Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee

Independent Political Action. A Marxist-Leninist Perspective

Reprints from The Organizer #3


First Published: August 1979.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Section I: Don’t Want Yout Two Old Parties, Mister

Dollars & Democrats

The Wreck of the People’s Party

Roosevelt’s New Deal

The Democratic Party Today

Workers’ Voices

History of Independent Political Action

Election 76

Carter & Ford Nominated

Carter’s First Year: Peanuts!

Section II: Stop Rizzo Movement

The Meaning of the Rizzo Landslide

Rizzo Gets off the Hook

What’s Rizzo Got Up His Sleeve?

Rizzo’s Housing Plan: Destroy North Philadelphia to Save it

UAW Local 813 Turns Thumbs Down on Rizzo

Rizzo Ready to Ambush Teachers’ Union

Business Not Banking on Frank

Thousands March Against Rizzo and Police Brutality

KKK Honors Rizzo

Trade Unions Battle Over Charter Change

Every Dog Has His Day

Who Beat Rizzo?

How the CPUSA “Beat” Frank Rizzo

Philadelphia after Rizzo . . . Where Do we go from Here?

Toward a People’s Platform

Section III: Toward an Independent Politics in Philadelphia

Black Unity Day: A Call for Independent Political Action

The Consumer Party–A Real Force?

Black Political Convention

Black Political Convention: Thumbs Down on Mayoralty Candidates

Black Political Convention Backs Bowser

What is the Human Rights Agenda?

Women’s Alliance Questions Mayoral Candidates

The Race for Mayor: Four Tweedle Dums, One Tweedle Dee

And What About Bowser?

Green Sits Atop Divided Democrats

Moving Toward an Independent Ticket

Black Political Convention Endorses Human Rights Slate

Lucien Blackwell Drafted

Human Rights Slate Gains Support

Section IV: Independent Political Action & the Struggle for Socialism

Independent Political Action & the ’76 Election

Independent Political Action & the Struggle for Socialism