Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Party For Workers Power

Special Bulletin

Questions About Our Position

I. What is our basic analysis of society? US? Russia? What needs to be changed? How? Can it be done through reforms?

II. What basis is there to believe in a workers/people’s movement? Have there beer any examples in history of the kind of thing we want? What groups/individuals now are moving in good directions? What would workers’ power look like?

III. What is right and wrong with Marxist theory? Lenin and other Marxists–how do we evaluate them? How about some of the dissidents like Luxemburg, Gramsci, Lukacs? Present day trends–any good?

What was the good and bad practice of the world socialist movement while led by the Communists? What about other trends like IWW and anarchists? What is our feeling about Russian Soviets, Kronstadt rebellion, Chinese Cultural Revolution, rebellions in Eastern Europe, May 68 in Paris? Can we identify new trends here similar to what we want?

What is our analysis of USSR and China now? State capitalist or what?

IV. What is wrong with liberal reformism, pacifism, terrorism, anarchism, etc. How does our strategy for change differ in essence?

V. Should there be a party? Should it be democratic centralist? Should if have a name like PWP? What is its basis, its function? What is the main job of the paper and other literature?

VI. What is our analysis of present trends in the US/in the world? Cultural? Economic? Political? International? Race relations? Women’s role? etc., etc.

Student Club, Jon Harris