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Seattle Communist Workers Group

SCWG on the “Gang of Four”

First Published: The Communist, Vol. III, No. 2, January 27, 1977.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Workers Congress (M-L) Introduction: In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the following letter by the Seattle Communist Workers Group supports the Central Committee of the Communist Party, of China in the struggle unfolding in China against the counter-revolutionary “gang of four”. We agree with the comrades that all variety of political chameleons calling themselves Marxist Leninist have been exposed on this question.

Included in this exposure is the so-called “Leninist Core of the Revolutionary Wing of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement (PRRWO and RWL) This “Leninist core” puts forward thinly disguised speculation in support of the “gang of four”, but in the guise of waving the red flag to defeat the red flag. The “Leninist core” insists on guarding against “speculation”, but then instructs cadres by directive to “Act according to the principles laid down.” (BOLSHEVIK, v. 6, No. 11, Nov-Dec. 1976) Unfortunately for these super-Bolsheviks, this slogan, supposedly an instruction of Chairman Mao was in fact a fabrication of the “gang of four” and their mobilization order to usurp Party and state power.

Also incorrect are those individuals and groups which stand on the sidelines permitting themselves the luxury of “freedom of criticism”. This is a petty bourgeois stance which ignores the responsibilities of proletarian internationalism. Every Marxist Leninist has an obligation to support the leadership of the Central Committee of the Chinese party. This is our responsibility to a fraternal Marxist-Leninist party. Comrades who hesitate on this question take Leninist norms of organization far too lightly.

* * *

Dear Comrades,

We have noticed that the recent struggle which erupted in China between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie has led to a sharpening of contradictions within our communist movement. This is not a bad thing but a good thing as it more sharply distinguishes the staunch supporters of the Communist Party of China from those who have only been opportunistically raising the prestigious name of the CPC in order to have credibility in the communist movement.

Generally speaking we have noticed three positions being put forth with regard to recent events in China. While some forces, within our movement are wavering in their support of the Central Committee of the CPC and others have shown their true colors through outright opposition and attack on the CC, still others have shown resolute support for the CC. As for ourselves, we align with the latter along with the 30 million members of the CPC and the 800 million Chinese people. We believe that Marxist-Leninists must be resolute in their support of the CPC and any wavering will only lead to disorientation and setbacks and will only benefit the bourgeoisie and their agents, the trotskyites, revisionists and other opportunists.

The recent promotion of Comrade Hua Kuo-feng to the posts of Chairman of the CC of the CFC and Chairman of the Military Commission of the CC and the smashing of the counterrevolutionary “gang of four” of Wang, Chang, Chiang and Yao represent monumental victories for the CPC, the Chinese people, the international communist movement and all the oppressed nations and people of the world. Following the death of Chairman Mao this past September this “gang of four” which had been practicing factionalism as far back as 1974 saw their chance to usurp Party and state leadership, fearing to come out into the open under the watchful eye of Chairman Mao.

The aim of this anti-Party clique of capitalist-roaders was to establish a capitalist dynasty with themselves on the throne. Arrogantly throwing their political weight around, their bourgeois ambition’s prevented them from realizing that the CPC cannot be easily destroyed. The “gang of four” failed to realize that Chairman Mao foresaw the great struggle which would break out following his death and therefore confidently proposed Comrade Hua for the leading posts of First Vice-chairman of the CC and Premier of the State Council in April, 1976, following the death of Comrade Chou En-lai. The “gang of four” did not think that Comrade Hua could rally the CC, the entire Party and the people of the whole country around his leadership and tried to use the opportunity following Chairman Mao’s death to seize leading positions in the Party and the state. Chiang Ching, for example, wanted to become Chairman of the CC and wanted her cohort, Wang Hung-wen, to become Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. But their wild ambitions were foiled by the Central Committee under the wise leadership of Comrade Hua. The “gang of four” at one time having tremendous power in the end found themselves completely isolated and with no support. The CPC and the Chinese people have demonstrated unprecedented unity and support for the Central Committee. Every major decision of the CC since Chairman Mao’s death shows that the CC is of one mind and one heart with the Chinese people and the world’s people. From the decision to build a permanent memorial hall for Chairman Mao to the decision to begin preparations for the publications of Chairman Mao’s Complete Works to the decision promoting Comrade Hua to the post of Chairman of the CC to the decision to oust the “gang of four” from the Party, ail these decisions eloquently demonstrate our point. We are therefore elated that a major retrogression for the CPC and for socialism has been averted. Such struggles between the two roads, the two classes and the two lines are bound to break out many more times in the future but we are confident that under the leadership of the CC of the CPC headed by Chairman Hua, the Chinese people will be able to rebuff the attempts of the bourgeoisie to restore capitalism and to march on continuously along the socialist road.

Comradely regards,
The Seattle Communist Workers Group (SCWG)
POB 3193,
Seattle, Washington, 98104