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Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee

Reprints #1 from The Organizer

On Party-Building, Against Revisionism and Dogmatism


Published: n.d..
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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On Party-Building, Against Revisionism and Dogmatism is the first in a series of reprints from The Organizer, the newspaper of the Philadelphia Workers’ Organizing Committee.

PWOC is a leading organization among the growing number of organizations, collectives and individuals identifying as part of the anti-revisionist, anti-dogmatist trend within the communist movement. Because PWOC is playing a major role in building the trend, Inkworks Press is publishing reprints of articles from The Organizer which outline PWOC’s views on major questions facing our movement.

We think that the information contained within these articles will be of value to all activists interested in the task of re-forming a genuine Communist Party.


What is The Organizer?

Building the Workers’ Party

A Party of a New Type

Resolution on Party Building

The Workers’ Party and Modern Revisionism

Modern Revisionism: The Anti-Monopoly Coalition

Modern Revisionism: U.S.-Soviet Detente

Dogmatism and the Struggle for the Party

Dogmatism and the Revolutionary Phrase

Dogmatism and the International Question

Dogmatism and Black Liberation

Marxist-Leninists Must Lead the Fight for Democratic Rights

Dogmatism . . . the Root of Opportunism in Our Movement

Exchange on Party Building

Party-Building and Trade Unions

On Combatting “Straw Men”

Economism Blocks Party Building

Praise Lenin Less, Study Him More Diligently

Deepen the Criticism of Dogmatism