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Milwaukee Alliance

Rectify the Communist Movement, Re-establish the Communist Party!

The Milwaukee Alliance

The Milwaukee Alliance is a revolutionary socialist organization led by Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought. We grew out of the Wisconsin Alliance which we split from in September, 1976 in order to break with liberalism, ultra-democracy, and an incorrect line on the question of class transformation. We are now a democratic-centralist organization involved in both mass and communist work.

We have been active in trade unions practicing the line of class struggle unionism in some factories and hospitals. We have also been active in the community in the struggle for integration and quality education. We see the struggle against racial/national oppression as the key in forging multi-racial unity in this country.

In early 1977 we broke with our old, incorrect “MSO” party-building line of seeing party-building strategy as a deferred question, and through an internal study and struggle came up with our current unity as explained in this paper.

In the next period we see our primary task as being our local fusion work and crucial to this our helping in the building of a national ideological center. An important secondary task will be to build ties, study, and struggle with organizations and individuals in the national Marxist-Leninist movement around essential questions. We are presently members of the Organizing Committee for an ideological center as initiated by the Committee of Five.

Within our organization differences exist on whether ”international line” should now be a line of demarcation and what the content of that line should be. In order to clarify our position on what are proper lines of demarcation we are going to internally study the roots and character of “left” opportunism and from that decide what are essential and deferred questions.

We welcome criticisms of our paper and. political line on party-building. We want to build ties with all organizations and individuals seeking to rectify the communist movement and re-establish the communist party. Please address correspondence to:

Political Secretary
c/o Milwaukee Alliance
P.O. Box 1.2029
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212