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VVAW-WSO Buffalo Chapter

Notice of Resignation from VVAW-WSO

First Published: Buffalo VVAW-WSO Newsletter, June 13, 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Dear sisters and brothers:

In case you have not already heard, we have resigned as a chapter from the national organization – VVAW/WSO. If you have followed our last year of newsletters, you have seen that there has been much internal struggle taking place within the national organization. In the last three months, regional coordinators from New York (Steve Hasset, Buffalo) and Ohio have resigned and the California regional coordinator was expelled from the organization. Many chapters left prior to these resignations or left thereafter. These were the largest regions of VVAW/WSO. The investigatory paper that our chapter put forward at the December, 1974 National Steering Committee on the political outlook of our organization should take is still supported by our chapter. We have fundamental political disagreements with the national program of VVAW/ WSO in that it is too narrow in scope and lacks a clear understanding of what veterans and the working class struggle in this country actually is. We did not take up this program. Recently expulsions that took place of ten chapters and regional officers of the California region for the failure to implement this national program was the straw that broke the camel's back for us. We are no longer in VVAW/WSO. Although we have resigned from the national organization, we have not resigned from the struggle of fighting the sexist, racist, exploitative system of U.S. imperialism. We plan to remain an active political organization (as yet without a name) in the city of Buffalo and continue the fight to put an end to the oppression that we face daily on the shop floor, in our communities, in our schools and in our country.

Join the fight,
Build the struggle,