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The New Voice

Breaking the Chains: The Struggle Against Racism and National Minority Oppression


First Published as a pamphlet: n.d. [1978 or 1979]
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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I. Introduction

What’s in this pamphlet
Working People Have United to Fight Racism

II. The Continuing Oppression of Minority People

Unequal Justice
Life Expectancy

III. Who Benefits and Who Loses From Racism?

IV. Fighting Racism on the Job, at School, in the Streets

Equality in Hiring
Job Advancement
Affirmative Action in Colleges
Defending Public Services
Freedom and Equal Rights for Undocumented Workers
Fight Police and Klan Violence
No Free Speech for Racists
Protect Housing
Equality of Languages
Broad Liberation Movements

V. Socialism Will End Racism