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Ford Resign!

Call for New Elections

First Published: Western Worker, Vol. 1, No. 8, September 1974.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The recent events centering [the replacement of Gerald Ford to the secession of Gerald Ford to the Presidency raise a number of grave questions to the working class. It should be obvious that Ford’s “secession to power” represents a serious step-up in the bourgoisie’s drive towards fascism.

While the bourgois press, almost all of Congress, and influential “labor leaders” hail Ford as the “savior of Democracy,” the opposite is true! Ford was being groomed by the bourgoisie all along. This can be seen by how swiftly and effectively Ford has moved into power.

The bourgoisie has indicated that Nixon decided to resign only after the outcry following the release of the most damaging tapes and his admission of guilt. But we can see that Nixon’s admission of guilt was planned as his official farewell and only one event in a trend. Ford has been careful all along not to associate himself too closely with Nixon so he comes in without Nixon’s tarnish all over him.

Watergate arose partly as a result of manifestations of struggles within the imperialist camp over Nixon’s detente policies. However, Nixon was not kicked out because of widespread disapproval of his policies by the imperialists but mainly because Nixon’s hands were becoming too tied up by the scandal to effectively carry out the imperialists’ foreign policy and fascist measures. Someone else could do that more effectively. This is verified by the fact that Kissinger is going to stay on and the general praise for Nixon’s “great record” in office. Nixon is gone but the fascist consolidation in the government remains and will continue.

The working class’ indignation and hatred for Nixon’s criminal acts and policies played a part in his resignation; undoubtedly part of the reason Nixon was forced to step down was to appease the working class. However, it would be dangerously wrong for us to see Nixon’s ouster and Ford’s presidency as a victory for the working class. Ford was never elected by the people of this country and Ford’s presidency in no way can be said to be the will of the toiling people of this country.

The bourgoisie is using the scandal to further its fascist drive. Ford was hand picked by the imperialists because of his “down-home, honest man” appeal and his over 30 years of devoted service to imperialism. Of almost any Congressman in the USNA he has the worst anti-labor, anti-civil rights, pro-war record. On the most important pieces of legislation affecting the working class he voted 100% against the working class! He therefore is the perfect man to help step up the bourgoisie’s drive towards fascism.

Throughout the Watergate crisis the capitalists have been trying to mislead the class by a false show of democracy. They were careful to put all the hearings on t.v. to deceive the proletariat into believing that we should place all our hope and trust in bourgois democracy. They put on this political manuever to cover up the real drive towards fascism represented by Watergate. Some Senators and Representatives even shed phoney tears saying that while they loved and admired Nixon, they felt it would be “good for the country” if he resigned. But if anyone looks at the records of the leaders of the impeachment–Ervin and Rodino– they will see that Ervin’s record is as fascist as Nixon’s or Ford’s and that Rodino is the leader of the fascist attempts to deport our Mexican national class brothers and sisters. The imperialist aims of the Congress were graphically displayed when they voted down an article of impeachment regarding Nixon’s bombing and slaughter of thousands of Cambodian men, women, and children.

Comrades and friends, the fascist plans of the bourgoisie are staring us directly in the face. The bourgeoisie is being more open about it. David Rockefeller said that an economic panic was not unlikely, and Ford aides have said that inflation cannot be checked for at least 2-5 years. The bourgoisie is well aware that a very serious crisis, perhaps the worst ever, is approaching. Alan Greenspan, Ford’s proposed chief economic advisor (and chairman of Townsend-Greenspan & Co. whose clients member over 100 major industrial and financial interests) recently stated that he sees the US because of inflation faced with “a type of disorder in the social situation which has never characterized this country in its history,” and “what is at stake is our political and economic freedom.” (US News & World Report, Aug. 5, 1974, p. 20)

The imperialists realize, and the strike wave has confirmed, that the working class is getting more and more angry, restive, and militant. The bourgoisie also knows that rampant unemployment is the next step on the agenda. To crush the rebellion of the class against these fascist attacks on our standard of living and political rights, more repressive laws and force will have to be used. This can only mean a dangerous intensification in the fascist drive.

They will try to institute many of these fascist measures under the guise of “fighting inflation.” Under the banner of “law and order” the Negro section of the class will continue to be attacked with special intensity. Ford has already let it be known that inflation is “Public Enemy No. 1.” He has proposals to summon Congress together for serious consideration of the problem, and is rapidly courting George Meany and other “labor leaders” to get full support for his fascist measures. The bourgoisie is strengthening its base in labor through its labor lieutanants Meany, Fitzsimmons and others so it can push through more “no strike clauses(ENA)”, etc.

Meany has already shown his fascist colors by praising Ford as a “great man” and vowing to work closely with him. This is in spite of Ford’s known anti-labor record! It would not be surprising if Meany or some other “noted labor leader” was placed in a high-ranking cabinet position like Secretary of Labor.

The situation that confronts us now is a grave one. It presents us with a danger and opportunity. The new Party will have to move decisively and courageously in this period. Our immediate task must be to defend the working class against the menacing danger of fascism. We must raise the slogan “Ford Administration Resign-New Elections.” We must do this not in the way the rotten Communist Party USA (CPUSA) uses it–to place the workers’ faith in bourgois democracy and legalism–but to expose the fascist drive and unite the working class from below into a United Front against Fascism.

Primarily, we must fight hard in our factories, trade unions, communities, and mass organizations to accomplish this task. Further, we must take it to other democratic sections of the population who will rally on the side of the working class against the fascist attacks. We must combine this work closely with the developing strike wave.

The call of history takes us further. Fascism is a product of imperialism and the seeds of fascism cannot be uprooted without the overthrow of capitalism. The Party must win the vanguard of the proletariat, the staunchest, most dedicated fighters against fascism to the cause of Communism. We must build independent leadership of the class in all aspects of our work. We must begin even now to prepare the conditions to pass from the defensive against fascism to the offensive to overthrow capital. Only a strong Communist party with the closest ties to the masses can lead such a revolution to victory.

Only through the struggle for democracy can socialism be won and only under socialism can the working class achieve real democracy and peace. Let it be said that history won’t fight our new Party wanting!