goals, political education groups, a more defined structure and Steering Committee (leadership) which would exercise more political leadership and not just coordination of agendas and meetings; a monthly forum in addition to the monthly meeting would be attempted; importance of work teams and united front work stressed, as well as need to develop annual, 3-month, and 6-month plans. (Sum-ups of work available.) Some struggle occurred over how important some of the community struggle work HUS was involved in (PACE, Hale Mohalu); also suggestion of bookstore and more mass outreach (radio, cultural shows, coffeehouse like La Pena) made. Steering Committee elected; John W. selected as formal chair/coordinator of Steering Committee/spokesperson, but chairing of meetings rotated.

April, 1979: HUS bookstore proposal passed, after considerable discussion. Bookstore search committee established; location found in August, 1979.

October, 1979: Bookstore (Modern Times) officially opened–though it had been operating since September.

Nov-Dec, 1979: sum-up of organization and its progress over past year (36 members). Agreement to make 1980 a year of internal development & consolidation, development of analyses; only committees approved: Bookstore, Bulletin, Membership Development, & Steering Comm.; Tenants’ Organizing approved as a work team after much debate. Plan approved to have a fraction wherever, whenever two or more HUS members work in same project or area; also need to recruit more women and local activists expressed, and solve childcare problem.

January 25, 1980: HUS elects new officers, Steering Comm.; John W. reelected as chair, but rotation of chairing of general meetings among Steering Committee authorization to explore links/communication with O.C.I.C. (Org. Committee for an Ideological Center) voted. Study groups and social outings (Monthly) made priorities.

February 29, 1980: HUS reaffirmed its commitment to provide childcare for its members who need it by expending organization funds to hire a sitter or reimburse members who pay for a sitter to attend HUS functions, meetings or workteam meetings. (Some members felt this was ducking the issue.)

March, 1980: HUS agreed to restructure its meetings: 1st half for business, and second half for political discussion or forum; decided to start a campus organization and promote bookstore on campus; decided against future participation with RCP and to discourage HUS members from participating in RCP functions. Assignment made on analyses, with three work teams selected to prepare international, national & local analyses with action programs, for presentation in June, July, & August, followed by a 2-day HUS retreat to formalize higher level of unity.

June, 1980: rotation method of childcare approved and initiated, with one or two members volunteering (from a list) each month during the general meeting to do childcare for members’ kids & develop a program for it so it would be more than baby-sitting.

July, 1980: HUS member to OCIC, returned with negative report of demise of that organization. Late 1980, early 1981, Line of March established from Guardian Clubs network and KDP; HUS participated in several discussion sessions.

November, 1980: HUS Steering Committee letter critical of OCIC and supportive of HUS member who attended western regional OCIC conference.

November, 1980: HUS struggled again over childcare, finally adopted a statement and formal policy on it; resignation of a Steering Committee member over issue of sexism in HUS; struggle initiated actually in August thru October within S.C. and general membership, and linked also to issue of HUS stance toward May Day Dancers and lack of support given to women members who are active.

December, 1980: Steering Committee sum-up of work, shared with membership in January, 1981. Need to recruit more local activists and women stressed and agreed-on; need to transform our leadership in S.C. and change its composition and give S.C. a greater political leadership role; need for HUS to act more cohesively and collectively, to have clear short-term and long-term goals. (HUS had 47 members plus 4 associate members this year). Need to reestablish formal, standing working committees and to compell ourselves to do the analyses and get HUS to discuss and act on them.

January, 1981: Oliver L. elected chairperson; new S.C. elected, and other standing committees re-proposed (Media Committee, Bookstore, Liberation Support, Membership & Education, Anti-Nuclear, etc.); internal forums on analyses and other issues urged; develop own P.E. and not just rely on Line of March.

1981: struggle with KDP on National Question conference in California and HUS position on its role in building it or raising funds to send a participant (Kyle C., Franklin K.); struggles over anti-Marcos work with KDP/FFP; initiation of Joint Committee (April-May, 1981) and meetings on Roland’s tabloid proposal, but approval never given by general membership since S.C. and media committee failed after August to bring the proposal and joint principles of unity to the membership. S.C. also failed to make any headway on analyses; membership recruiting begins to change composition and leadership of HUS.

January, 1982: John G. selected Chairperson, coordinator for HUS. New S.C. members elected. Analyses rescheduled for spring, summer, 1982, with retreat planned in late summer. S.C. holds good discussion with Ed 0. On S.C./HUS problems; Ed declined S.C. seat.

March-April, 1982: struggle over proposed joint work on new, independent tabloid, Ka Huliau; proposal finally approved in June, 1982. Discussion of Arellano visit and some problems that arose with KDP in that context. Agreement (June, 1982) to convert M.T. bulletin into sum-up/theoretical journal published 3 or 4 times a year. Analyses presented but not enough discussion opportunity; no clear program or plattform emerged from them, but retreat on Oct. 2 hopes to at least set minimal program or goals for immediate period.