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Mao Tsetung Memorial

First Published: Modern Times, Vol. II, No. 9, September 1978.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Although MT and HUS have no position on the situation in China today, many of us have criticisms about China’s internal and external policies and are interested in all points of view. Unfortunately, given the way the RCP is conducting its campaign, with Mao posters plastered everywhere and disruptions of some classes and meetings, real discussion with them is difficult, and unity with them impossible. The UH campus postering campaign bordered on vandalism and created much ill will among campus custodians and grounds-keepers – not to mention the City & County parks and road crews who must now clean up the posters and remnants from other public places on Oahu.

In the increasingly repressive political climate in the U.S., such a campaign style only hurts the left and will lead to the RCP’s increased isolation from the masses. The content of their message will no doubt be lost or confused with right-wing attacks on China, and among the left their campaign relegated to the sarcasm and ridicule their tactics deserve. Serious research and discussion, rather than “shock troop” tactics are warranted if the warnings of revisionism and regression in China are to be understood. Otherwise, it is hard to believe the RCP’s professed interest in unity, and easier to see their all-out rabid campaign as opportunistically designed purely to solidify their ranks against the break-away RCP faction.