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April 26: “C”PUSA and All Reactionaries Say “It’s Terrible,” & We Say “It’s Fine”

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First Published: Workers Viewpoint, Vol. 2, No. 1, May, 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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More than 60,000 workers from across the country, united in Washington D.C. in April 26 to protest the massive lay-offs, inflation, and cuts in services, in the first massive mobilization of the working class since the 1930’s.

Triggered by one angry worker, a thousand of us marched into the field and started chanting “WE WANT ACTION!” “WE WANT JOBS!”, shouted down the misleaders. We showed them that we’re not going to be pacified by a Saturday afternoon stroll to a stadium miles away from the place where anyone can hear us! We showed them we mean business! Rank and file workers, stood together and let our voice be heard! And it was not just the voice of those in the field. It was the voice of 60,000 workers together. This is a revolt of the rank and file against the trade union mis-leaders and the liberal politicians, who do not fight for our interests but divert our fights and our anger against the monopoly capitalists. This revolt is a sign of great hope and a glimpse of what lies ahead.

But the “C”PUSA, the trade union mis-leaders, and the N.Y. Times summed up the event and said that it was really terrible that such a “nicely arranged meeting was disrupted”. A meeting? It was a demonstration! a show of strength! It was of no surprise that the way the revisionist “C”PUSA, Trade Union mis-leaders, the bourgeoisie and all reactionaries says the same thing, and in front of militant action of the rank and file they tremble! The “C”PUSA went as far as to say that the revolutionary action of the rank and file is a “provocation”, “conspiracy” and they praised Humphrey for his “attempt to restore order”. This counter-revolutionary stand of the “C”PUSA is thoroughly exposed on the April 26 event.

Most of the communist forces have actually tailed behind the consciousness of the workers, as clearly shown in April 26th. We have under-estimated the consciousness of the advanced workers and over-estimated the trade union misleadership. Some of the M-L organizations even refused to organize an independent rank and file contingent. This tailist rightest error led to the total lack of preparation by the majority of the M-L forces to lead the revolt. Hence, the spontaneous rank and file struggle was not turned into a militant action.

The working class are wide open – their consciousness against the reformist mis-leaders is high and this represents a great HOPE for the class war ahead!!!